You can use Bluetooth to link an item called AirPods to your iPhone devices. Making your device discoverable via Bluetooth technology is the first step in pairing your Bluetooth device with your iPhone.

If you have AirPods, you probably enjoy listening to music a lot or prefer using headphones to your phone’s external speaker. Most people own both Bluetooth headphones like the AirPods and corded headphones as well.

It’s typical to believe that you can connect and output audio from both devices at the same time because they both connect to your iPhone in different ways—one through the lightning jack and one via Bluetooth, or if you’re not using your iPhone, it would be through a headphone jack or USB connector.

Can You Play Audio From AirPods and Wired Headphones At The Same Time

Unfortunately, you cannot simultaneously output audio from your wired headphones and AirPods. Only the last connected device will play audio if you’ve plugged in your headphones and linked your AirPods.

Due to restrictions in the A2DP audio profile, which is used to send audio to Bluetooth devices, it is not possible for your iPhone—or any device, for that matter—to output audio from two separate devices at once. Instead, it can only do so to one Bluetooth device at a time.

When you plug in your wired headphones after you’ve connected your Bluetooth AirPods, audio will begin to play out of the wired headphones and won’t transfer to the Bluetooth AirPods until you unplug them. There is only one output device available for the audio to play from, therefore if you unplug your headphones, the audio output will switch back to the AirPods.

A Bluetooth splitter or the iPhone’s audio sharing feature, which enables you to connect two Bluetooth devices and play audio from both of them using the Control Center, can be used to simultaneously play audio from two Bluetooth devices. If you’re out with someone and want to be listening to the same music at the same time, this is helpful.

However, you cannot split the audio between a Bluetooth device and a wired headphones device. Instead, you can play music from two wired headphone devices using an audio jack splitter.

But there is a very practical and entertaining technique to transmit music between two different wireless headphone sets on two different phones! Just keep in mind that this feature only supports AirPods and certain wireless Beats. Two iOS devices are also required for this.

Airplay is an iOS feature that enables wireless music sharing in addition to many other features. Almost anything, including images, videos, movies, and songs, may be streamed from an Apple device to an Apple TV or a smart TV that supports Airplay.

You can also use your phone as a control and your Smart TV as a display by streaming the entirety of your phone’s screen to it!

The two devices only need to be linked to the same Wi-Fi network; again, no wires are required. Today, we’ll talk about the feature called Audio Sharing.

You can simply share music from one device across two sets of headphones with this amusing and practical feature. So without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Use Audio Sharing on iOS Using AirPlay

1. Pair your AirPods with your device as usual, then put them on however you wish.

2. You’ll notice a symbol on your smartphone that resembles an up arrow with rings surrounding it. The Now Playing screen, the Lock Screen, or your Control Center will all display this button. Select this button.

3. Click the share audio button, which is next to your headphones’ name.

4. Get the other set of headphones in close proximity to your gadget.

5. Click Share Audio on your smartphone now.

6. Lastly, request the shared listener to hit the join button on their gadget.

The audio coming from your device should now be audible to both of you and your companion on both headphones. You won’t need to utilise your phone’s speakers any longer to listen to music together! You can manage the volume of both headphones and pause or resume audio sharing from the control panel at any moment.

How to Use Bluetooth and Wired Headphones at the Same Time iPhone

Unfortunately, using wired and Bluetooth headphones simultaneously on an iPhone is not possible. However, our approach makes switching between the two quite simple. This is how!

1. Connect your AirPods first. Ensure that your control panel has Bluetooth enabled. Then, open your AirPods; provided the case’s light turns on, they should be sufficiently charged to connect.

When you put the AirPods in your ears, if you’ve already linked them to your phone, they should immediately reconnect (unless you turned this setting off).

Open your control panel and hard-press Bluetooth if they don’t. Select your AirPods from a list of available connections to connect to devices.

2. Play music or sound to see if your AirPods are working. It’s conceivable that your AirPods are dead or that your Bluetooth is turned off if you can’t hear any music. Another possibility is that your device automatically connects to another Bluetooth device.

3. If the sound coming from your AirPods is clear and functioning properly, keep using them as directed. Simply plug in your device’s headphone jack when you want to switch to wired headphones. The headphones you just plugged in ought to now begin playing sound.

4. Audio will now resume playing through your AirPods immediately when you unplug your headphones. You can swiftly switch between devices in this manner. Therefore, even if you can’t play sound through two devices at once, switching between them is a breeze.


Currently, iOS does not support connecting two Bluetooth devices to the same phone. This is likely because doing so would significantly drain your battery and there aren’t many situations in which you would want to do this.

However, if you have two Apple devices that enable airplay, you can share audio over two Bluetooth devices. You and your pals can listen to the same audio at the same time thanks to this really unique function.

In public settings, this capability is extremely helpful. Just keep in mind that you’ll both need AirPods or a compatible Beats by Dre wireless device. The days of playing music through a phone speaker are over!

Other benefits of Airplay include fast photo and video sharing to smart TVs. To play your favourite mobile games on a TV, you may even share your complete screen with it! There are countless uses for AirPlay that go far beyond simply sharing audio.


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