You can follow people on Instagram who you know, like, or respect. If their account is private, you will need to follow them by sending a request. When someone sets their account to private, they can pick who follows them by approving or denying follow requests. This is useful if they don’t want random strangers to follow them.

Anyone can follow a public account, which is typically chosen by those who wish to group their accounts and don’t mind getting more followers. Go private accounts desire to limit who can follow them.

If you are not private, many spam accounts may follow you, which may lower engagement because they rarely interact with your posts.

You must send a request to follow someone, and this will be delivered to their request folder in their notifications. Here’s how to determine if your request was denied if you followed someone and are unsure.

How to Know If Someone Declined Your Follow Request on Instagram

Users must visit the profile of the person they followed to find out if they have chosen to ignore it or have not yet accepted their follow request. A Requested button should display when you visit the user’s profile, meaning that they either ignored your request or were too busy to check who had previously followed them.

It’s vital to note that only users whose Instagram profiles have been set to private rather than public will receive requests to follow them. By restricting them access to users’ Stories and media submissions, this feature is meant to stop nefarious parties from monitoring users’ accounts.

You can visit a private Instagram account without asking them to let you, utilising a variety of techniques include viewing their account from a friend’s profile or making a false profile to view it from, if you don’t want to ask them to let you access their profile.

1. Requested Will Change To Following If Declined

When you visit someone’s profile on Instagram after they reject your request to follow them, you’ll see Follow rather than requested or following. When they reject your follow request, the request will return to follow.

You can opt to follow someone again after they deny your request, but there’s a good chance they’ll turn it down again.

Your request will transform if they grant it to From this point on, you can browse their posts and interact with them. Private accounts cannot be viewed until the owner accepts your follow request.

2. Ask Them

Most of the individuals we ask to follow us on Instagram are aware. Since famous people frequently leave their accounts open, you can view their postings without asking to follow them.

It can be unexpected to find that your request is being ignored or refused when you send someone a follow request because you do not anticipate them declining your request.

You can always ask the person who rejected your request if they noticed it if you have a way of getting in touch with them.

When you ask them about your desire, be careful not to appear aggressive. Mention in passing during a discussion that you sent someone a request on Instagram and are unsure if they have received it.

If they attempt to shift the subject, they may be letting you know respectfully that they observed your request, considered it, and either denied it or disregarded it.

3. Follow Them Again and See If They Decline

Instagram has guidelines that limit the number of users you can follow at once. If you try to follow multiple persons at once, some of your requests won’t be accepted to prevent spam.

Instagram will temporarily disable the following feature because it will assume you are abusing it. When they never even saw your request to follow them, it could make you believe that the person you wanted to follow rejected it.

People frequently unintentionally reject requests to follow their accounts.

You can ask to follow someone again and see if they decline to confirm that they purposefully declined your request to do so the first time. You can tell they don’t want you to follow them if they turn down your request a second time.

Please refrain from making a third request to follow them because doing so will result in your account being blocked. Your request being turned down twice means they don’t want you to view what they post.

4. They complied with your DM request.

If they rejected your follow request and you sent them a DM while it was still being processed, they probably rejected your DM request as well, which is typically signified by a declined to follow request and silence.

Does Instagram Notify You If They Decline Your Request?

Take into account the situation where your young cousin recently joined Instagram and you followed to request. Your tiny cousin declines your request to follow them on Instagram because they don’t want you to see what they post there.

You won’t be informed that your request was denied after your cousin decides they do not want you to follow them and declines it.

Instagram takes its users’ privacy very seriously and will never take any action that would compromise it in any manner. As a result, when you decline someone’s request to follow you on the platform, the Instagram Team will not contact them to inform them of your decision.

But that does not mean that people won’t hear about it at all just because Instagram does not send out notifications about it.

People frequently check to see if their requests to follow an account have been approved after sending them. If they keep verifying and the asking button changes, they will know the request was rejected even if they didn’t get a warning that it had been.

If You Request to Follow Someone on Instagram and Decline, What Happens?

An Instagram notice will be sent to the person you have asked to follow letting them know you have done so.

They have the choice to accept, reject, or ignore your follow request after they receive it. Instagram won’t let them know that their request was turned down if they choose to reject it.

When you browse someone’s profile and ask them to follow you, all you can see is the requesting button while they decide whether or not to accept your request.

If the other person chooses to reject your request, the requesting button will reappear to proceed. People are frequently informed that their request to follow has been rejected by the person requesting the change.

You can block someone to make sure that their account cannot access your profile or wait to respond to the request, neither accepting nor rejecting it, if you don’t want the person who made the request to know that you don’t want them to follow you.

How Long Does It Take For Someone to Accept Your Follow Request on Instagram?

The request to follow someone’s account will appear on their phone even if they are not using the app if they have notifications enabled on their account. When users use the app, even if their alerts are disabled, they will notice the prompt to follow their account.

It is up to the individual to choose whether to comply with the request to follow them right away or to refuse it. You may see what they share with their followers as soon as they accept your request.

You will remain in the seeking stage if they ignore your request. As long as the person you want to follow ignores your request, it will continue. Unless you elect to revoke the request to manually follow the account, it may continue for years.

Reason Why You Get Declined

The likelihood is that if you’ve been rejected, they don’t know who you are. People set their accounts to private because they don’t want certain accounts or strangers following them. Someone is likely to refuse your request to follow them if you don’t know them.

They can reject you if they can see your posts on your public account and they don’t like the kind of information you post. You can either make your account more interesting or go on private to pique their interest in you if you want them to accept you.

Your request can also be rejected if it appears that your account is a spam account. People are more likely to deny your request if your account appears spammy, for example, if you don’t have any photographs or if your followers-to-following ratio is incorrect.

They’re more likely to accept your request if they’re following people who follow you because it won’t seem as though you’re a complete stranger. When they see that you are followed by people they follow, they are more likely to agree to your request, so you might follow people that they are following in the hopes that they would follow you back.

Concluding Thoughts

Regular Instagram users often overlook the fact that 50% of those with profiles on the website don’t routinely check their accounts. It might be difficult to imagine someone going missing for longer than a few days at a time.

It is however conceivable. It turns out, though, that some users only come to the site once a week or even once a month. Apart from that, people do go on vacation to places with spotty Internet access.

It does not mean that you are being ignored if you discover that your request to follow someone has not been accepted. It’s possible that the person you want to follow hasn’t used their account since you asked to follow them.


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