It can be frightening to realise that someone else has access to your account when you come across photographs or remarks that you haven’t personally liked.

If you see an image that you haven’t liked, then your account has probably been accessed by something. There are a few ways to stop Instagram from like photos automatically.

Does Instagram Automatically Like Photos

Instagram doesn’t like pictures for you automatically. Chances are a third-party bot or an Instagram issue caused the red heart to appear on posts when they haven’t truly been liked if you see a picture that has been liked but you know it wasn’t you. Instagram doesn’t like posts automatically, so if you notice them being liked and you’re sure it wasn’t you, it’s possible that an app has been given permission to do so or that someone is using your account to do so.

Instagram won’t ever conceivably like something on your behalf unless there is a bug that causes the red heart to appear even when you haven’t double-tapped the post. This is just a glitch that makes it appear as though you have liked a post even though the like hasn’t been registered; it doesn’t imply that the like will actually be registered. The red heart will vanish if you wait for the bug to fix itself.

Why Is Instagram Saying I Liked Something I Didn t?

Instagram is reporting that you liked something when you didn’t for a couple different reasons, and more often than not, you aren’t the one who liked it. There’s a good chance that a bot or technical error is to blame. There have been a few more instances where you may not have made sure to confirm your actions before moving on to other factors, leading the app to report that you liked something.

1. Third-Party App

Instagram is like photos on its own because a third-party programme or individual has access to your account, which is why. It’s possible that an app you’ve downloaded uses bots to like photographs automatically if it asks you to sign in using your Instagram account.

It’s possible that an app you’ve downloaded uses bots to like photographs automatically if it asks you to sign in to Instagram. You might keep seeing photos that have been automatically liked up until the point where you remove third-party access. You must disable third-party access and alter your Instagram password in order to stop this.

2. You ve Been Hacked

If you’ve had your Instagram account hacked, the hacker may be liking postings there. Typically, hackers only access your account to steal money, so if they have been like photos, they are probably doing it automatically using a tool. Using a tool allows them to automate the liking process and perform it in large quantities. Hackers might be of two different categories. the ones that hack you once you click a link and enter your Instagram login information in a browser that is embedded. The other is a person who is acquainted with you and has hacked into your account and is misusing it.

3. You Liked It Without Realising

This could explain why you see liked posts when you don’t think you have liked them if you have been unknowingly liking posts on Instagram. Without realising it, you might have double-tapped the screen or pressed the “like” button. If this is the case, you must take care to avoid unintentionally liking Instagram postings. You may have checked Instagram when inebriated after a night out and discovered that you had unknowingly liked a number of pictures. If this keeps happening and you’re certain that you’ve been loving other people’s posts, then it’s likely that something else is to blame.

4. Bug

There is a flaw in the Instagram app that causes it to randomly like posts, which is another explanation for why Instagram likes posts for you when you haven’t liked them yourself. Instagram bugs can result in unanticipated problems, with automated likes for photographs being one of the most frequent. A glitch is a software malfunction, and when it occurs, you must remove it before it creates other issues.

You need to remove the app’s error in order to fix this bug, which you can do in your settings.

  1. Open the Settings app. The app icon resembles a gear that is kept against a gray background.
  2. On the Settings menu, scroll down to Apps and tap on that option.
  3. When you re on the Apps menu, select the Instagram app from the list of the apps on your device.
  4. Once you click on the app, you ll have to select the option on the screen that says Storage.
  5. At the top of the storage screen, you ll see the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.
  6. Select each of those options, one by one.

5. Someone Else Has Access to Your Instagram Account

Your Instagram account may be being used by someone else to like posts on your behalf if they have access to it. They may be the ones liking it if you have a social media manager who manages your business account for you. If you’ve granted a friend, member of your family, or a significant other access to your Instagram account, it’s possible that they’ve liked your posts on your behalf. If this is the case, you must inquire as to whether they are the ones who are doing this.

6. Someone s Been on Your Phone

You might be wondering how postings are being liked without you clicking the like button if someone who has access to your phone, such as a friend or your significant other, is the one who is liking photographs. If this is the case, you should check to see if the people who you believe to have been using your phone are the ones who have been liking posts. Just ask them whether they have lately liked any of my Instagram posts, and then show them the photos. They may have another explanation if they’ve stated that it’s not them.

Someone Is Liking Posts on My Instagram

If you believe that someone has been automatically liking things on Instagram, it’s likely that they haven’t been doing so and that there is an alternative explanation. Check to determine if you haven’t been the one liking photos on your Instagram if you notice that they are happening automatically. Once you’ve determined that it wasn’t a bot, glitch, or you, you should reset your password because someone is probably logged into your Instagram account. If you’re positive it wasn’t you, try some debugging techniques.

How to Stop Auto Like on Instagram

Remove illegal access from apps that may be possibly liking posts on your account without your knowledge if you want to stop Instagram from automatically liking posts. If a bot isn’t liking posts, there’s a good probability Instagram has a flaw that makes posts like themselves without your intervention.

1. Revoke and Block Third-Party App Access

The first step in preventing Instagram from liking your own images is to restrict access to third-party apps. You’ll need to use Instagram’s online interface to restrict and revoke an account because an app might be in charge of it.

An app that has third-party access has access to and control over your profile data, including your followers and images.

It can comment on your behalf and like photographs. It also has the ability to follow and unfollow other Instagram accounts.

Blocking access from outside parties:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your profile.
  3. Click Authorized apps.
  4. Click Remove Access under the authorized app
  5. Click Yes to block the third-party app.

You have not granted any third-party apps access to your Instagram account if you receive a notification that reads, “You have not approved any applications to access your Instagram account.”

If so, you’ll need to alter it because it appears that Instagram is unaware of someone or something having access to it.

2. Change Instagram Passwords

When you change your password on Instagram, every device automatically logs out and any device with third-party access is removed.

Signing out on different devices:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Click on the settings icon.
  3. Click Change Password.
  4. Enter your Current Password.
  5. Enter a New Password twice.
  6. Click Done to change your password and sign out other devices.

It’s quite unlikely that you’ll see any more liked photographs that you didn’t like once you’ve done this.

If this happens, go through the entire process again to make sure no other person has access to your Instagram account.

3. Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

You should wait for Instagram to release a fix if you discover that it is still like posts automatically. Just be aware that this might potentially be a site-wide issue that affects everyone, so the best course of action would be to wait for Instagram to fix the fault.

4. Password Protect Your Phone

Make sure your phone is password protected if there’s a potential someone, like a family member or significant other, could be using it without your knowledge. Make sure your phone is password protected whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android. You can accomplish this using the settings app. You may prevent unauthorised access to your Instagram account by password-protecting your phone in the password section of the settings app.

5. Restart Instagram App

Restarting the app is another solution to this issue. Any bugs that were allowing posts to be liked automatically to disappear after restarting the app because it refreshes the page. You can revisit the automatically liked post and see if it’s still there after restarting the programme.

6. Log Out then Back In

By signing out and back into Instagram, you can get rid of bugs that could otherwise like your photos for you. Check to see if Instagram is still like your posts after you log out and back in. You will be aware if a bug created them if you discover after some time that postings are still being liked for you.

7. Update Instagram

If none of the aforementioned measures have helped you, your final option is to upgrade Instagram. If the aforementioned procedures weren’t successful, there may be a flaw in the software. You would then need to visit the App Store and see if Instagram has received an update. An update’s purpose is to improve the software by fixing issues and adding new features.

The word “bug fixes” can be found in the description. There is a very good probability that doing this would fix the glitch that makes Instagram like your posts.

8. Contact Instagram

A variety of bug fixes and new features are often added to programmes by their developers in new updates. If an update is available, you should check the Google Play Store or the App Store once more. Contact Instagram support if you’re still unable to stop Instagram from like your photos automatically. Install the programme update as soon as it becomes available if there is one. This usually suffices to make things right.

Bottom Line

You’ll need to prevent third-party access and update your Instagram password to stop photographs from being liked automatically. This guarantees that nobody else has access to your Instagram.

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