When you receive a call at an inconvenient moment, it can be annoying and challenging to figure out how to ignore the call. Anyone who can message you on Instagram also has the option to voice or video call you. Typically, these are folks who follow you or who have previously tried to communicate you but were unsuccessful.

Additionally, if you are on the go, every call you receive will use up mobile data. As an Instagram user, you can utilise Do Not Disturb, mute notifications, or ban voice and video calls from particular followers to resolve this issue. If banning their number on the phone app wasn’t sufficient, you can now easily block incoming video chats on the social networking site.

Can You Turn Off Instagram Calls

Using Instagram’s Mute call alerts option, you can stop receiving calls from Instagram. This implies that you won’t get any notifications when they call to let you know they’re calling. In addition to the mute call alerts feature, there are various options to prevent calls from certain individuals. It might be as severe as barring them, or it can be as simple as disabling Instagram alerts so you won’t know when they’re calling.

How to Block Calls on Instagram

Start Instagram.

2. Ensure that you are on the app’s home screen, which displays all of the postings from your news feed, when you first activate it. To access the home section, where you can locate all of your DMs, click the house icon in the bottom row.

3. Select the DM button. You can see all of your followers to whom you have sent messages from this aircraft-like object. You must first click on the home icon in the bottom row before choosing the aeroplane icon in the top right corner if you are not in the DM area. You must click on the head symbol in the lower right corner and select your following if you have never messaged the person whose calls you want to stop receiving. You can look for the profile of the individual whose calls you want to ban from here.

3. Tap the thread that belongs to the person you wish to block. You will need to conduct a search for the individual whose calls you wish to block if there hasn’t been any interaction with them.

4. You will see all of the previous messages you have sent to the contact whose calls you want to ban once you visit their thread. At the very top of the message thread, tap the person’s name.

5. An additional menu with choices will show up. To choose Mute call alerts, you must scroll down. This will silence the person’s voicemails and calls. Select Block at the top and then again to confirm to stop getting calls from them altogether. This will prevent both calls to them and from them.

1. Disable Instagram Notifications

If you don’t want to receive calls, you can turn off the app’s notifications so that you won’t be alerted when someone calls.


  1. Open Settings.

2. Access Instagram by descending.

Third, choose Notifications.

4. Switch Allow Notifications off.


1. Launch the Settings app on your device.

2. Select the Notification menu item. You should navigate through the alternatives that this will bring up until you find the apps on your iPhone. An option that can indicate Most Recent is located in the upper left corner of the screen. To view all of the apps on your phone, tap here and select All.

3. Scroll till you see Instagram once you can see all of the applications on your iPhone. To the right of it is where the switch will be.

4. The switch will become grey after being tapped once.

All Instagram notifications have been disabled at this time. You can turn the switch back to the on position to start receiving notifications once more.

2. Do Not Disturb

This will disable all smartphone alerts, so you might only want to use it if you anticipate receiving calls from sources other than Instagram.


1: Access Settings.

2. Find Do Not Disturb by scrolling down.

3. Switch it on.


1. Launch the Settings app on your device. For both Android and iPhone devices, it typically looks like a gear in the midst of a grey background.

2. Select the Notifications menu item.

3. A “Do Not Disturb” option can be found at the top of the menu. To the right of the screen, flip the switch to the On position. When the switch is turned on, it will turn blue.

3. Mute Notifications From Them

You can also stop getting calls from someone by muting their notifications only, not all of Instagram’s notifications. If you have them on mute, you won’t receive notifications when they call or send you a message.

Start Instagram.

2. Navigate to the DM area after the app has launched.

3. Everyone to whom you have sent a direct message is listed here. You must select the search tab at the top if you have never messaged the person whose calls you want to ban. You can search for the person whose calls you want to block from here.

3. To start the conversation, tap on the name of the caller whose calls you want to block. You will need to conduct a search for the individual whose calls you wish to block if there hasn’t been any interaction with them.

4. Press the person’s name at the top.

5. Turn off notifications and turn on mute.

4. Disable Camera and Microphone Permissions

You can disable camera and microphone permissions in Settings to restrict calls from Instagram users. Because the camera and microphone are disabled and calls on Instagram require them, you won’t be able to accept calls from individuals. This has the drawback that nobody can call you on Instagram through audio or video.

In order to turn off Android’s call permissions:

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Scroll till you find Instagram.
  3. Look for Permission. It usually appears under the Apps Settings.
  4. Tap Camera and Deny permission. These options usually enable once you open Instagram.
  5. Go to the Microphone, tap to disable the permission too, set it to Deny, same with the Camera. When they go to tap the video chat or call button, the call won t go through.

On an iPhone, disable call permissions as follows:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone. You can find it differently on any phone but it usually appears with the gear app icon.
  2. Scroll till you find Instagram.
  3. Under Allow Instagram to Access, toggle off-camera and microphone. Once you re done, you won t be able to receive calls from anyone.

5. Block Them

You may simply block someone on Instagram if you wish to stop receiving calls from them. As harsh as it may sound, barring this particular person will prevent them from ever calling you again. They can’t call you on Instagram, therefore you can’t answer their calls either.

Start Instagram.

2. Navigate to the Direct Messages area to get the chat screen that displays all of the chats.

3. All of your friends to whom you have sent messages are listed here.

3. Tap the name of the individual whose calls you want to stop getting. You will need to conduct a search for the individual whose calls you wish to block if there hasn’t been any interaction with them.

4. Select Block from the menu that appears when you click on the name at the top.

6. Put Your Phone On Silent

Put your phone on silence as an additional choice. You won’t hear notifications, such as a call from Instagram, when your phone is on mute. Instagram calls don’t work like regular calls, so when you get one, it’s just like getting any other app notification. Your phone won’t ring or vibrate everytime someone calls you if you put it on quiet. This ensures that even if you’re not using your phone, you’ll still be able to see the call coming in and won’t be bothered by it. Even though it doesn’t actually stop them from contacting you—it merely stops you from knowing if you aren’t on your phone—this is a gentler way to stop them.

How to silence your iPhone:

To activate quiet mode, flip the ring/silent switch on the side of the iPhone to the On position. An orange bar appears on the switch while it is in the On position, and your iPhone’s screen displays a picture of a bell with a line across it.

Go to Settings > Sounds on your Android to turn off vibrating while it is in silent mode. Look for the toggle for “Vibrate on Silent,” then set it to “white” (off). This setting will not stop your screen from turning on when you receive calls or notifications.

7. Tell Them Not to Call You

You can simply tell someone to stop calling you instead of blocking their calls and videos. Even while it may come off as nasty, it will help them understand the message, and you won’t have to constantly have their calls pop up on your screen. Simply say, “Can you not video call or audio call me on Instagram because my Instagram bugs out every time someone calls, just contact me on Instagram and I’ll get back to you,” to block their phone calls. This avoids being impolite and ensures that you won’t get their calls without the need to take additional steps, such as blocking them.

8. Put On Your Story That No One Should Call

You can write a message on your story asking people not to call you instead of turning off calls on Instagram. This makes it less personal and eliminates the need for you to directly request that individuals refrain from phoning you. Put a story up saying, “Can’t be called on Instagram; it crashes every time someone calls. Just message me on Instagram, and I’ll get back to you,” if you want to stop people from calling you on Instagram. This avoids the appearance of rudeness and ensures that no one will call you.

9. Turn Off Your Internet

You can disable your data or wifi if you know someone is likely to call you on Instagram. You won’t be able to take calls if you turn off your internet. When they try to call you, the phone will ring as usual, but you won’t pick it up. When you won’t be able to use other apps while your internet is off, this is a fantastic technique to stop calls from Instagram. Simply swipe down from the top of your screen and switch off wifi or data, depending on which you’re using, to turn off your internet. No one will be able to call you right now.

10. Uninstall Instagram

Another method for preventing Instagram phone and video calls is to uninstall the app, which also prevents you from accepting calls from others. People can still call you, but since you no longer have the app, you won’t be able to answer them. This assists you in avoiding calls but does not directly prevent them. People who call you won’t know that you’ve soft blocked their calls; as a result, they may assume that you are ignoring their phone and video calls or otherwise not paying attention to them. If they do, you can let them know that you deleted the app and are no longer able to see their calls.

Instagram can be uninstalled to prevent calls:

Touch and hold Instagram on the Home Screen, choose Remove App, choose Remove from Home Screen to leave it in the App Library, or choose Delete App to remove it entirely from your iPhone. The process on your Android is quite easy to follow. Just hold down the app and wait for the delete option to show up. Choose remove if you notice it.


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