The first thing that typically springs to mind when someone starts to bother you or you decide you no longer want to communicate with them is blocking them. Blocking has long been a function that lets you avoid interacting with a contact.

On an Android or iPhone, blocking someone through the phone app hides their caller information from your call history and prevents calls from connecting.

On the carrier’s end, it’s hard to actually block numbers, so there’s no way for them to know if you’ve been blocked, which makes it less of a nuisance for you.

It makes sense to merely block their phone number and leave them on WhatsApp because, unfortunately, they can know that you’ve blocked them on WhatsApp.

When you block someone on WhatsApp, they will notice because they can no longer view the last seen or online status of the contact in the chat window.

Your profile photo is not updated for them to see. Any messages sent to them will never display more than one check mark (message sent), just one check mark (message delivered).

If I Block Someone on WhatsApp, Can They Still Call Me

They can still WhatsApp you even if you’ve blocked them on your phone through the phone app because they aren’t blocked on WhatsApp.

Both the Phone app and WhatsApp must be blocked for someone to be unable to contact you. These two apps are separate from one another. They can still message you on WhatsApp as usual if you’ve simply blocked them on the phone app.

They are not being blocked by the carrier because blocking someone on a phone app merely hides their caller id from your call history and routes all of their calls to voicemail.

To put it another way, when you block someone on your phone, you are not actually blocking them; rather, your phone is disguising their activity from you so that they may still contact you and send you messages and calls.

Because nothing has been blocked on the WhatsApp side, they can still message you on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is an online social networking site that uses your phone number, which means the other person knows your phone number, in contrast to other networks. So they won’t be able to call you on WhatsApp or text you, but they can call you on your phone number directly.

So, even on your phone, you would need to block them if you didn’t want to speak to them at all.

If You Block Someone on Whatsapp, Can They Still Call You on iPhone?

They won’t be able to call you on WhatsApp on your iPhone once you’ve blocked them. Similarly, WhatsApp will prevent someone from messaging or phoning you no matter what phone they are using if you block them.

They can’t call you because WhatsApp permits WhatsApp calls.

But keep in mind that they will still have your number. You’ll be able to call you directly using your number as a result. They will be able to make direct calls even using iPhones. Expect this, unless you block their phone number on your iPhone.

If I Block Someone on WhatsApp, Can They Still Text Me

No. They are able to text you, but it won’t get through. This indicates that you won’t receive the text. Whatsapp stops users who have been blocked from sending SMS to those who have blocked them.

Therefore, if you do not want to communicate with the aforementioned person on WhatsApp, you are good to go.

They will only receive one tick when they attempt to text you. When there is one tick, the SMS sending process has begun. They won’t receive a follow-up text to let them know the message was received. They will undoubtedly not receive the blue ticks indicating that you have read the message.

By receiving one tick, they won’t be able to tell if you have blocked them or are simply not online. WhatsApp only displays one tick when you are offline until you are back online, then two ticks are added after the text is sent.

If I Block Someone on WhatsApp, Can They Still Text Me on iPhone?

No. When you block someone on WhatsApp, even if they are using your iPhone, they won’t be able to text you. This indicates that WhatsApp will prevent them from sending you messages. Therefore, you do not need to worry about that even when using an iPhone.

They will be able to text you, though, when they use your number to send you direct messages. Therefore, if they send texts directly, they will be delivered and you will receive them.

Does Blocking on WhatsApp Block Normal Calls

No. You have chosen to block someone on WhatsApp because they have grown obstinate and bothersome. That won’t be able to stop them from making regular calls, though. This is so that WhatsApp can be used apart from regular calls. There is no connection between WhatsApp calls and regular calls.

WhatsApp uses your phone number to register, but they use a different channel to transmit messages or make calls. Both of them use the internet, but only one of them makes use of a local network. Therefore, blocking someone on WhatsApp prevents them from reaching you through the service.

That does not automatically prevent them from making regular calls, though. They can still reach you on regular calls. Therefore, it is best to block them on regular calls as well if you do not want to speak to that bothersome individual at all and are aware that they can contact you directly.

Can You Message Someone on WhatsApp If They Blocked Your Number

Yes. On WhatsApp, being blocked by someone does not stop you from sending messages. Therefore, you can still send text messages. The mails won’t be sent to them, though.

The messages will never reach them.

You will observe that the mails have been despatched but not erased. As a result, you will only see one tick rather than two signifying that the message was delivered.

If you do this often for a while, it can be a sign that you have been blocking them or that they are not online.

Only by messaging them from a different phone will you be able to be certain that they have blocked you on WhatsApp. If the message is sent, you will then know that you have been blocked.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch with them. You can phone them or send them regular direct messages using the number.

How to Stop Someone From Calling or Text If You Block Them on WhatsApp

They will be unable to call or text you on WhatsApp if you have blocked them. However, they can contact you directly by calling or texting your number.

As a result, banning them from direct calls and messages is the only method to stop this. So, put a phone block on their number.

On Android, follow these steps to ban a contact:

1. Switch to Contacts on the phone.

2. Scroll to find the contact you want to block, tap it, and it will open.

3. After clicking the three dots on the menu screen, you may access the contact and a menu.

4. Next, select Block numbers.

5. You will be given the choice of reporting the phone number as spam or not. Select the report checkbox.

6. Next, select Block.

On an iPhone, how to ban a contact or number

1. Start by opening the apps on your phone.

2. Select “Phone App”

3. After the app has opened, scroll to find the programme you want to restrict.

4. Select the contact or number you want to block by clicking the I icon next to it.

5. A menu will appear; navigate to the Block this Caller option at the bottom of the menu.

Can Someone You Have Blocked on WhatsApp See Your Statuses?

No. On WhatsApp, blocking someone prevents them from seeing your status. Whatsapp prevents them from accessing and viewing any of your status updates.

They won’t see the profile photo at the same time. Consequently, when they click on your profile image, they will only see a white space.

Blocking someone also prevents them from seeing the information they last viewed. Additionally, you won’t be able to view the most recent scene of the individuals you have blocked.

Your WhatsApp will still have the blocked person’s contact information. As a result, you will be able to unblock them and get in touch with them later if you decide to change your mind.

If I Block Someone on Whatsapp, Will They See the Old Messages?

Yes. The past texts in your chat will still be visible to the person you block on WhatsApp. This is due to the fact that WhatsApp does not remove either of your conversation histories. It merely prevents the two parties from speaking to one another.

So, if you want to double-check something, you can still look over your earlier messages.

How to Block Someone On WhatsApp

You may have simply barred them on the phone app because you are concerned that they may discover that they have been blocked on Whatsapp. But you also need to ban them on WhatsApp if you want to make sure they can’t reach you there.

Blocking A Specific Contact

Launch WhatsApp.

You will be in the Chats section of the app when you first open it. All of the contacts to whom you have sent messages are listed here. If you are not in the Chats section, you will need to look at the tabs at the top of the screen and navigate to the Chats tab.

3. Tap the thread of the contact that you want to block. If there is no conversation with the person whose calls you want to block, you will need to tap the green New Chat circle at the bottom right of the screen.

4. After you enter the thread of the contact you want to block, you will see all the past messages that you have sent to them. Tap the person s name in the top left of the message thread.

5. A new menu with options will appear. You will need to scroll down and select Block Contact.

You can undo the block in this same section.


There are many cases where people become a nuisance, and you feel the need to block them on WhatsApp. Once you do this, note that they will not be able to send you any messages, call you, view your status, or your profile.

However, they will be able to contact you directly on your phone. They will also have access to your old chats. You can choose to block them from normal calls and texts. Their contact will, however, remain on your phone


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