Would buying a refurbished Apple Watch be a good idea for you?

Is a Refurbished Apple Watch Right for You? (Save Money & Get Great Tech)

If the idea of ​​designing a redesigned Apple Watch as a way to have a smart wearable on your wrist is appealing, it’s worth some thought. Sure, it represents a way to do what expensive devices do – and you can save money and still have the peace of mind that comes with buying directly from Apple – but is that all there is to it?

Aside from saving money, a refurbished Apple Watch can be a more responsible option, as components on the device are more likely to be reused than destroyed, providing an option have older models that Apple no longer sells.

But there are other models available from third parties as well as Apple, and with some variety surrounding what makes a refurbished Apple Watch, it’s worth knowing which is which before you commit to spending it your money

Whether you want one of the best running watches or the best smartwatch, or just a way to buy that top-of-the-line Apple Watch Ultra 2, this guide is meant to help you make an informed decision.

Is a Refurbished Apple Watch Right for You? (Save Money & Get Great Tech)
Is a Refurbished Apple Watch Right for You? (Save Money & Get Great Tech)

What about the redesigned Apple Watch?

The terminology used here is important to understanding what you get when you pay for a refurbished Apple Watch. The name might make you think it’s a used model that’s been given a spit and polish before it hits – and for some Amazon sellers that’s not bad at all. But by and large, if you’re buying from a reputable supplier like Apple or Best Buy, Music Magpie or another brand like BackMarket, you’ll get a clear description.

Be sure to read the description of the service, as this will give you an idea of ​​the hourly grade you will receive. At one end of the spectrum it could be a returned watch that wasn’t even taken out of the box, while at the other end it could be a well-used one with screen markings and a battery coming to the end of its life.

So make sure you know what you’re getting before committing to what seems to be cheaper than most. There may be a reason for this.

What to look for on the redesigned Apple Watch

No. The two main concerns when buying a new watch are screen quality and battery health. Normally, the screen is quality graded, so you will see marks on the display, like scratches or worse. Battery health isn’t always listed, but it’s important.

The Apple Watch will top out in a decent day of use, and requires charging at night, so you don’t want one that will struggle to deliver even that little bit of functionality. You want the battery health, if listed, to be at least above 80%. Once it falls below that level, which it will after a certain number of charge cycles, it starts to deteriorate, which means the battery is never fully charged, and builds up over time

Consideration should also be given to the general representations of the case and the tape. Again, this will likely be tested in most cases, but because it can be common – for example, A, B or C classes – you may not know exactly how much damage has been done. So it’s worth keeping in mind how accurate your watch is relative to how much you want to spend.

Is a Refurbished Apple Watch Right for You? (Save Money & Get Great Tech)
Is a Refurbished Apple Watch Right for You? (Save Money & Get Great Tech)

Should I buy my refurbished Apple Watch directly from Apple?

You get some reassuring clarity when buying directly from Apple, and in some cases you don’t even pay more than you would from a third-party vendor.

As standard with all Apple Certified Refurbished watches you get a one-year warranty, free delivery and – importantly – free returns for up to 14 days, if you’re not happy with what you get. Apple will test and fix the watch and update it to the latest compatible version of the operating system. If any defective parts are found, they will be replaced with genuine Apple parts.

All watches also come in a new box, and have all the accessories and straps you would expect to find when buying new. You can also pay extra for an Apple Care plan to cover your product for a longer period (up to three years) on top of the warranty.

If you’re not buying directly from Apple, be sure to check if your dealer carries used watches with the same processes above, or similar processes, to ensure you get a device if it is in excellent condition.

Who can upgrade the Apple Watch?

It’s tricky, because technically the redesigned watch is just a restoration for convenience. The selling company decides that standard, which is why it’s important to know exactly what it is.

Many manufacturers operate on a grading system, where A means watches that are usually close to new, with no visible defects – these will be the most expensive refurbished models It should not affect usability. C grade watches will often show signs of wear, such as scratches or scratch marks on the screen and/or casing, but, again, they must be fully functional from a software and hardware perspective

The above is just a rough guideline, and it’s important to pay close attention to the return and warranty policy of the company you’re buying from. Ideally, if you are unhappy, you should have the option to return your watch.

Does the redesigned Apple Watch last longer and cheaper?

There is no doubt that buying a refurbished Apple Watch will save you money rather than splashing out on the latest model. As updates tend to be incremental, and because so many new features are added to existing models via new software, it may make sense to have an older model, especially if you are unlikely to carry new features some of the applications will – for example, improved water resistance – . That could end up being a waste of money. If you also get warranty and return coverage, buying refurbished is an attractive alternative to buying new.

It’s also a smart move when it comes to sustainability, because you’re recycling a product that would otherwise be thrown away. But the reality is that this won’t be great for Apple’s production of new watches, and again the new watch still needs to be packaged and shipped, which takes resources but overall it’s a win for your wallet and the planet.

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Where can I buy a refurbished Apple Watch?

Aside from Apple itself there’s an ever-growing selection of third-party resellers offering refurbished Apple Watches. These include:

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