It might be frustrating when you want to use an Instagram username and it says it’s taken, especially if it’s the name of your company or you’re trying to modify your existing moniker to something more recognisable.

The username is not added back to the list of potential usernames if a user is suspended due to unacceptable activity. This list also contains deleted usernames. Or usernames that employ derogatory or improper language.

Because there is no way to tell if the desired username is prohibited, this situation is bad. The only option in that situation is to select a different username. Try adding underscores, periods, numbers, or abbreviations.

Why Instagram Username is Not Available

The username you want to use has already been taken, even though it is currently unlinked from any accounts. This is due to the following reasons:

1. The account holder permanently cancelled their account.

2. The account’s owner temporarily disables it.

3. Because the information violated Instagram’s policies, Instagram removed it.

One of the reasons cited above explains why the username you desire for your accounts is taken but not available on Instagram.

You cannot use a previously taken username if the account is disabled or deleted for whatever reason because it will still be stored in Instagram’s databases.

1. The Account Has Been Disabled

It’s possible that the username you’re attempting to change to has been disabled if you receive the Instagram username not available error when attempting to do so. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that a username isn’t being used just because it’s not available. When this happens, neither their account nor the accounts of other individuals on their follow-and-following lists will be displayed in search results. You won’t be able to use the username associated with that account, which means you also won’t be able to locate their account.

A warning titled “User not found” may appear when you try to access a profile of someone whose account has been temporarily disabled; this is comparable to a permanent account cancellation. Since their username isn’t available in this case, you’ll know that their account has been disabled.

2. Instagram Has Suspended the Account

When trying to modify your current username on Instagram, you won’t be allowed to use the username of a suspended Instagram account. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that a username isn’t being used just because it’s not available.

When this happens, their account won’t show up in search results anymore. You won’t be able to use the username associated with that account, which means you also won’t be able to locate their account. Failure to abide by the Community Guidelines by the account owner is the most common reason for Instagram accounts to be cancelled.

However, additional elements like suspicious behaviour, plenty of devices, or a lot of complaints could also lead to a suspension.

3. They Blocked You

When trying to change usernames, you may also see the Instagram username not available issue if they have blocked you. When you block someone on Instagram, their profile will disappear from the search results.

Although you might still be able to see their profile in your recent searches, clicking on it will bring you this error message. This is the reason you believe the username isn’t being used even if it’s inaccessible; nevertheless, the account is actually being used, and you’ve merely been barred.

4. Instagram Blocked the Username Since it s Inappropriate

Instagram, as to be expected, prohibits potential usernames that one would deem improper for a number of different reasons. It may be considered obscene, aggressive, or harmful, or it may be a word with a particular connotation, hate speech or harassment. This implies that if you try to use the username, it won’t be available.

5. They re Shadowbanned, So You Can t Find Them

Even though “Shadowban” isn’t an official Instagram term, we are aware that accounts on the service may be given lower priority. Posts can sometimes be restricted or hidden without the user’s knowledge.

The Explore page and the use of hashtags could make their content (or account) unsearchable. The content might be taken down in some cases. When you try to update your username, you may suspect someone’s username isn’t being used if they have been shadowbanned.

It is in use, but you just can’t locate it. When someone is shadowbanned, Instagram’s search results will no longer show their profile. It will be challenging to discover them in search, but you might still be able to view their profile in tags, on your feed, and in recent searches. Because of this, even though the username is unavailable, you might assume that it isn’t being used even though the account is actually being used—they’re just shadowbanned.

What Can I Do If Instagram Says a Username is Unavailable But it Isn t Being Used?

There is a simple method to carry this out. You will either need to come up with a different solution or wait for the suspected or disabled account to reactivate before asking for their login.

1. Directly DM the Nonactive Account.

After sending a DM, you’ll need to determine what to do if you receive a response.

  1. Request that your client s Instagram account be transferred to them.
  2. If you have a copyright claim on the name, demand that the account be decided to hand over.
  3. Provide a monetary reward for transferring the profile to your client.

2. Get in touch with Facebook Ad Support

For many Social Media Managers, going through your Facebook Ad representative to fix this problem has been successful. If you want to change your username and it says “Unavailable username,” you should contact them to resolve the issue. They might be able to explain why you’re having trouble getting the username in more detail.

4. Show Trademark Proof

Imagine that someone is using a username that your business has registered as a trademark. In this situation, you can write Instagram a cease-and-desist letter outlining the trademark legislation, asking that the account be returned, and attaching documentation of your trademark ownership. NOTE: To remedy this problem, you might require legal counsel.

5. Use A Similar Name

The simplest approach to get started on Instagram is by selecting a comparable username. The addition of an underscore or a number is simple and useful.

Your Instagram username can contain characters, numbers, punctuation, and underscores. You can use your imagination to create a name that is quite similar to the one you desire because there is a lot of room for it here. While creativity is required, the remaining steps should be simple.

6. Get A Trademark

Applying for a patent online is the initial step. You can let Instagram know about the inactive account once you’ve obtained a patent. If you have the time and resources, you might want to take this option into account.

By asking Instagram to convert their account to another person or service, several users have had success. If a name is protected by a trademark, you can argue that the existing accounts of your clients are unclear. It is possible to obtain your Instagram account through copyright infringement.

There are processes if you want to claim ownership of the domain name in question and you are the owner of a trademark or copyright. If the account is active and frequently used, this method might not work.

A new trademark takes time and money to acquire, whereas copyright protection is very simple. Every time you create something new, you have implicit copyright. To enhance your legal position, you can legally register your copyright claim; nevertheless, the claim is made by citing the work in issue, not by submitting a claim. You must therefore utilise the name consistently and show what damage could follow if someone else were to use it.

Of course, you are free to complain about copyright violations to Instagram directly.

7. Add an Underscore

The owner is unavailable, the account has been inactive for days, but it doesn’t appear to be breaking Instagram’s terms of service. Therefore, it is useless to wait for an Instagram cleansing to take place.

Be at ease, though! Without breaking service policies, you can still get the username of your desires. You cannot use an account owner’s username when they are inactive, but you can create a slightly different one by adding an underscore.

So, regardless of whether it’s significant from a business standpoint or whether it’s something more personal, you might have the Instagram name of your dreams. When employing this strategy, merely one underscore should be used. Because unless you want to remain relatively anonymous, underscores make it more difficult for anyone to forecast how many were utilised.

How to Find a Favorite Instagram Username

When you’re coming up with new business names, check out websites like.

Use NamechkrandNamechk to research company names before choosing one.

To find out if your desired business name is accessible and, if so, on which social media networks, enter it into the search bar. It’s possible that someone else already has the URL if the name you desire isn’t available on any social media platform; you’ll need to start looking for a new company name.

Even if you believe you’ve come up with the ideal name for your business and are certain it’s brilliant, witty, marketable, and perfect, it’s useless if you can’t get the site URL or social media handles to go with it!

Check Instagram’s availability if you need to add it to your client’s social media strategy and they already have a business name.

If the desired Instagram login name is already used, there are a few things you may do to assist your customer in obtaining it.

How To Claim an Inactive Instagram Username Without A Trademark?

Instagram removed false or inactive Instagram accounts in order to enhance their database. You will have to wait for a comparable opportunity if you don’t have the trademark to secure the desired username.

You can track how many people follow you on Instagram if your profile has 5000 or more followers. Imagine losing a lot of followers in a single day. Consequently, it indicates that Instagram has removed a significant number of inactive or false transactions from their directory. Try as soon as possible to get the username you want.

If you are unable to speak with the desired Instagram person directly, you must move on. Finding an appropriate alternative Instagram username is the next step.


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