If you have a landline, it’s likely that you only use it to call other landlines and foreign numbers. You might be one of the few landline users who enjoys calling mobile devices from their landlines, though.

Since landlines and mobile devices function fairly differently, it might not be immediately obvious to you why you occasionally have trouble making calls on your landline rather than on a mobile device.

Why You Can t Call A Mobile From Your Landline

There are several causes why why you might not be able to call mobile devices. Mobile devices can receive calls from landlines, so if you’re having trouble, you need to identify the source of the issue so that you can start placing those calls.

You ve Typed In The Incorrect Number

The likelihood is that you typed the wrong number if you can’t call your mobile device. Verify that you’ve typed the appropriate number of characters for numbers in your location and that you’ve verified the accuracy of the number twice. Make sure to double-check the number with the person who gave it to you if you’ve never called it before and were just given it. There might be a problem if you’ve phoned the same number before and it went through.

You Haven t Put In The Area Code

Maybe you spelled the number without the area code. Only dial 123456 if you are calling from a Landline in the same area if the landline is (01984) 123456. If you’re not in the same area code, it’s crucial to check that the area code is in front of the number you’re trying to call.

They ve Changed Carriers

It can take a few days for someone’s calls to start connecting again if they switched carriers and you’re trying to connect to their number that was previously working. When someone switches carriers and attempts to keep their current phone number, it typically takes a few days for everything to be set up properly. If you try to reach them during this time, the answerphone will inform you that the number is invalid.

They ve Changed Their Number

If someone has changed their phone number and has informed their carrier that they are no longer using their previous number, their old number will no longer be active. When you try to call the number from a landline, it won’t connect since their carrier will then disconnect the number, making it impossible to contact. You’ll need to get in touch with that individual again and obtain their new phone number before you can call them again. This will allow you to place new calls to them.

You ve been Blocked

When you call a cellphone from a landline and the call is unsuccessful, it may also indicate that the recipient has blocked your number. Between the time they last called you and the time you tried to contact them, they couldn’t have accomplished this. You won’t be able to connect calls with someone who has banned your number because the call always rings once and then goes to voicemail.

They Have No Service

If you can’t call a mobile from your landline but in the past you were able to, it’s possible that their phone has lost signal. When a person’s phone only rings once before going to voicemail, it can indicate that they are without service. You won’t be able to contact someone if a phone has no service since it can’t connect to its carrier.

They Didn t Pay Their Bill

Make sure you’re calling folks who have minutes and credit because if someone is using pay as you go and they’ve run out, any calls made to that number won’t be answered. For customers who no longer have credit, carriers typically disconnect their numbers; after they do, you can reconnect with them.


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