Bumble lets you know how distant someone is from you by displaying their distance on their profile. People may instinctively assume when Bumble displays someone’s location that they have lately been active and have been using the app because Bumble does update the location depending on where the person is and whether they open the app.

Does the ~ on Bumble Mean That The User Has Not Opened The App in a While?

The symbol on Bumble does not indicate that the user has not recently opened the app. The indication only serves to highlight the approximate nature of the distance between you and that user.

The only way to assess a Bumble user’s activity merely based on location is to look at their most recent locations and see whether there have been any significant changes in a short period of time. This is so that the app can only find you when it is open.

Bumble won’t update a user’s location if they don’t have it open. Until you open the app again, your Bumble profile will show followers the last location you were when you accessed the app.

What Does ~ Mean on Bumble Location

When estimating the distance between you and the other user, the Bumble app displays the symbol. When you are only a few kilometres away from someone, for instance, it will show “10km.” Normally, the distance between you and the user in question is between 9 and 11 kilometres.

Bumble Showing Location But Not Distance

The software frequently stops showing the distance between you and a user if they are outside of your specified distance range.

The app will eventually display folks that don’t quite match your preferred criteria because it doesn’t want you to run out of people to swipe through.

Another explanation could be that the user’s profile is on Snooze Mode, which masks the proximity of matches.

Additionally, if the user is too far away from one of Bumble’s precise geographic regions, it might not display. In order to pinpoint the whereabouts of users, Bumble uses a number of landmarks or grates. When a user is too far away from a pinpoint, their distance might not always be seen.

Why Does Bumble Sometimes Show Distance

Bumble only occasionally displays distance because it will only do so when it is close enough to you to fall inside the range you specify.

To modify your distance preferences:

1. Navigate to the app’s settings icon and drag the bar between the lowest and maximum distance selections until you find a range that you’re happy with.

Your matches will then be filtered so that you only see those that are close to where you are. When there are none remaining, it will still display potential suitors but not their proximity to you.

Only the location or city will be seen. The location where the user was when they most recently launched the app is shown on their public page.

How Long Before Bumble Stops Showing Distance

It won’t take long for you to establish your boundaries on Bumble. The app will continue to show your distance and location in relation to where you were when you last opened it, regardless of how long it has been since you last used it.

When you start the app, it just checks your location; it does not monitor or find you when the app is inactive.

For instance, suppose you open the Bumble app while in Zone A, close it, then move to Zone B. The app will continue to publicly reflect that you are in Zone A even while you are in Zone B and regardless of how long you are there.

Your mileage will always be displayed, no matter how long you remain inactive on the app. It will merely be shown in accordance with the user’s preferences who is viewing YOUR profile.

Your distance from them will be seen if it falls within their preferred range. If not, only your city will do so, and it will have no bearing on app activity.

When Does Bumble Show Distance

When the user’s last mapped location—the place they were when they last accessed the app—is within the range of distance from you that is specified in your account preferences, the Bumble app DOES display distance.

You will be able to see how far this possible match is from you if, for instance, your matches are configured to only display potential suitors who live within 30 miles of you. You will only be able to see their city if they are more than 30 miles away from you.

Bumble Doesn t Show Distance

Because of a variety of factors, Bumble doesn’t display distance:

1. Snooze Mode is turned on for the user in question.

2. The user is too distant from a Bumble place that can be pinpointed.

3. The user’s distance from you is too great compared to the preferred distance setting you made in the app’s settings.

Why Does Bumble Show Miles Sometimes

The reason Bumble only occasionally displays miles is probably because the user is either outside of your range, has Snooze Mode turned on, or is too far away from one of Bumble’s precise geographic areas.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the user’s behaviour or usage. When and where your distance stops being broadcast will not change if you quit the app for a long time.

Why Does Bumble Show Approximate Distance

Due to a predetermined set of pinpoint locations that Bumble uses to locate users only while the app is open, Bumble occasionally displays an approximation of distance when users are close to where Bumble can locate them.

It uses a triangle approach to identify users based on significant locations or markers. The user’s distance from you might be slightly more approximate if their situation is weird based on the markers.

This is due to the ease with which its position in relation to the pinpoints might be interpreted or deviated from the accurate measurement.

What Does it Mean When Someone s Location on Bumble Doesn t Say How Many Miles Away?

When someone’s location does not display the distance between you and the user in question, it simply means that this user is outside of the recommended distance range that you have chosen in your settings.

If you and the other user are in the same city, it will just display your city. Or perhaps the user’s account’s Snooze mode has been turned on.

Snooze Mode was developed to make the account invisible to other users. You will not appear as a match for others, but you can still see people.

This can be the case if someone has too many matches to respond to because Bumble only allows the lady to initiate conversations (there is no requirement in homosexual set couples or matches). Or perhaps the user is simply too far away from one of Bumble’s precise location markers.

If Bumble Doesn t Show Distance, What Does it Mean?

It has no significance. When a user is too far away from a Bumble location landmark (which is only used to locate users while they are in the app), it will occasionally only display location rather than distance.

Additionally, the user’s account can be in Snooze Mode, which keeps them hidden from viewers until they reactivate it. This will give users a chance to take a break.

Perhaps they need to catch up on responses, or perhaps they’re going out on a few dates with a potential match!

Your distance preference settings in the app are likely set to a range that this user is outside of, which is the most frequent cause of the distance not showing but the location showing.

Their distance from you is probably not going to be displayed if they are outside of your selected range. Instead, you will just see their location (often just the city name). For what is displayed on your own profile, the same thing will take place.

If Bumble Shows a Distance Does It Mean They Are Active?

The mere fact that their location is displayed does not imply that they are active. It simply means that Bumble can show you their most recent location because they have access to it.

The fact that Bumble has their most recent location does not imply that they have recently used the app. Since Bumble was able to store their location from the last time they used the app, they are able to show it to you even if they may not have used the app in a year.

Therefore, even if someone’s location is visible, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that they have recently used Bumble.

A change in location over a brief period of time is the only way to determine someone’s activity by looking at their location. Then and only then can you be certain that they have recently used the app since Bumble will only display their location if they have.

When Does Bumble Update Someone s Location?

Bumble updates a user’s location when they visit your app since it doesn’t track in the background and only detects when a user is online while they are actively using the service.

Only the last place they were when they last opened the app, or their latest known location, is shown by Bumble. When they open the Bumble app while in a new place, their location on the Bumble app will be updated instantly.

Additionally, Bumble doesn’t update their location while they aren’t using the app. If their location changed and they don t open the Bumble app, then their location won t be updated. Their location won’t change if they don’t open the Bumble app.

For example, if they were in Westminister, London, and they decided to go on the Bumble app, Bumble will register that they re in Westminister and it ll display it to everyone including you who views their profile.

So in your eyes, all that should be registered is that the last place they were in when they opened the app is Westminister, and not that they re active on Bumble because you can see that they re in Westminister.

If they then go off the app and take an Uber ride to Kensington, London without opening the app, Bumble won t show you that they re in Kensington because they haven t opened the app yet so it s impossible for you to know if they re active or not.

Once they open Bumble because you ve taken a trip to Kensington from Westminister, it ll register their location change and Kensignton will now be their new location on the app. If you ve seen the location change, it s clear that they re recently been active and you ll know if they re ignoring you or not.


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