If you’re a user, you might be curious about if screenshots are allowed on Discord, whether you’ll be notified when someone screenshots your content, and whether it’s possible to identify the person who did it.

On the other hand, if you wish to screenshot someone else’s content on Discord, you might be curious about if they could find out or if there are any repercussions for doing so.

But before discussing how those standards apply to screenshots in the app, as we always do in the Screenshot Notification series, let’s first look at Discord’s user content guidelines.

Here are some quotes from Discord’s policy about privacy protection:

  • Privacy protection of the content you share is your responsibility. Discord only provides data transmission security.
  • You choose what communities to join and participate in, and what information to provide to Discord
  • You choose what messages you send or post, what information you include in your profile, whether to connect third-party services to your account, and so on
  • If you share content in public spaces, they can be accessed by anyone. And public content are less protected by law

These make it clear that Discord puts the onus of protecting the content you share entirely in your own hands. Now that you have this knowledge, let’s address any concerns you might have about taking screenshots in Discord.

Does Discord Notify Screenshots?

When you screenshot another user’s Discord content, Discord does not alert them. Therefore, you are allowed to screenshot any Discord user’s content that you like. When you screenshot the notification section, nothing will appear. Nothing will happen, so feel free to take screenshots.

Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Discord

Users cannot view screenshots of their Discord content, unfortunately. Therefore, you are allowed to screenshot any Discord user’s content that you like.

Discord has been known to be exploited by unscrupulous users for sexual harassment, child pornography, cyberbullying, abuse, hate speech, and other bad things, despite its promises to establish safe spaces for people from various backgrounds, experiences, and inclinations. As a result, many users desire the ability to screenshot content created by other users in order to gather proof of some sort of wrongdoing.

The stuff that fascinates you or that you want to share might be the only thing you want to screenshot.

User content that is sent, posted, or uploaded on Discord can be used by anybody. According to Discord policies, it is acceptable and lawful to screenshot content. And the creator of the content you are screenshotting has no way of knowing. So feel free to screenshot anything you want on Discord.

Will You Be Notified When Someone Takes Screenshot of Your Content on Discord

Discord does not yet send screenshot notifications.

The aforementioned applications stop users from taking screenshots of portions of your content, however Snapchat and Messenger actually alert you when this happens.

On Discord, however, there are no alerts when someone screenshots any of the stuff you provide, such as your profile, video calls, or text chats that you have sent. As a result, Discord does not alert screenshot on any device or browser as of the time this post was being written.

Discord claims that your level of protection comes from your ability to limit the sharing of important information to to private, reputable areas of the network. Discord makes it abundantly apparent that you are accountable for any consequences resulting from your activities as long as you voluntarily joined a private group and shared information.

Is There A Way to Prevent Screenshots on Discord?

The short answer is no, Discord does not forbid screenshots from being taken in the browser, desktop app, or mobile app.

It is true that several dating and content-sharing websites have added functionality to their applications to filter certain types of content.

Screenshots and screen recordings of streaming on the app are prohibited by Blued. Grindr prohibits taking screenshots of album content and vanishable images. Badoo forbids users from capturing screenshots of other users’ accounts or discussions. Scruff forbids screenshotting private albums and chat chats.

However, these safeguards aren’t even complete. You can easily capture screenshots of any content on Badoo when using a web browser, for instance.

  • However for Discord, there is no feature to prevent people from taking screenshot of the content you share on Discord. From the privacy policies, you may see that Discord makes it clear that any information you share publicly is available to the public to use as they please.

Can You See Who Screenshot Your Content on Discord?

You cannot see the individual who took the screenshot, just as you are not told when someone screenshots your Discord content.

You should therefore exercise caution when choosing whom and what to share on Discord. On Discord, you can additionally benefit from privacy-protection tools like:

  • Editing or deleting messages you have sent or content you have posted on Discord. However, this is only possible if you still have access to the space where you sent the message or posted the content
  • Editing and deleting your Discord server. Or editing and deleting another discord server that you have permissions to manage
  • Editing and deleting channels from a Discord server that you have permissions to manage
  • Discord does not require any identity verification. You can use profile photos, usernames and other data that do not reveal your true identity
  • Do not associate your social media accounts with Discord. These may be used to identify you.

How to Know If Someone Screenshots Your Discord

Discord does not have a tool that will alert you when someone screenshots your content on the platform, as we already mentioned. So, you might be interested in learning if there are any further techniques to learn when someone screenshots your Discord content.

However, as of the time this article was written, there is no method to determine if someone has screenshotted your Discord content, either directly on Discord or through the use of third-party services.

There are just a few ways to learn:

  • Ask them: If you are worried that content you have shared may be captured and publicised, you could simply ask the users if they have taken screenshots of the content.

On Discord, several communities establish user rules, such as banning content screenshots. It is usually preferable to join these groups when there is a pledge to preserve privacy and let whatever is said on Discord remain on Discord, albeit this is not a guarantee.

  • The only other way to find out if someone screenshots your Discord content and which you are certainly dreading is if the content shows up in public spaces.

Due to this, it is always advisable to observe Discord’s warnings and exercise caution while exchanging private or sensitive information on the platform.

Can Discord See Screenshots

Moving on from users, you might also be interested in learning if Discord tracks, recognises, or penalises the use of screenshots on the platform.

Discord is an open platform where members are able to send, upload, copy, and distribute anything anyway they see fit as long as the content is not unlawful or intentionally deceptive as of the time this article was written.

As a result, Discord lacks a system for identifying or keeping track of screenshots taken on its platform. Additionally, there are no repercussions for taking screenshots on Discord.

You can take screenshots on Discord whether you are utilising the mobile app, desktop client, or web browser without being detected or penalised for it.

How to Screenshot on Discord

Use the screen capture feature on the device you are using to take a screenshot of any Discord content. Because of this, we have provided techniques for screen capture on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Screenshot on Android Phone:

1. Concurrently press the Power and Lower Volume buttons.

2. The display is saved automatically

3. A little thumbnail is displayed on the right side of the screen when the screen is taken.

4. Click it to see a screenshot.


1. From the top of the screen, swipe down.

2. Choose a screenshot

3. A little thumbnail is displayed on the right side of the screen when the screen is taken.

4. Click it to see a screenshot.

If your phone has a Home button

  • Press and hold Home and Power buttons for about 2 seconds
  • The screen will make a shutter sound and save the screenshot

Screenshot On Windows PC

You can use Snipping Tool or Snip and Sketch to capture a screenshot on a Windows computer.

To use Snipping Tool:

1. Start by opening the content you want to capture on camera.

2. On your computer, click the Windows button.

3. Enter “Snipping Tool” into the search box, then choose the result from the list.

4. Click New in the top left corner of the page that appears.

5. Next, position your cursor at the beginning of the picture you want to screenshot.

6. Continue to hold down the mouse button and move it across the image until you have completely covered it.

7. At this point, let go of the mouse.

8. Click the save icon in the upper right corner of the screenshot window that appears.

9. If desired, rename the file.

10. Click Save after choosing the area on your computer where you want to save it.

To use Snip and Sketch:

1. Start by opening the content you want to capture on camera.

2. Click the Windows button on your PC

3. Enter “Snip and Sketch” into the search box, then choose the result from the list.

4. The following screenshot options are provided to you:

rectangular shape that you may hold and move, just like with the snipping tool

You can choose the components and shape of the screen you want to record using the Free Form option.

window that will record the complete contents of the screen

1. Choose the option you want and drag it as necessary.

2. Click the Save icon, then save appropriately.

Screenshot on iOS:

Face ID on iPhones

1. Concurrently press the volume up button and the side button (power button).

2. Quickly let them go

3. A little thumbnail is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen when the screen is taken.

4. Click it to see a screenshot.

Using Touch ID with the Side button on an iPhone

1. Concurrently press the side button and the home button.

Release both buttons immediately.

2. A tiny thumbnail shows up in the lower left corner of the screen when the screen is taken.

3. Click or tap it to see a screenshot.

Using Touch ID and the top button on an iPhone

1. Concurrently press the top and home buttons.

2. Immediately let go of both presses.

3. A little thumbnail is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen when the screen is taken.

Screenshot on Mac

4. Click it to see a screenshot.

To launch the Screenshot app on your Mac, click the key sequence Shift+Command+5.

  • The first icon captures the entire screen
  • The second allows you to choose what window to capture
  • The third option captures only a portion of the screen

You will have a choice of numerous tools for your screen capture.

Can You Use Third-Party Apps To Find Out?

You can disregard the other options, which are for screen recording.

There are currently no third-party applications that can assist you in determining whether someone screenshots your Discord.

You can connect your Discord profile to a number of social media, gaming, streaming, and other accounts. You may link your accounts to Battle.net, PlayStation, YouTube, GitHub, Twitter, Xbox, Steam, Spotify, and Reddit to have access to Discord’s exclusive integrations.


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