There is a button that lets you leave a Viber group at any time if you so want. However, you can leave the Viber group privately without anyone knowing if you are not actively participating in it or if you feel the need to do so but don’t want to appear impolite.

How to Leave a Viber Group

  1. Select the Chats option.
  2. Hold on the group you wish to leave.
  3. Click on Delete.
  4. Confirm you want to Leave and delete the group.

Can You Leave a Viber Group Without Anyone Noticing

There is no way to exit a group chat without the admins in the group being aware because Viber sends a notification to the group chat as soon as you leave, alerting the admins.

Because Viber prefers for everyone to be aware when a member of a group leaves, there is currently no way to accomplish this covertly. People might believe that you deleted the Viber app or that there was a bug if there hadn’t been this notification that warned the admins. Therefore, Viber loves to explicitly inform the admins when you leave a session.

Even though you can’t go invisibly, there are some ways around this that work just as well. Even if you won’t be departing immediately, the effect is the same.

How to Leave a Viber Group Without Being Noticed

You must use a feature in the settings app in order to leave a group without notifying the other members. By activating this setting, you’ll be able to leave a Viber group without sending any warning messages. The option to turn off group notifications must be enabled in Settings.

1. Leaving a Group by Clearing or Exiting the Group

By clicking the group chat’s name at the top and choosing More, you can leave a Viber group without anyone else in the group knowing. You have the option to exit the group from here. You’ll be able to do this to leave the chat quietly.

The best approach to leave a group chat that is constantly busy is to leave the group normally. People might not notice that you left the group chat if it’s constantly busy, which is why leaving might still be effective. This is a hazardous technique, but it’s really the only real way to leave the chat without the other users seeing.

Leaving the group:

  1. Open the Viber app.
  2. Click on the group chat you want to leave.
  3. Tap Leave and delete.
  4. Confirm that you want to Leave and delete.

You won’t be able to message the group after you’ve done this. There won’t be a chat option for you to start typing in if you click the chat button in an attempt to message individuals.

2. Blocking A Viber Group to Leave Without Being Noticed

Blocking the group is a terrific technique to leave a Viber group chat without anyone noticing. This doesn’t mean you’ll be quitting the group; it merely means that no one will be able to message you or send you group alerts. Because it has all the advantages and no one will be informed, this is another option to actually leaving.

By visiting each admin individually and blocking them, you can block the group. This works best when you don’t know someone in the group well enough for them to later try to message you directly. Since there is no way for them to discover that they have been blocked, it serves as a viable workaround for really leaving a group and alerting the administrators.

3. Muting a Viber Group without Anyone Noticing

Muting the group is an additional option to quit the group chat secretly. The effect is the same even though this isn’t leaving the chat. You’ll still be a member of the group, but you won’t get alerts when people message you. Go to the group in the list of discussions, tap the group name, and choose Mute to accomplish this.

4. How to Delete a Viber Group Without Leaving the Group

It’s highly likely that you could deactivate a Viber group without the other members of the group knowing and without quitting the group. Because of all the photos and videos in the group, the app may be running out of memory, so you should deactivate the group.

Without quitting the group, remove the following Viber group:

  1. Open Viber.
  2. Find the chat that you want to archive.
  3. On iPhone, swipe to the left on the chat. On Android, you want to tap and hold.
  4. Select Delete.

You shouldn’t have left the group before the group was deleted from Viber. You will save a tonne of RAM by doing this because it will remove all of the audio, visual, and photographic content.

You’ll see the group in Chats again when a message is sent, but everything will have been deleted.

5. Disabling Viber Notifications Entirely

You could just turn off the app’s notifications rather than leaving a Viber group and running the danger of the other users or admins learning that you did so. You can forget about the group and appear to have gone even though you are still there if you turn off the app’s alerts.

If you frequently use Viber, you’ll be disappointed to learn that you won’t get any notifications for your other talks. Given this, you must make sure that you check the app as frequently as you feel comfortable doing so. Naturally, if the group chat is busy, you’ll see messages arrive as you’re checking it.


  1. Open your phone s Settings app.
  2. Tap Notifications. App settings.
  3. Under Most recent , find Viber. To find more apps if you can t find Viber, in the drop-down menu, tap All apps.
  4. Tap the app.
  5. Turn the app s notifications off.


Go to Settings > Notifications on your iPhone to stop getting Viber notifications. After that, choose an app and deactivate the slider next to Allow Notifications. This procedure will need to be repeated for each programme you want to disable.

6. Change Your Phone Number

If you were planning on switching gadgets soon, you might as well do so while also changing your phone number. If you change your phone number, your old number will still be in Viber and your new number won’t be in the group.

Because your old number was included in that group, even though you can move all of your contacts to your new sim, the chat won’t be present when you use Viber. This is a more efficient method of exiting the Viber group secretly.

To leave a group on Viber by changing your number, go to settings, select Viber, and then select clean data and cache. This will update your Viber account and make it seem as though you have only recently downloaded Viber.

The group won’t be present when you log into Viber with your new number after switching your old number out for it. With your old number, you’ll be a part of the group once more, but with your new one, you won’t be, and none of the other members will know.

7. Fake Your Number

You may just fake a new number, which will allow you to leave a group without anyone knowing, rather than changing your number and having to start completely new threads with everyone.

You must prepare a new number if you wish to keep your present one. You must access the settings menu in Viber, hit Edit, and then choose change number to update your Viber number to the new one you’ve created. Enter the new fake number you want to use after this is complete.

You must leave the group after having your number altered, but not in the conventional way. Simply clearing Viber will let you depart, and since you now have a new phone number, the group conversation won’t follow you.

Open settings, select Viber, and select clear data and cache to accomplish this. When you’re finished, open Viber and register your new number to complete the process. Even if it takes a lot of steps to leave a Viber group, you would have already done it without telling anyone.

8. Change Your Name and Delete Your Profile Before You Leave

Before you go, you can continue to exist anonymously if you alter your name and remove your profile. When the group tries to figure out who left, changing everything to a name and image that are unrelated to you will essentially deceive everyone.

This will work like a charm in a large group where not everyone knows everyone; the remaining members will likely assume that the departing person was accidentally added to the group.

However, if someone looked more into your profile and they’d previously spoken with you, they’d be able to discern that you were the one who left, which may be problematic. Even if they haven’t spoken to you on Viber before, they might be able to recognise you by looking up your phone number in their contacts list.

9. Delete Viber

You can simply delete Viber to avoid worrying about what people will think of you if you decide to leave the group conversation. This implies that you can avoid the group conversation without anyone knowing.

This solution is only practical if you don’t use Viber frequently; if you do, you’ll need to discover another method of leaving groups secretly.

Leaving Viber Group Etiquette

You can exit the Viber group nicely to avoid coming across as impolite rather than worrying about what people will think of you if you do so abruptly and silently.

Since there is no actual way to leave a group without anybody knowing, understanding polite ways to depart will still allow you to do so and continue using Viber as usual. You just need to select an excuse that seems plausible among the many polite explanations and reasons for leaving a group chat that are available.

This group chat is taking up a lot of space, and I have no storage. This works well if a lot of movies and photographs are shared within the group; they’ll assume it’s a valid excuse and it will appear better than just abruptly departing the group. This could also be coupled with the fact that this is the only active group conversation you have on Viber, despite your attempts to delete numerous videos and photographs from your camera roll.

I have a data limit, and Viber is burning up that limit too quickly. This provides them a legitimate excuse, namely that you need to leave because Viber is using up your data too quickly. You may combine this with the declaration that you’ll re-join the group as soon as you have access to more information.

Since most people focus on this, my attempt to reduce screen time is the ideal justification for exiting a group conversation. They ll understand that reading and responding to group chats take up an excessive amount of time and can be extremely distracting so taking yourself out of it will free up some time for you.

I must avoid distractions while studying. If you re in a period of your life and you have upcoming exams and the people in the chat know this, they ll easily understand why you need to leave the group chat to get rid of distractions. Most people who have exams have to go through a strict period of revision prior and if they know how intense things are for you, they ll understand the situation that you re in.


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