Once they’ve accepted your request to follow them, Instagram lets you look through their profile. If you don’t use Instagram frequently, you might not be familiar with what happens when you follow someone there.

When you follow someone on Instagram, a few things can happen, so it’s crucial to understand them so you can use the platform properly.

If I Follow Someone on Instagram Can They See Your Posts (My Private Account)

Yes, but if you make your posts private, they won’t see them because they aren’t following you. They will if you’re in the open. This is how it functions.

You can decide who can and cannot view your Instagram account using the private settings. When your settings are set to public, anyone can look you up online and view your profile. They can also view your profile, including your profile picture and all of your posts.

A person cannot view your profile if it is set to private, though. They will see a blank page when they open your profile, indicating it is private.

When your profile is set to private, nobody can see it, not even the people you follow. Only if you accept someone’s request to follow you will they be able to see it. A request for you to accept a follow is sent to you when someone follows your account privately.

Here’s how to change the privacy settings on your Instagram account.

Start by visiting your Instagram profile.

2. On your app, click Settings.

3. Locate Privacy and select it.

4. A private account will be given to you. To make your account private, click the button next to it.

when working with a computer.

1. Click on your profile image to access your profile.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select Privacy and Settings from the menu.

4. Account Privacy can be found below; find Private Account and check the box.

if you’re utilising a mobile browser.

1. Tap your profile photo in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Your profile will now be opened; click Settings.

3. Locate and click on Privacy and Security.

4. Account Privacy will be provided. Select the checkbox next to Private Account by going there.

If I Follow Someone on Instagram But They Don t Follow Me Can They See My Posts

Depending on whether your profile is public or private when you follow someone, they may be able to view your postings. Anyone you follow will be able to see your posts even if you don’t follow them; if they came across your profile, they would be able to read your posts if you have a public profile, which means that anyone may view your profile.

If you follow someone and their profile is private, even if they don’t follow you back, they won’t be able to see your postings. Someone you follow must request to follow your account in order to view your postings, and you must accept their request before they may do so.

Make sure you reject their request to follow your private profile if you don’t want them to see your postings. Make sure your account isn’t set to private if you want them to be able to see your postings if they ever stumble across your account.

They will be able to see your postings if your account is set to “off private” and they come across your profile. Only people who follow you can view your postings; you don’t need to follow someone in order for them to do so (this is if your account is private). Anyone can view your posts if your account is not private.

When you follow someone, their Instagram notification section will show you have done so. It will say that you followed them, and occasionally this will cause them to visit your profile to learn more about you. If your account isn’t private, they will probably see your profile at this point and see your posts.

If You Follow Someone On Facebook, Can They See Your Posts

Without even being friends, people can follow one another on Facebook. Because of this, following someone on Facebook does not imply that you are friends. On the other hand, you automatically begin following someone on Facebook when you become friends with them.

Therefore, whether or not you are a friend with someone on Facebook, you start seeing their postings when you follow them. You will see them in your news feed when they update their postings. The individual cannot view your posts, though.

If a Facebook follower doesn’t friend you first, they won’t be able to read your postings.

They must send you a friend request, which you can accept or reject, before they can become your friend. They will see your postings on their feed if you accept.

Your profile can be viewed by anyone, even those who are not your friends, if your account is set to public. They can go to your profile and browse your posts.

Do You Have to Follow Someone on Facebook to See Their Posts

Yes. To see someone’s post on your newsfeed on Facebook, you must follow them. Whether you are friends with the person or not, Facebook shows their post updates in your feed when you follow them.

However, you immediately follow someone after you become friends with them. Therefore, if you want to accept a friend request from someone, be aware that doing so will make you their follower automatically.

Each time you follow someone, they are also aware of it. They’ll receive a notification on Facebook that you’ve begun following them. They won’t be informed if you stop following them.

You can unfollow someone without them knowing and without unfriending them if you’ve been following them and you no longer want to see their post updates on your newsfeed. This is the procedure.

1. Visit their post that is visible in your newsfeed.

2. Select their Facebook name by clicking the three dots.

3. A menu will appear; select “Unfollow” at the bottom.

What Happens When You Follow Someone on Instagram?

You might follow your favourite celebrity on Instagram. Instagram allows you to view the postings of all of your favourite artists, athletes, comedians, businesspeople, and other people.

Every time they post something, your feed will be updated with a new update. Therefore, even though you occasionally might not be on Instagram frequently enough to see them all, the change is still visible in your feed.

This is valid, though, if they haven’t made their account private. You will have to wait for them to answer to your request if they have set their account to private and you follow them.

You will start viewing their profile and updates to their posts on your feed once they have checked the request and responded to it.

What Happens When you Unfollow a Person on Instagram?

The opposite of following someone on Instagram is unfollowing them. You won’t be able to view their postings on your feed if you do this.

You will immediately be locked out and unable to view their profile if they have set their account to private.

You may still see their profile and view their postings if their account is public, though.

If You Follow Someone On Instagram, Can You See Their Photos

Yes. You can view someone’s images on Instagram if you follow them. This implies that you are still able to view their profile and browse their pictures. When you follow someone on Instagram, you have access to their images as well as updates on their postings in your feed.

You won’t be able to see someone’s images if they have their account set to private until they accept you as a follower.

Be aware that simply because someone is following you doesn’t mean they can view your profile or your images. Only if they follow you back or if your account is public will this occur.

How to Follow Someone Without Them Seeing Your Posts

Make sure they aren’t following you in the first place if you want to follow someone without them seeing your postings.

Go to your profile’s follower area and type the person’s username into the search bar to make sure they aren’t following you. If you notice that they are already following you from here, click the three horizontal lines and choose delete follower. This will guarantee that they stop following you.

Go to your privacy settings from here and choose “make the account private” so that people must request your permission to follow you.

You can now follow that person after making your account private, but they won’t be able to see your postings until they request you and you confirm their request. Even if you follow someone, they won’t be able to see your postings if you don’t approve their request.


People can follow one other on Facebook and Instagram, but these platforms operate differently. When users follow or unfollow others, the platforms react in different ways.

As was mentioned before, you must approach the platforms differently and make sure you are aware of the consequences of following someone. You always have the option to control who is allowed to follow you on Instagram and who is not.


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