What the Account Not Found warning signifies is one of the most frequent queries users of the TikTok programme have. When attempting to see another user’s profile on the programme, users frequently receive this notification.

This tutorial will help break down the various causes of why you could receive this message and provide thorough troubleshooting techniques to assist you in fixing the problem.

What Does Account Not Found Mean on TikTok?

If you receive an Account Not Found notification on TikTok, it either implies that the person has blocked you or that the account has been wiped from the app. You won’t be able to see any proof of the person who blocked you on the TikTok application once you’ve been blocked.

This will cause the Account Not Found notification to appear on all efforts to locate the user’s profile on the programme. If you are certain that the account is still active on the application, this is the clearest sign that you have been blocked.

Why Does It Say Account Not Found?

The focus of the following section of this article will be on the many causes of the Account Not Found warning on the TikTok programme. This list will explore each of the potential reasons of this message in great detail and provide thorough troubleshooting techniques to assist you in resolving these problems.

1. They Have Blocked You

The person whose account you are trying to view has blocked you, which is the most frequent reason for the Account Not Found notification. You won’t be able to look for a user on the TikTok programme who has blocked you or access their posts, messages, or comments if they have blocked you.

Fix: Ask Them To Unblock You

If you are friends with the individual, you can ask them to unblock you so that the Account Not Found warning isn’t displayed on their profile. This might be a good way to get unblocked, depending on the reason they blocked you.

2. TikTok Is Down

Server troubles at TikTok are one of the main causes of the problems you may be having with your TikTok application. You may probably encounter numerous connectivity and functionality issues while using the app if the servers are down, including appearing to be blocked even though you are not.

Users may interact and converse successfully through any form of social media application thanks to servers. However, server failures are uncommon and usually only occur during times of planned maintenance.

Having said that, server overloads are possible and may prevent you from using some network capabilities or interfere with your ability to access your accounts on the TikTok programme. On the websites of their social media profiles, you can verify the condition of the TikTok servers.

Numerous users of the TikTok programme are simultaneously impacted by server outages, which is a common problem. Before you can use the TikTok programme, you will need to wait for the server issues to be fixed.

Due to the application’s inability to obtain precise information that matches your account during a server outage, you most likely won’t be able to access your account properly. You won’t be able to properly log in or view other people’s accounts as a result.

Fix: Wait For Server To Resolve

If the TikTok servers are now unavailable, your only option is to wait for the problem to be fixed. Outages on the TikTok servers are uncommon and normally only occur during brief intervals of necessary maintenance.

Despite this, server overloads and crashes remain a possibility. For further information about any on-going server outages or scheduled maintenance, keep an eye on TikTok’s website or social media accounts.

Server outages should be fixed in two hours or less. The downtime might be far longer than this estimate if there are more serious server problems. You should plan on experiencing downtime for five to six hours if your server is overloaded.

You probably won’t be able to access your account or adequately read other people’s profiles during TikTok server outages. While TikTok tries to fix the server issues, think about switching to another social networking platform.

3. There Is A Glitch

On the TikTok programme, bugs and glitches are frequently the root of many kinds of problems. These kinds of errors frequently result from functionality-related runtime failures or programme hang-ups.

Bugs and glitches often appear at random and disappear on their own, requiring no user intervention. Having said that, occasionally errors and glitches can persist and need to be fixed in order for your TikTok application to function properly.

To assist you in resolving these kinds of problems, go to the list of troubleshooting techniques that may be found later in this guide. As was already said, before you can properly use TikTok and its capabilities, persistent flaws and glitches need to be fixed.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to correctly add individuals to your notification list on the TikTok app while it’s suffering bug-related troubles. Although this can be annoying, the troubleshooting techniques provided later in this tutorial can assist you in fixing these problems.

Fix: Log Out And Log In

By logging in and out of the TikTok app, you may urge it to address any account problems that might be preventing your account from operating as intended.

Like any other application, TikTok occasionally hangs as a result of bugs and problems. These can prevent your TikTok application from operating properly.

Refreshing your application by logging in and out of your account will encourage the resolution of any errors that your application may be having. If account rights were having problems as a result of an internal application error, this may require them to be reviewed again and processed appropriately.

Fix Two: Clear Cache

Depending on the type of device you are currently using to access the application, there are different ways to remove the TikTok cache. You may find instructions for the most popular mobile devices and web browsers that are used to access TikTok in the list below.

To use TikTok when using Google Chrome, you must first click the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen. When you do this, a menu will appear with the More Tools tab on it.

You can choose to clear browsing data by going to the More Tools tab.

Select the All-Time option by clicking this button. In order to clear the data, tick the box next to Cache Images & Files. You may now easily erase the TikTok cache in Google Chrome by doing this.

Open the Firefox menu at the top of the screen if you’re using Firefox initially. You can choose to clear recent history by going to the History tab.

Click on “Clear Recent History,” confirm that everything will be cleared, and then check the cache box. After completing these steps, click Clear Now to finish erasing the TikTok cache from Firefox.

You must first enter the Settings menu on your Android device before you can access the Apps menu in order to access TikTok. You can find the TikTok app in the Apps menu. Select Storage from the TikTok application’s menu by tapping it.

You can choose to delete all of the cached information for the TikTok programme in the Storage menu.

To successfully remove the cache on an iPhone, all you have to do is uninstall TikTok from your smartphone and reinstall it.

Does Account Not Found Mean Blocked?

There’s a strong probability that the location problems you’re having will be fixed immediately once you’ve emptied your TikTok cache. Remember that new cache files will start to replace these ones right away. As the amount of your cache starts to increase, you might want to think about cleaning it sometimes.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On TikTok

The Account Not Found notification on the TikTok programme is typically a clear sign that you have been blocked by another user. If you receive the Account Not Found warning when browsing the user’s profile, you can fairly presume that they have blocked you unless you can prove that the profile has just been deleted.

The many methods for finding out if someone has blocked you on the TikTok application will be the topic of the following section of this guide.

These techniques can be used to quickly determine whether you have been stopped on TikTok by another user or whether you are encountering an application fault of some kind.

Being blocked on the TikTok app can be annoying, but sadly there is no way to get around the restrictions imposed after you are restricted. Until they unblock you, you won’t be able to phone, text, or video chat with the individual who blocked you.

1. Search For Their Name Using Another Account

Your messages not being answered, your calls not connecting, and other general connection problems are some of the usual indications that you have been blocked. The list that follows will go into great detail on each sign.

2. Find Them In A Tagged Video

You should use a separate account to look for the person you think has blocked you. You can look for the individual on TikTok and see their username in the search field if you have been blocked on your other account.

3. They No Longer Appear In Your TikTok Friend List

You can try to locate their account in a video that has been labelled. When you get the Account Not Found warning, it means that the person has blocked you and that their account is still active on the TikTok programme.

It’s possible that someone will be deleted from your buddy list on the TikTok app if they have blocked you on the app. Only if you do not already have their contact details saved in your phone’s contacts will this occur.

Final Thoughts

The TikTok app will instantly remove the user from your buddy list once they have banned you, making it impossible for you to get in touch with them. If a user disappears from your friend list and you can’t get in touch with them to ask why, they’ve probably blocked you on the app.

You now have all the knowledge you require to precisely ascertain why you are seeing the Account Not Found warning on TikTok. You will see this notification if a TikTok user blocks you, and you won’t be able to phone, text, or video chat with them until they unblock you.

A feature that is common to many social networking and messaging apps is blocking. Use this approach to accurately assess whether you have been blocked by another user on TikTok if you think you have been.

You can always precisely identify the indicators that a TikTok user has blocked you by using the information provided in this article. Finding yourself blacklisted on the TikTok app can be annoying.

There is no way to get around the limits put on your account as a result of being blocked by a user on TikTok, unfortunately. If you think that you have been mistakenly blocked, you should try to contact the person who did it via another messaging app or in person.


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