You can find evidence that AirPods are fairly pricey by conducting a fast Google search for them. When purchasing a set of headphones, spending $120 (USD) or more is not unusual, especially if they are of great quality. However, their unique selling point in relation to other headphones is the absence of cords.

What happens, though, if you don’t want to spend that much cash? What if you enjoy using your current Bluetooth headphones? When using Live Listen, your preferred set of Bluetooth headphones can be your next pick.

Due to the fact that the Control Center calls the Live Listen feature Hearing, it is also known by that name. Without AirPods, you may activate live listen, and the sound coming from your headphones will sound better the better your microphone and headphones are. Therefore, you don’t need AirPods to activate live listen, and in some circumstances, they sound better with different headphones.

Does Live Listen Only Work with AirPods?

Live listening is not limited to AirPods. With other Bluetooth devices that are supported, Live Listen can be used. If you have iOS 12 or later, you can use the Live Listen function with headphones other than AirPods. You cannot use Live Listen on any iOS version earlier than this one. The fact that [your name] s AirPods appears when you choose the Hearing feature on Live Listen is the only factor that leads consumers to believe that the live listen feature only functions with AirPods. You might conclude from this that the Live listen function only supports AirPods.

You can use the Live listen feature even if you’ve lost your AirPods for some reason and still want to listen to audio. You can utilise the live listen feature to hear what people are saying while you’re away as long as the headphones you want to use include a microphone. Your AirPods are not unique in any way that makes them the only ones that the Live Listen functionality will function with. You should be fine as long as the headphones you intend to use have a microphone.

People also believe that the Live Listen feature can only be used with AirPods because it was created by Apple. Why would Apple let the use of a different Bluetooth device for Live Listen, you may be asking. Actually, they do.

How to Use Live Listen Without AirPods

A brief Google search will demonstrate that there is uncertainty surrounding the question. Others claim it does work, while others disagree. Which is it then? a little of both, in fact.

You can utilise Live Listen without AirPods, as you can see. Bluetooth is used, however it’s hit or miss. It depends on the Bluetooth headphones you’re using in place of your AirPods. Some headphones can be used, whereas others cannot. It’s challenging to locate the line. If you need evidence, YouTube user Jeremy Judkins submitted a video demonstrating its validity.

Having stated that, let’s begin:

You must first turn on Live Listen on your iOS device. Find and choose the yourSettings application first to get started. That symbol is the gear.

2. Navigate to the Control Center section of your Settings menu. Feel free to tap on it.

3. Select Customize Controls from the Control Center settings menu. This will show you which quick icons are active and inactive in your Control Center right now.

4. Include and More Controls are the two portions. Include displays every quick icon that is active right now. Find Hearing under More Controls and turn on Live Listen. To add it, tap the addition symbol. It will then migrate over to Include as a result.

5. Return to the main Settings menu. Now choose Bluetooth.

6. Switch Bluetooth on by dragging the slider to the right. The iOS device you are using will now look for nearby Bluetooth devices.

7. Press the Pairing button after turning on your Bluetooth headphones. Hold it in until the Bluetooth menu lists your headphones.

8. From the options, choose Bluetooth headphones. Now they are paired.

9. Exit the Settings programme.

10. By swiping down from the top of the screen, reveal your Control Center. You’ll now see an additional icon—the ear icon—has been added. Live Listen is that. Click “Live Listen.”

11. Enable the Bluetooth on your headphones. Your iOS should be able to identify them because a pairing was established.

A alternative pair should work if your iOS device does not recognise them. In addition, make sure to restart your iOS device and confirm that it is updated.

12. Click on Live Listen to activate it. The dots on the right will rise and fall if they are functioning, showing that sound is being captured.

Bottom Line

The game is now over, so you can utilise a cheap set of Bluetooth headphones for Live Listen. In other words, buying a set of Apple AirPods doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Avoid going to the hospital with empty pockets.

That being said, it might work or it might not. It does not seem to function with all Bluetooth headphones. There is no concrete explanation for this. It could be affected by the technology, the age of the headphones or support. Since not all Bluetooth headphones are made the same, You could ask to borrow a friend’s Bluetooth headphones so you can compare several models.


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