You can determine how many Tinder matches you have by using this approach. This tutorial will provide you some alternative strategies to consider since Tinder does not currently offer any native ways to see this information.

Can You See How Many Tinder Matches You Have?

There are methods you can use to figure out a number if you’re inquisitive, but there isn’t a straightforward way to check how many Tinder matches you have received.

How to See How Many Tinder Matches You Have

Users of Tinder frequently question how many matches they have gotten. It’s not unusual for people to be curious, whether it’s because they want to feel more confident, want to know if their Tinder profile needs to be changed, or are just generally curious.

There used to be a search box that displayed your number of matches, but it has since disappeared. You will now need to manually check it.

The parties were presented a screen with a Tell Your Friends option whenever a match on Tinder was made.

This option was a method to brag to someone about how successful you were on Tinder and maybe get them to join in. However, it only allowed you to use it five times and expired after 72 hours.

A person could choose a contact from their phone’s contacts and deliver the information via text message by tapping the Tell Your Friends button. The number of that specific match would automatically be stated in the message.

For instance, it might read, “I just got my 175th match on Tinder!” providing a link to encourage them to sign up and make their own Tinder profile in the hopes of having similar success.

Of course, not everyone needs to know how many matches they have on Tinder, but users were frequently exploiting the tool to keep track by adding their own phone number as a contact and texting themselves.

There are other ways to find out how many Tinder matches you have if you can’t use this feature or it’s been more than 72 hours.

1. Go on and Use Ctrl + F Function

Sometimes you’ll need to use inventive approaches to figure out a number because Tinder does not readily divulge the amount of your matches.

1. You must sign into your Tinder account on your computer in order to use this approach. Complete the following actions after logging in:

2. After signing into Tinder, click on Tinder Matches to view the various profiles you have matched with.

3. Your matches will appear on the Matches screen, with the most recent matches at the top.

4. To ensure that all of your Tinder matches have loaded, scroll all the way to the bottom of your Matches page. This could take a minute, depending on how long you’ve had your Tinder account and how frequently you use it, but it’s crucial to make sure that all matches show up.

5. At this point, you should use the search function on your computer. Press the CTRL key and the F key on your keyboard simultaneously to activate this function.

6. Pressing these buttons together will activate the search feature, but you don’t need to hold them down for very long. A little box with a field for you to put in will appear on your screen.

7. Type the letter E into the field. We chose the letter E because it appears frequently in most names; however, you can try this procedure with various letters to see what outcomes you get. Each letter E on the screen will get highlighted after you click Search.

8. You can manually count yourself by going through your Tinder matches, but the field in the search feature will display a number. You can roughly estimate how many matches you have based on the results you view.

If you’re going to employ this strategy, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The letter E is quite prevalent and frequently occurs multiple times within names, however some names do not contain this letter, thus they will be counted among the findings. That amount is not a conclusive response, but rather at best a very rough approximation.

Additionally, the search function on your keyboard does not distinguish between names and any other words on the website. Any word on the page that contains the letter E will be counted because it is only looking for that letter.

This will include terms like Tinder, Matches, and Message that you could also anticipate seeing on the page, so the figure will be slightly skewed.

2. Pay Someone on Upwork to Count It For You

A website called Upwork connects you to freelancers that accept payment for a variety of tasks. The price varies depending on who you pick, but you can hire someone else to do it for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

Be cautious while using this strategy because the Upwork freelancer you hire will likely need your Tinder login details to access your matches.

3. Count Through Your Matches One By One

Although it is a free choice, this option will take some time, depending on how long you have been using Tinder and how frequently you match with someone.

You merely need to log in to your Tinder account and go to your Matches tab to manually count each of your matches one by one. Start counting after that.

So that they are not counted more than once, note down their names. Use tally marks if their precise names are not important.

Write down the name of the most recent match even if you use tally marks so that you can recall where you started.

Don’t just mentally count to ten. A little diversion or phone call is all it takes to cause you to forget your bearings. You will have to start anew if this occurs.

The good news is that if you choose this approach and write down or save the number on your phone, you won’t need to repeat the process.

If you wish to maintain track of the number of matches after the initial count, you merely need to go back and add the new matches to your previous total.

4. Each Time You Get A Match, Add It to the Tally, Do This At the Start of Your Tinder Journey

This approach can be used if you’ve already tried the third tip or if you’re just getting started with Tinder for online dating.

If you’re brand-new, check your matches before bed, and make a note in your phone with the name of the most recent match and the total amount of matches.

Keep a little paper by your bed so you can conduct a count each night if you prefer tallies to entering information on your device.

You will probably need to use approach three in order to get an accurate beginning number if you are not new to Tinder.

Although it is tedious, as previously mentioned, you only need to do it once. Then, all you have to do is check your matches every night or every few days, add up the totals on paper, and update the phone note.

5. Estimate How Many Matches You Have

Time to put some simple math abilities to use. If you need a general concept rather than a precise figure, estimation can be useful.

If you know that you typically receive 2 or 3 matches per day, you can easily calculate how many matches you receive each week by multiplying that number by 7.

Next, check your Tinder settings to discover when the account was established. Calculate the approximate number of weeks your account has been active using a calendar, and then multiply that figure by the number of matches you are receiving each week.

6. Contact Tinder and Ask Them

The last method is to just get in touch with Tinder directly and ask them to let you know how many matches you’ve had on their service.

Although this isn’t typically what customer support is for, you can get in touch with them or use your app to do so. Even if they might not tell you, it never hurts to ask.


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