Have you ever gotten an email asking you to reply or respond above a predetermined line?

You might be confused by the phrase Type Your Reply Above This Line in such an email. You can also question the need to ask you to type your response over the designated line.

When you get an email from a business, especially one related to a support request, you probably have seen this prompt.

But why are you being asked to Type Your Reply Above This Line and what does it mean? Continue reading to get all the information you require on this topic.

What Does Type Your Reply Above This Line Really Mean?

You typically have to click the reply button to see the line that you are expected to enter your response above when you receive an email that instructs you to type your response above this line.

This directive specifies that you should put your reply text above the line provided by the email’s sender when responding to the message.

Such circumstances necessitate that your reply appear above the line because the email from the sender to whom you are responding often does so below the line.

To ensure that email correspondences appear in some sort of chronological sequence, with the most recent email appearing at the top and the oldest email appearing at the bottom of the conversations or email thread, this is being done.

Another crucial justification for doing this is to prevent you from confusing your most recent reply with one from the sender or yourself in a previous email.

You see, when replying to an email on your phone or computer, particularly when using Gmail or Outlook, you may load the entire email thread and type your response anywhere in the email thread, even if it is inside a message that you or the other party had already written in the past.

Since each email should be separated by an impermeable frame, this shouldn’t be possible, but sadly it is. If you type a reply inside an old email message, everything will be deformed.

Your most recent reply will not be confused with an earlier email if you type it above the line.

Therefore, the two main reasons you are requested to Type Your Reply Above This Line are to avoid replying to an outdated email message and to organise your emails chronologically.

Do I Have to Type The Reply Above This Line?

You must type your response above the provided line, yes. It’s true that when you reply to an email by clicking the reply button, the cursor is positioned above the line where you can input your message.

Your message would then appear inside the email you are responding to if you accidentally put your cursor in the wrong spot and typed below the line.

You must put your response above the line, as we discussed in the section above, to ensure that the email thread is chronological and that you are not typing inside an earlier email.

Therefore, you must type your response above the provided line. Despite the fact that the reply space always displays above the provided line, it’s crucial that you deliberately move the pointer there before typing.

The messages show in chronological order and are split by a line after you reply above the line and send the reply. The sender is actually requesting that you type your response above the line to maintain this line spacing.

How to Type a Reply Above This Line in Gmail

We’ll use Gmail as an example, but the same concept holds true for nearly other popular email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, eM Client, and Yahoo mail.

Within Gmail Web

1. Open the email you wish to respond to by logging into your Gmail account.

2. Select Reply

3. Above the prior email, in the space that appears when the reply window opens, is a statement that reads: Please respond above this line.

4. Make sure your cursor is on this field before you start composing your response.

5. You might notice three dots at the bottom of the reply window if you hit the reply button but don’t see the prior email instructing you to type your response above the line. The line you are currently typing is represented by these 3 dots.

6. To view the preceding email, click the three dots.

7. After that, you should notice something to the effect of The email sender wrote on a specific date and at a specific hour.

Please position your cursor above this text. You can then begin typing your response.

With the Gmail mobile app

1. Open the Gmail application and choose the message you wish to respond to.

2. Click Reply.

3. Your cursor will be flashing in space with three dots at the bottom of the space when the reply window first appears.

4. The line you are entering above has those three dots.

5. To confirm, click the three dots to see the previous message you were replying to.

6. Next, make sure your mouse is above the wording of the date and time stamp.

7. At this point, you can begin typing in the area above the timestamp text. By doing this, you can make sure your typing is above the reply line.

How to Remove Type Your Reply Above This Line

On Gmail or any other email client, you are immediately given a space to compose your reply when you click to reply to an email. This space is always above the previous email that you are replying to.

You can see from the examples up there that a line has already been created for you to type your response. There is no need for the email sender to include a note advising you to type your response above the line.

Therefore, if you get a message telling you to put your response above a line, you may really delete that advice and just reply to the email that came before, as we shown in the section above.

How to do it is as follows:

1. Click Reply after opening the email you want to respond to.

2. Pick the passage that reads Type your response above this line, then remove it.

3. Ensure that your cursor is over the email’s time stamp before replying to it.

4. Type your response and submit it.

Can t Type Your Reply Above This Line?

Some users claim that even when they click to type their response above the line in the email message, they are unable to do so since there is no editable area available for them to do so.

Emails from support tickets frequently contain this error. We have discovered that bad User Interface (UI) on the end of the ticket-generating platform, rather than an email client like Gmail or Outlook, is to blame for these issues.

The reply button must first be clicked, as it should have been specified in the first place, before you may click to compose a response above the line.

You must first click the reply button before you can just click in the area above the instruction to input your response above the line. When you press the respond button, the editable area opens, allowing you to type your response above the prompt.


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