WhatsApp Web is the web-based variation of the messaging app, which is available for different devices. It implies that before using WhatsApp Web from a computer, you must instal it on your phone.

By using your phone to scan a QR code on your computer, you can log in and create a login ID. It functions as a WhatsApp mirror, letting you do anything on your computer and vice versa.

In essence, it is a WhatsApp clone because it syncs your contacts and messages in real-time. You can access and utilise your WhatsApp account from any computer or other device via WhatsApp Web, an online platform.

You will be automatically logged out of WhatsApp Web after 30 minutes of inactivity. You will have the choice to check the box that says “keep me logged in” next to the QR code when you log into WhatsApp Web. You will use the WhatsApp site as long as WhatsApp is installed on your phone. For all the information, keep reading.

Why Does WhatsApp Keep Logging Out?

Imagine you use WhatsApp not only on your phone but also on your PC or tablet. In such situation, you might have run into the issue when connected devices log out on their own after a predetermined amount of time.

Users will be able to use WhatsApp on linked devices even if the phone does not have an active internet connection thanks to this feature. But let’s say the main device hasn’t been connected in over a week. Then all connected devices will be automatically locked out of their respective accounts. For security concerns, WhatsApp weblogs out after a while.

1. You Haven t Check the Keep Me Signed

You won’t be kept logged in if the keep me signed in option under the QR code in WhatsApp site isn’t ticked. If you check this box, WhatsApp Web won’t log you out, but to keep it from doing so, you’ll need to keep your connection to WhatsApp active.

2. App Out Of Date

If WhatsApp Web keeps locking you out, the software may need to be updated. WhatsApp let consumers know that an unforeseen incident was to blame for their connected devices being unplugged. As a result, the company swiftly released a security fix to fix the problem. Simply updating your programme to the most recent version will do.

3. Internet Connection Issues

You may be having connection problems with your computer if WhatsApp Web keeps disconnecting. If you see a yellow banner with the error message “Computer not connected” above your conversations list, it is imperative to make sure your computer’s Internet connection is functioning.

Your phone has to be connected constantly, but so does your computer, which also needs to have these qualities.

Please check to see if your network is set up to skip traffic if WhatsApp Web alerts you that it cannot operate properly because it is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Do not hesitate to contact WhatsApp Support if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network that prevents WhatsApp Web from operating properly.

4. Your Phone Hasn t Remained Connected

You won’t be able to continue to be logged into WhatsApp online on your PC if you don’t maintain WhatsApp linked on your phone. You will need to stay connected to WhatsApp on your phone if you checked the keep me signed in box under the QR code because unless WhatsApp online will let you log out, you won’t be able to.

5. You ve Cleared Your Browser History

Do you routinely clear the history on your computer? If so, deleting your history will also delete any WhatsApp web data that was saved in your browser. As a result, you must log in each time you access WhatsApp Web after deleting your browsing history.

6. You ve Tapped The Log Out Button

This may seem ridiculous, but it also logs you out of the web version of WhatsApp. Do you manually close the WhatsApp web tab on your mobile device? Your mobile tab will indicate that you are online and engaged on WhatsApp. You can log off of computers by tapping the log out button.

How Long Does WhatsApp Web Stay Logged In

You will be automatically logged out of WhatsApp Web after 30 minutes of inactivity. You will notice a button that says “keep me signed in” after signing into WhatsApp online. Make this your choice. If you want to stay logged in, choose this option; otherwise, uncheck this box to log out.

You will automatically log out of your account after 5 minutes of inactivity, and you will have to scan your QR code once more to re-enter your account. If your primary WhatsApp device is online, WhatsApp Web will remain logged in for longer than a week. You will eventually log out of WhatsApp Web and have to re-sign in.

Closing the tab might not be helpful, though, if you choose the option to keep me signed in. Go to WhatsApp online and choose log out from all devices to exit your phone. A different option is to access WhatsApp Web and select Log out from All Devices.

By choosing the logout option from the menu on our desktop, you can also log out of our computer. You can use it to help you sign out, but to sign back in, you’ll have to scan once more.

Whatsapp Web Keep Me Signed In

Check the box next to the QR code that says “keep me logged in” to continue to be signed into WhatsApp Web. As long as WhatsApp is active on your phone, you will be able to stay connected to WhatsApp Web.

As long as your phone is connected, there is just one option to maintain your WhatsApp online sign-in: click the keep me signed in button. You won’t keep your signed-in status if the button next to the QR code isn’t turned on.

You will be logged out of WhatsApp site if WhatsApp isn’t open on your phone. For WhatsApp Web to keep you logged in, your phone must remain connected.

How to Stay Connected to WhatsApp Web Without Phone

Most likely, your phone is the main device you use to access WhatsApp, and the feature states that if your phone is offline for more than 14 days, all of the devices connected to it will be shut out automatically.

Therefore, check the internet connection on your phone first, and then reconnect it to the internet once more. You can use WhatsApp without a phone if you continue to be logged in on the website.

It won’t be necessary to scan the QR code each time you use WhatsApp on a different device. Before you may continue to access WhatsApp without a phone, you must first scan the QR code. Maintaining contact requires that you:

1. Launch your PC’s browser, type “WhatsApp Web” into Google, go to www.web.whatsapp.com, and then press the Enter key.

2. You’ll be asked to scan the QR code that appears on your computer in the following step. Open the app on an Android device, then tap the vertical three-dot icon to access WhatsApp’s web interface.

On an iPhone, the same process can be carried out by starting WhatsApp, navigating to the settings menu, and choosing WhatsApp Web.

3. Next, scan the QR code that displays on the screen using your computer’s scanner. On your computer, WhatsApp Web will be accessible. Simply logging into your contacts’ chat threads will allow you to start a conversation.

A recent conversation with someone may be started when you click on the new chat sign.

Mac and Windows machines can both use WhatsApp Web.

Change Preserve Offline Storage

If you use WhatsApp Web on Firefox, you should verify the settings for maintaining offline storage. Go to Permission > Site Information > Preserve Offline Storage to accomplish this.


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