You could be wondering if you can connect two distinct AirPods to one case if you’ve misplaced one of your AirPods and want to buy a new pair, or if you have another set laying around and know you’ll need to start using it soon.

Every AirPod owner has the idea of mixing and matching their AirPods, and there seems to be no good reason not to.

You can purchase a new laptop mouse to replace your broken one when it happens. When you lose an AirPod and wish to replace it, there should be nothing wrong with mixing and matching your AirPods.

It’s also usual for AirPods to become mixed up in households where everyone uses them, so if you’re wondering if you can connect to an AirPod that wasn’t originally a part of your set, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Can You Mix and Match AirPods?

If you try to use an AirPod that wasn’t a part of the initial set you purchased, you can mix and match your AirPods. You can connect and sync both of your AirPods without needing to have the original models.

They both make use of Bluetooth, and once they are kept in the same case, they will be recognised as a pair. It makes no difference if they all come in the same set if you’ve changed your AirPods case; you can still use them with your original AirPods.

The first and second generations of AirPods, however, cannot be claimed to be comparable. You can’t combine the first-generation and second-generation AirPods since they each employ a unique chip.

The W1-powered AirPod chip included in the first generation of AirPods prevents compatibility with an H1-powered AirPod 2. You can mix and match the first and second generation AirPods, however you cannot pair together two mismatched first generation AirPods.

It makes sense to be able to pair AirPods that didn’t originally come together because you can purchase replacement AirPods if you lose one of them.

You can utilise one of their AirPods with the one you still have if you find one at home that may belong to a family but you’ve misplaced one of yours. Once you’re through, you can return it to them so they can use it as well.

How to Mix and Match AirPods

1. Collect the AirPods you want to blend. This means that whether you want to use it as a replacement or mix it with other airpods for various reasons, you should choose a working airpod to utilise.

2. Put both AirPods inside the case by opening it. Make sure the mixed AirPods are positioned correctly in the case, where they are needed. Checking the sides is advised before moving on to this phase. It is preferable to use both left and right ones while blending. You’ll get a good sound from this.

3. The next step is to pair your device with the AirPods. Open your case for this step so you can see the lights.

4. While holding the button on the back of the case and keeping an eye on your phone screen, press and hold both of your AirPods at once until a dialogue box with an image of an AirPod appears.

5. Tap the connect button on your iPhone’s display, then tap done to complete the procedure.

What If You Get the AirPods Mismatched Notification?

Consider pairing one AirPod at a time if your iPhone alerts you that your headphones aren’t matched. This means that you will pair one, remove it, couple the next one, and then remove one of them.

Note:Occasionally, pressing the back button may prevent your phone from displaying the pop-up screen. If this occurs, don’t freak out. The only thing you need to do is reset your iPhone. To accomplish this, press and hold the case’s back button for 15 seconds, or until the case’s interior light in the middle goes amber orange.

If this notification prevents you from using your AirPods or if they stop working for some other reason, you can switch them out for a set of new generation AirPods pros (see on Amazon) to ensure that you have a sturdy pair of headphones.

Can You Mix and Match AirPods From Different Generations

No. Different generations of AirPods cannot be combined. The method won’t function. Depending on the generation, multiple types of chips are installed in AirPods during manufacturing.

For instance, the chips in the 2nd generation AirPods will be different from the ones in the 1st generation. This is essentially a product of technological improvement. Things are constantly changing, and AirPods are no exception. Businesses continue to improve their skills.

AirPods of the second generation, for instance, use H1 chips, whereas those of the first generation use W1 chips.

Even the Airpods max and Airpods pro are affected by this.

So be sure to check and know their generation before choosing a replacement airpod. The instructions below will help you identify the AirPods generation.

On iOS 14, locate the model number.

1. Connecting and pairing your AirPods is the initial step. Make sure the process is finished.

2. Next, enter the Bluetooth section of your iPhone’s settings.

3. Your AirPods will be among the devices listed here, which you will see in this section.

4. There is a button next to the name or listing of your AirPods. When you tap it, the AirPods model number will appear.


1. On your iPhone, go to Settings.

2. Scroll down and select the general choice.

3. Open “About my device” from the menu.

4. Scroll through this page to find the name of your AirPods. The model number will appear on the screen when you tap on it.

The rest is simple once you have the model number. Your product is considered first generation if its model number is A1722 or A1523. The generation that was introduced in 2017 is this one.

Your pair of AirPods are the second generation if their model number is A2032 or A2031. In 2019, this generation became available.

The Airpods Pro generation is represented by model numbers A2084 or A2083, respectively. They were made available in 2019.

The most recent model of Airpods, the Airpods Max, were released in 2020 if your model number is A2096.

What Happens If You Mix Airpods?

Nothing happens if you combine AirPods. This entails pairing AirPods from various cases with one another. You can pair them with your phone and use them as one as usual with no real consequences. Of the same generation they must be.

Of course, in order to experience the proper sound, you must ensure that they are on the proper side.

Different generations of AirPods cannot be combined, though. When you try pairing multiple models of AirPods, your iPhone will notice and alert you when you touch the back button. They are mismatched AirPods, according to a notice that appears on your phone’s display. You won’t be able to carry out the process further.

Can You Mix AirPods with a Different Case?

Yes. You can use different cases and AirPods together. The AirPods you want to utilise, nevertheless, must belong to the same generation. Keep in mind that the case serves as a home for the AirPods’ charging and pairing processes. Because of this, each iteration of AirPods has a special sort of case created just for it.

Therefore, mixing the cases of AirPods from the same generation won’t cause any issues. Before mixing AirPods, make sure they are from the same generation and check the cases as well, as was said previously.

How to tell AirPods case generation?

You must be aware of the generation of the two AirPods in order to understand that they can be combined, and you must be aware of the generation of the case in order to understand which case the two AirPods share. By examining the serial number, you may determine the case generation. The case will have obvious physical differences for some generations.


Knowing the AirPods’ generation makes using them simple. As a result, it is simple to mix and link multiple pairs of AirPods in a home or when you need to replace them.

Make sure you purchase the appropriate generation for them to match and pair, even if you are purchasing a replacement. You can always bring people from the same generation and keep enjoying if your AirPods mingle the following time.


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