Users report that this flicker typically only occurs after the one-year warranty has expired. Some others had the problem precisely in the thirteenth month. Due to this, a lot of users have speculated that Amazon timed the sale to make consumers buy new gadgets rather than taking advantage of free repairs, refunds, or replacements from the manufacturer.

The biggest deal that users appear to be receiving from Amazon is a discount when purchasing a new Echo Spot. Otherwise, Amazon consistently claims that they are looking into the issue of the screen flicker.

To avoid having to pay for a replacement, we have done extensive research and offered a complete list of known fixes to get your Echo Spot screen working properly once again.

Why Is My Echo Spot Screen Flickering?

The Amazon Echo Spot is a small clock-sized device that has a lot of cutting-edge technology. Its problems should be investigated thoroughly. Although the flicker has no impact on how Echo Spot functions, it is unpleasant and may be a hint of a larger issue that will only become worse.

Here are some known causes of the screen flickering on Echo Spots, along with solutions.

1. Power Cable Issue

Unfortunately, the Echo Spot and all other Echo devices (with the exception of the Echo Tap) lack batteries. They require a power cable to be permanently linked to a power source.

However, there is a chance that the power cable will occasionally break and tamper with the electrical impulses going to your Echo Spot. The flickering on the Echo Spot screen could therefore be brought on by these aberrations.

Optimal Practice

An exclusive 15W power cord for the Amazon Echo Spot is included when you purchase the gadget. Please avoid plugging in your Echo Spot using a different power cord as this could damage the device and result in problems like screen flickering or even a blank screen.

Fix Alternate a cable or replace it.

One of the first things you should do if the screen on your Echo Spot starts to flicker is to try a different wire. Use a different cable with the same wattage as the original cable solely to conduct a test. Make sure you buy a replacement solely from Amazon or Amazon-approved retailers if the flickering stops.

We’ll say it again: only use an unauthorised power cord from Amazon for testing purposes.

2. Power Port is Damaged

Your Echo Spot’s power port might be damaged, which is a second power-related problem that might be the root of the flickering on your device’s screen. The area on the Echo Spot where the power wire is attached is called the power port.

Electric signals on the port will be distorted if the port is destroyed, sending erratic current to the Echo Spot. The screen can then start to flicker as a result of this.

Replacing Clean Out Port

The first hypothesis to test is that, rather than actual damage, the distortion may be due to dirt or some other foreign material in the port. We advise thoroughly cleaning the port before checking to see whether the flickering stops;


  • Compressed air
  • Dental floss or blunt toothpick
  • Cotton wool
  • A little cleaning alcohol


1. Unplug the power cord and turn off the Echo Spot.

2. Use compressed air to blow debris and other loose materials out of the power port.

3. Dip the blunt toothpick or dental floss tip in the alcohol after being wrapped in a small piece of cotton wool.

4. Using this advice, gently wipe the power port’s interior to get rid of any foreign objects that may be lodged there.

5. Use more compressed air to blow to complete the cleaning.

6. To see if the flashing has ceased, plug in the power cord once more and turn on Echo Spot.

3. Brightness Too High

The adjustable brightness feature that comes with Echo Sport is pre-activated. With adaptive brightness, the display can adjust the brightness of the Echo Spot screen to match the ambient lighting.

In order to ensure that you can easily view content in a brightly lighted environment, the screen may become very bright.

However, we have discovered that excessive brightness might occasionally make the screen flicker. The graphics and displays on Echo Spot are not as advanced as those on phones, TVs, and other devices designed to be used exclusively with screens.

Fix Diminished Brightness

You must turn off the Adaptive Brightness option before you may permanently reduce brightness. Otherwise, when Adaptive Brightness activates, the screen can once again become overly bright.

Please follow these steps to accomplish this:

1. From your Echo Spot screen’s top, swipe down or say, “Go to Settings.”

2. Choose Settings.

3. Choose Display

Decide on Brightness.

5. Swipe to deactivate Adaptive Brightness

6. Check to see if the flickering is eliminated for you by adjusting the brightness indication to almost the centre.

4. Issue With Power Supply

The screen may flicker as a result of a problem with the power supply, which brings us to our last power-related problem. First, a broken wall socket will not consistently supply the Echo Spot with power, causing the screen to flicker.

Second, the screen may flicker if the voltage coming from the wall socket is either higher or lower than the recommended value for the Echo Spot (12V). Finally, the power cables for Echo Spot have a built-in surge protector. To avoid this, avoid plugging in your Echo Spot using an extension cord or surge protector.

Fix Switch Socket

To see whether the flickering stops, try switching the wall socket where your Echo Spot is plugged in. Be sure to plug it directly into the wall socket as well. We advise you to test at least three different power outlets throughout your locality.

If the flickering persists, we may be quite confident that the power source is not the root of the issue.

5. There s A Glitch

The smart gadget Amazon Echo Spot is controlled by codes and programmes. Circuits, electric signals, sensors, radio signals, and many more components make up this system. Any one of these parts could experience a malfunction at any time, affecting the display and causing the flicker.

A glitch is typically a tiny flaw in a device’s software or hardware that either goes away on its own or needs a quick user correction.

It can be challenging to determine the precise measures to follow to remedy a bug because it is virtually never possible to determine its origin. For the Echo Spot, we have discovered a few fixes for bugs on your gadget.

Repair Restart

Restarting your Echo Spot is the first thing to do when troubleshooting a problem. To start over:

1. Hold down the Mic button.

2. A confirmation screen for powering off appears.

3. To turn off your Echo Spot, choose Yes.

4. Press the same Mic button once more quickly to turn it back on after two minutes have passed.

Resolve 2 Power Cycle

Try a full power recycle if a basic reset does not stop the screen from flickering. A power recycle will enable your Echo Spot to disconnect any disconnected circuits, reload the device operating system, and offload any faulty operations. For some users, this has stopped their screens from flickering. in recycling

1. Hold down the Mic button.

2. A confirmation screen for powering off appears.

3. To turn off your Echo Spot, choose Yes.

4. Unplug your Echo Spot’s power cord from the device and detach the cord from the wall socket.

5. After waiting five minutes, re-plug the cord into your Echo Spot before the power source.

6. To restart your device and check if the flickering screen problem has been fixed, press the Mic button.

Fix 3: Disconnect and wait 24 hours

The final step in diagnosing an issue with your Echo Spot is to turn it off, unplug it, and let it sit for 24 hours if a full recycle does not fix the flickering screen issue.

The reason why this works is unclear, but it does. This is not to imply that waiting 23.5 hours won’t work, either. Who is to care? Many people claim that turning off their Echo Spot, disconnecting it, and waiting 24 hours fixed the flickering screen issue for them.

In fact, one customer said that turning the device off for 24 hours fixed the problem for them rather than performing a factory reset, which is often a last resort. Consequently, you ought to attempt it as well.

6. Closeness to Interfering Devices

Another discovery from our research is that your Echo Spot’s screen may flicker when it is positioned near specific gadgets like baby monitors, cordless phones, printers, Bluetooth speakers, computers, or even smart TVs.

This is due to the possibility of signal interference between the signals from these other devices and the Echo Spot. Keep in mind that Echo Spot connects to the internet using radio signals, and radio frequency is quite susceptible to interference.

Resolve Echo Spot Position Change

Place your Echo Spot far away from any other radio-using devices as well as the ones mentioned above. Many customers discovered that isolating Echo Spot stopped their screens from flickering.

7. Echo Spot Out of Date

Your Echo Spot’s screen may be flickering for another reason since it is outdated. Echo Spot needs updates from its maker, just like any other smart gadget, in order to address problems that could lead to a malfunction.

Your device won’t have the patch required to stop the screen flicker if it doesn’t have the most recent updates. This is especially true if a firmware problem rather than a hardware flaw is to blame for the flicker.

Update and Fix Echo Spot

In fact, if you contact Amazon to report this problem, one of their very first advice will be to update your Echo Spot. So, adhere to these instructions to upgrade your Echo Spot:

1. Specify Settings or choose Settings by swiping down from the top of your Echo Spot screen.

Toggle to Device Options.

3. Click the Check for Software Updates button.

If updates are available, the device will then download and instal them.


  • If you check for updates and none is available at the time, give it 7 days and try again. Updates are not pushed out to all devices at the same time.
  • Make sure that the internet connection and power supply are not interrupted during the update installation. We have found that interrupting update installation, especially if Echo Spot goes off while installing updates, can cause the flickering screen and other forms of malfunction on the device.

8. Permanent Bug

Your Echo Spot’s screen flickering may be the result of an ongoing software bug if none of the solutions listed above resolve the problem.

A bug, in contrast to a glitch, is a more significant error that needs the maker to debug it or reset the gadget to its factory default settings.

While user settings and practises may contribute to some defects, some bugs are the result of coding mistakes or manufacturing flaws that have nothing to do with you. Therefore, you would need to perform a factory reset before fixing an issue on an Echo Spot. If that still doesn’t work, get in touch with Amazon for assistance, repair, or replacement.

Reset the Echo Spot factory settings

Please adhere to the instructions below to reset Echo Spot to factory defaults.

1. For around 20 seconds, press and hold the volume down and mic keys.

2. Maintain your position until the light turns on and then off.

3. A menu for configuration will appear. Next, configure your Echo Spot as you choose.

If that doesn’t stop the screen from flickering, use the instructions below to reset the device.

1. Specify Settings or choose Settings by swiping down from the top of your Echo Spot screen.

2. Tap on Device Options

3. Select Reset to Factory Defaults at the bottom of the page.

4. Choose and affirm Reset

Note: Unplug it right away and plug it back in if, after doing the reset, the screen still flickers. For many people, this process has eliminated the screen flicker.

Fix 2: Phone Amazon Customer Support

It’s probably time to contact Amazon if none of the aforementioned solutions seem to be effective for you. When you do, please be clear about all the troubleshooting steps you have taken so far. Their advice to you moving forward will be guided by this.

Also, please note the following on contacting Amazon:

  • Echo Spot comes with a one-year warranty
  • If you live in the EU, then you are eligible for the blanket two-year warranty under EU laws
  • If Amazon offer you a repair, do not send your power cord along. You are unlikely to get it back. A couple of users reported this problem, stating that Amazon instead advised them to buy a generic power cord which they (Amazon) would pay for.
  • If Amazon offer you a replacement, please deregister your old Echo Spot from your Amazon account here
  • Amazon discontinued Echo Spot in 2019 but it is still sold in the UK. Therefore, if you purchased your product outside the UK after 2019, you are not eligible for any warranty
  • Amazon discontinued Echo Spot primarily because of the flickering screen, according to an Amazon sales rep.
  • Echo Spot was replaced by Echo Show 5. So, if you wish to replace your Echo Spot, it is best to buy the Echo Show 5 instead.
  • To get help with your Echo Spot, please contact Amazon.

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