Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide users with all the information they need, such as the precise time someone uploaded a story. Fortunately, you may use desktop software or third-party programmes to determine the precise time someone uploaded a story on Instagram.

Can You See The Exact Time of Instagram Story or Post

By using the Inspect element and looking further into the code, you may determine the precise moment that an Instagram post or story was published. You can discover exactly when an Instagram post, clip, or story was posted down to the precise time and day even though the actual time is not displayed.

Since it cannot be seen on the app, many people do not think it is possible. People keep underestimating the possibilities of technology and the intelligence of software engineers and developers.

The Instagram app shows the date and time that a photo or video was uploaded. The timestamp, for instance, would have been one hour ago if you had posted. Because hours grow into days, weeks, and months throughout time, it changes.

You might need to know the exact time a post was published after a few days, weeks, or months, either for record-keeping or for other purposes.

To determine the precise time of an Instagram story, you can utilise your PC to look at elements and third-party programmes.

How to See Exact Time of Instagram Story (or Post)

When viewing an Instagram story on a desktop computer, you can copy the timestamp and convert it to the correct time by selecting the inspect option from the context menu when you right-click the date. Once you’ve converted the timestamp to RFC 2822 time, you’ll be able to see when a picture or video was uploaded in that format.

It won’t be simple to read the information on the page without updating the timestamp. However, since you’ll need to start the development tools, you can only do this on a desktop computer. You can’t do this on the internet since you won’t be able to see the stories components on the Instagram app.

How to Modify the Post Date on Instagram

1. Use Your Desktop

By going to instagram.com on a desktop computer, you can access your Instagram account. Keep in mind that you cannot perform this using the Instagram app; instead, you must visit the website.

Similar to that, you won’t be able to use your mobile device’s browser to visit Instagram. After logging in to Instagram, discover the user’s profile and the specific story you want to get the exact date of.

If you found the story via the Instagram app, you may copy the link by selecting Copy Link when you clicked on the triple-dot icon. Then send the story’s URL to yourself.

Alternatively, you won’t need to click it again if you are already viewing the post. You’ve completed step one if you’ve followed along up to this point.

2. Highlight the Date

The date appears in the upper-left corner of an Instagram story, just like it does for posts, when you view one.

The time stamp, which shows whether the photo or video was posted days or hours ago, will appear in place of the date for posts shared more recently than a week ago. It will be within 24 hours for stories.

The date can then be selected and made permanent by performing a right-click. A pop-up window with numerous options, including copy, search, print, and examine, will then display. Select Inspect from the drop-down option to verify the date.

3. Copy to the Date-Time Element

The developer tools will be available once you’ve completed the preceding stage, which involved verifying the story’s publication date. The first thing you’ll see when you launch the developer tools is the Elements tab. Numerous HTML elements can be found under the Elements menu.

Be careful not to become overwhelmed by everything you see because you only need to duplicate the DateTime element. You can notice that the DateTime portion of the post’s date has been highlighted for your convenience if you right-clicked and looked at the post’s date from the previous step.

To copy the date included in quotation marks to your clipboard, double-click it and then hit CTRL + C. If it isn’t highlighted, you did it wrong.

Close the developer tools, select the date, right-click it, and choose inspect from the context menu to fix this. Your attempt to copy the timestamp from the Instagram post was successful.

4. Use a Time Converter

The timestamp you copied in the previous step must be converted into something that can be read by humans in the last step. To do this, you must use an internet converter to view the story’s precise time.

You can use the UNIX time stamp converter in the Coder’s Toolbox. The time must be entered in the ISO 8601 time field. Once pasted, look for the converted time and date that is returned in theRFC 2822 time field.

The date that you should receive should resemble Mon, 11 Apr 2022 18:46:06 +01:00. The posting was made on Monday. The posting date and year are 11 April 2022. The image or video was published at precisely 18:46:06 +01:00.

5. Use a Third-party App like InstaRealDate

A third-party app is a piece of software created by a third party with the goal of supplementing the original app’s lacking or inadequately designed functionalities.

In order to provide enhanced functionality or collect profile data from another service, a third-party app, like InstaRealDate, links with the latter. In this instance, you can learn the date a post or story was uploaded thanks to InstaRealDate, which collects data from Instagram.

The app just shows the hours or days that your video, photo, or reel was posted, not the whole date and time that it was uploaded.

Instagram is compelled by InstaRealDate to show the complete date and time for each image.

Tap on the time indication in the top-right corner of the screen to view the detailed timestamp for any photograph. As soon as you tap on it, the current time and date will be shown. After installing the tweak (you’ll need a jailbroken device for this), there are no more settings to be set.

Running the Instagram application is all that is required to get started because it will be enabled by default. This is a useful feature because it eliminates the need to guess when an image or video was submitted.

6. Insta-stories.online

By typing the user’s username into the search field of an Instagram post viewer, you may quickly determine the precise time a picture was posted on Instagram.

To determine the precise time and day that a post or story was published, Insta-stories.online retrieves the DateTime HTML element from that post or story.

The best aspect about this is that you may use your phone; a desktop computer is not required. This means that you may find out when something was uploaded by simply entering a username into the tool rather than using Inspect element or converting any data to do so.

You can read other people’s Instagram stories with this tool without them knowing because it will pull the story from their profile, making the view private. Additionally, it will tell you exactly when and on what day the story was uploaded.

How to determine the precise moment an Instagram post was published:

1. Visit online.insta-stories

2. Type the particular profile’s username. As this tool cannot pull the data for a private profile, you must ensure that the profile is public.

3. Select Search.

4. Click on the story and check at the top for the upload date if you want to see when a story was posted.

7. Ask Them When They Posted

5. To determine the precise time a post was uploaded, click on publications, select the post, and then check the top left of the screen for the DateTime element.

You should question them if you’re unsure of the precise day and hour that someone posted something on Instagram. It takes less time to do this than to grab the time and convert it using Inspect Element. You might ask them directly: Exactly when did you post this?

8. Look For Clues In The Photo

If this person is a close friend, you can explain your situation and they will be pleased to provide the date and time that the photo was shared. It won’t be as simple to obtain this information if you don’t have easy access to the person as it would be to directly question them.

9. Look For Clues In The Comments

You can utilise a date in the post, such as a birthday, to determine the precise time it was published. Since people frequently share items like birthday photographs immediately next to the date they occurred, you can use this date to determine when the image was posted.

You might find something in the comments that pinpoints the precise time the post was uploaded if you wish to search for hints there. For example, someone could say, Easter Sunday was so fun, and this will let you know that they posted around easter time.

10. If It s Your Post, Check Your Camera Roll

Another example would be someone saying happy birthday. If this is a celebrity and you see happy birthday in their comments, you can search up when their birthday was, which will let you know precisely when the picture or video was posted.

If you re the one that posted the picture, then you can check your camera roll or gallery for when you took the picture. If you remember posting the picture soon after you took it, you ll know exactly when you posted it.

If you can t remember the exact time you posted it, you can check for the date that Instagram auto-saved it to your camera roll. There s an autosave feature that you can toggle on Instagram that automatically saves anything you post to a folder in your gallery. If you want toturn off the autosave feature, that s also possible.

How to See Exact Time Of Instagram Story

1. Log into your Instagram account by visiting instagram.com on a desktop computer. Remember that you cannot use the Instagram app for this since you must check the website to check when someone posted an Instagram story.
2. Look for the user s profile and the story you want to find out when it was posted. If you were watching stories on Instagram App and that s how you found it, you need to copy the link by pressing the three-dotted lines in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting the copy link.

Just check the picture s info in your camera roll by swiping the bottom of the picture if you re on iPhone or clicking the three-dotted lines > More if you re on Android.

3. Next to the person s name in the upper right corner of the user profile, you ll see a date. Instead of the time stamp saying exactly what time the story was posted, you ll see a timestamp indicating how many hours, or days ago the story was posted.

Instagram doesn t say exactly when the story was posted because people who view the story might be in a different time zone. If they showed the time based on when it was posted, it d only be shown in the uploader s time zone, and this will be different from when it was posted for anyone else living outside of that time zone. Find the date and right-click on it to make it permanent.

4. At the top of Inspect Element. The Elements tab will appear. In the Elements menu, there will be many HTML elements, but the one you need to copy is the DateTime element.

If you ve right-clicked on the time the story was posted correctly, you ll see that the DateTime is highlighted. Double-click the timestamp in the quote marks and press CTRL + C to copy it to your clipboard.

How to Find Out When a Picture Was Taken on Instagram

If you want to find out when a picture was taken on Instagram, then you ll need to look at the date below the photo, video, or reels that you re looking at. Looking here will let you know how long ago the picture was posted on Instagram.
If there are comments, then the time will be under the comments. For example, if someone posted a picture on Instagram 4 weeks ago, you ll see 4 weeks ago under the comments.

Concluding Thoughts

4. You can use theCoder s Toolboxwhich has UNIX time stamp converter. You ll need to put the time in theISO 8601 timefield. Once pasted, check theRFC 2822 time field for the returned converted time and date.


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