Instagram now allows users to hide their tales from specific followers because some individuals like to control who may view their posts and keep certain details private so others won’t see them.

However, while it’s very obvious how to hide your tale from someone who follows you, you might be asking if this is possible when you don’t want someone who doesn’t follow you to view your story.

When you don’t want to block someone and don’t want them to be able to stalk you and watch your tales, hiding your story from someone who doesn’t follow you may be useful.

Knowing how to conceal your story from someone who does not follow you will be helpful if you have a public account and do not want to make it private.

Can Someone See Your Instagram Story If They Don t Follow You?

No and yes. If you have turned on private settings for you on Instagram, nobody who does not follow you won’t be able to see your stories.

They will see your stories, nevertheless, if you haven’t. For a while now, Instagram stories have grown in popularity, and many users like using them.

However, it’s possible that different people have different concerns and questions about who can see and who cannot. Anyone, whether they are following you or not, will be able to see your account if it does not have privacy settings.

How Can Someone Who Doesn t Follow Me See My Stories?

Did you believe that a user who doesn’t follow you on Instagram can’t view your stories? Then you are mistaken. There are numerous ways for someone who doesn’t follow you on Instagram to view the stories you publish there.

You must read this if you were going to share some truly original stories but believed you could avoid certain individuals. Don’t start to panic, though. You will learn about some of the methods someone can employ below, which can help you adapt. And stay around if you want to hear someone else’s story even if you don’t follow them.

1. Your Account is Public

Because your account is set to public mode, it’s possible that people who don’t follow you are seeing your stories. Your Instagram account is automatically set to public mode, allowing anyone to read your profile and stories even if they do not follow you.

You should be aware that your account is set to public by default if you haven’t made it private. You must edit this before posting any tales if you don’t want certain people to see them.

2. They Have A Fake Account Following You

It’s true that people create phoney accounts, and you may sometimes figure out who’s behind one. They cannot access your stories if you are hiding from someone and have set your account to private.

What happens if you reject this request? They’ll then make a false account and start following you. There’s a good possibility you’ll agree to follow them.

When someone uses a phoney account to stalk you, it might be annoying, but it happens to lots of individuals.

3. Someone Screen Records it And Sends It to Them

It seems that when someone has a mission against you, they will do whatever it takes to succeed. One can ask a friend who is following them on Instagram to record your stories and transmit them to you, for instance.

Despite the fact that this is an extremely challenging and unique conduct, it has occurred. So the next time you learn that someone is aware of your Instagram stories but does not follow you, this is one of their options.

4. You ve Posted the Same Thing On Your Snapchat Story, and They Have You There

You may desire privacy and the ability to keep some people from viewing your stories on numerous occasions. This is specifically valid if the person has developed stubbornness. Even still, you proceed to share the identical story on Snapchat after all your hard work.

Do not be shocked if the same individual obtains the tale; you made it available to them. Make sure to keep your privacy consistent everywhere you go.

5. You ve Posted the Same Thing On Your WhatsApp Status, and They Have You There

The practise of sharing WhatsApp status updates into Instagram stories is popular. You are the same as everyone else, and it’s possible that’s how that guy noticed your Instagram tales. Watch where you share your Instagram stories if you don’t want someone to view them.

Make sure to keep your WhatsApp status from them if you decide to share it.

6. You ve Posted the Same Thing On Your Facebook Story, and They Have You There

Currently, users may publish to and exchange content between Instagram and Facebook thanks to their excellent integration. Therefore, you could have posted the stories on Facebook if they ended up in the hands of someone you didn’t intend for them to.

It can be extremely simple to click the “share on Facebook” button or to share anything on Facebook the same way you did it on Instagram. Make sure to thoroughly check.

How to Hide Instagram Story From Someone Who Doesn t Follow You

If you wish to keep your narrative a secret from someone who isn’t a follower:

Visit their profile first.

2. Tap the horizontal three-dot line in the top right corner.

Pick Hide your tale in step three.

You can prevent profiles that don’t follow you from seeing your tale by hiding it from them, which prevents them from viewing it.

1. Remove Fake Accounts That Follow You

If someone is still seeing your Instagram stories despite your privacy settings, it can be a sign that they are using a fraudulent account. It’s time to look for and locate that person. You won’t be able to stop it unless you find out exactly who is doing it.

You can do this by looking through the list of views on your Instagram story and determining which accounts are phoney by examining all of them.

2. Don t Take Account Off Private

Setting and maintaining your Instagram stories as private is the simplest and most effective way to ensure that they are hidden from users who do not follow you. Make sure to keep it a secret.

3. Don t Post It on Other Platforms

The most likely scenario is that those who do not follow you on Instagram do so on Facebook and WhatsApp. To completely hide the stories, kindly do not share them on other sites.

Unless you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not have access to your other accounts.

4. Remove Any Followers That Could Screen Record It and Send It to Them

Do you believe that some of your followers would screen capture your posts and distribute them to others? Your concerns are valid. Even without your permission, they might still disseminate them. Take them out.

5. Making It Visible to Your Closest Friends

Making your profile visible to your closest friends is another option to keep your tales hidden from people who don’t follow you.

You can make your account public and your tale viewable to people you add to your list of close friends when you make your profile visible to your closest friends.

The drawback of this is that it will take a while to compile your list of closest friends and that not all of your followers will be able to see your narrative.

6. Making it Viewable to Only Your Followers

Making your story available to only your followers is another option to keep it hidden from people who don’t follow you. You won’t have users who don’t follow you watching your story if it is exclusively accessible to your followers. This is possible at the settings section of the story.


Amazing Instagram tales. People you like get to hear your humorous stories, and they like and comment on them. However, those with ulterior motives or others who do not want access can attempt to view them. So use the strategies described above to maintain your privacy.


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