Snapchat users have started customising their own Snapchat icons in an effort to stand out from the crowd. Any Snapchat user can already scan your Snapchat icon to be taken directly to your profile by using it as a unique identification. People decided to change the colour from the ugly neon yellow to something more meaningful than fashion, as is the case with any trend.

Not persuaded? After reading the instructions below, you will have your own stylish new Snapchat icon in the colour of your choice. Making it work only requires a small amount of downloading and a sophisticated editing programme.

How to Change Snapchat Color

Without creating a Bitmoji, there is currently no way to change the colour of your Snapchat ghost. Your ghost is assigned a random colour that you are unable to alter or personalise. You could keep creating new Snapchat accounts until you get the colour you really want.

If not, we advise creating a bitmoji, a considerably more intricate Snapchat character. You can even alter it to look exactly like you or another person! You can choose any skin tone you want for this character, and you can even buy them clothes!

Snapchat Head Colors Changed: Why?

You may do so. Why was this colour chosen for me? Unfortunately, not much more can be said. When you create a Snapchat account, a colour is chosen at random. Numerous misconceptions about the colour you receive have existed since the inception of Snapchat, but the reality is that it is entirely arbitrary. Your Snapchat colour is fixed and has no significance.

How to Create a Bitmoji

You might wonder if there’s a method to create your own character on Snapchat because you can’t change the default head colour. Fortunately, you can! Utilizing this tool is entertaining, and you can frequently transform your Bitmoji into a cartoon representation of yourself. This setup is also fairly simple, so let’s get going!

How to Make an iOS and Android Snapchat Bitmoji

1. Launch the Snapchat programme.

2. You can see your coloured Snapchat avatar in the top left corner. Tap it.

3. You’ll see a summary of your score, friends list, and Snapchat username. There will be an options wheel in the top right corner of this screen. The settings will appear once you press it.

4. Find Bitmoji in the settings menu and press it.

Click Create your Bitmoji in Step 5

You will now receive instructions from Snapchat on how to create your Bitmoji. Before you know it, you’ll have a miniature cartoon version of yourself with countless design options!

How to Change The Color Of Your Snapcode

Let’s start out by saying up front that Snapchat doesn’t natively support this feature. Instead, you download your Snapchat code and apply your own photo-editing technique to achieve the desired look.

Numerous users utilise this technique to add their own colour gradients, solid colours, and all of the above.

Consequently, the first step is to copy your Snapchat code. Downloading the version that is included in the Snapchat app is something you should avoid doing. The version you’ll be dealing with has a lot higher resolution than that one. Selecting a higher quality whenever you edit photos may lessen any stretching effects and poor pixels.

What you should do is:

1. Launch the web browser of your choice. Open Snapchat and navigate to the home page.

2. The amenuicon, which consists of three horizontal lines, may now be seen in the top right corner. A drop-down menu will appear if you tap on them.

3. Select Snapcodes from the drop-down menu.

4. Click Log in with Snapchat to sign in using your Snapchat account when prompted.

5. After logging in, click the tab labelled “My Snapcodes” beneath “Make A Snapcode”!

6. Select My Snapcode from your list of Snapcodes. Your browser will take you to Account Management.

Tap MY SNAPCODE one more. It is listed first on the menu.

8. Place your finger against the Snapcode and hold it there. Please choose Save Image when requested.

Note:Scroll down and tap Download Snapcode if the option isn’t there. Step 8 can then be carried out.

9. The next thing you should do is download and set up editing software on your computer. PicsArt (Android|iOS) and Pixlr (Android|iOS) are two excellent options. But as long as it can, practically anything will work:

  • Turn your Snapcode black and white
  • Has gradient options and or color slider

10. Using the Hue tool to merely change the hue will do, depending on your editing programme. However, if you first convert it to black and white, then add colour where necessary, you can make a version that is cleaner. A Gradient tool can be used in some applications, such as PicsArt, to apply a cascade of colours with different colour intensities.

11. After the image is finished, tap Save, but make sure to make a fresh copy of it. In case you decide you prefer a different colour in the future, keep your original Snapcode image tidy for usage. It maintains the quality at its highest level.

12. Share the newly formed Snapcode you created on social media, send it to friends, print it on flyers, and other things.

You can also carry out these actions using a computer. Utilize editing software that you find more convenient to use if you happen to have it on your computer. The only thing you need to do to complete the process on a computer is hook your phone into it and drag the freshly generated Snapchat code into your phone’s storage. You can send it wherever you want from there.

Bottom Line

Your Snapchat code now has a new hue, which can be incredibly effective for catching people’s eyes. In fact, using colour gradients to create a distinctively coloured Snapchat emblem is rather typical in advertising. The best thing, though? Anyone who wants to scan the code can still do so; the colour was never a component of the code; instead, it’s the strewn-about dots.

The Snapchat code will always work as a shortcut to your profile, page, or business as long as you don’t change the dots.


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