You can occasionally receive messages stating that one of your contacts has just joined Snapchat, along with the contact’s name.

You might be curious as to what this signifies and whether the contact received any notifications about you when they joined on their phone. You might also be interested in learning if your contacts receive notifications when you join Snapchat.

The significance of this notification has been the subject of much misunderstanding. Even when a contact has been on Snapchat for some time and has even been added as a friend, some users claim they still receive notifications when they join.

We have addressed all of the inquiries about alerts while signing up for Snapchat in one article. Find out by reading on.

Does Snapchat Notify Your Contacts If You Make a New Account

Your contacts won’t be notified if you create a new Snapchat account if you don’t sync them. Your contacts will be informed that you created a new account if you sync your contacts.

What Does Your Contact Has Just Joined Snapchat Mean

Someone in your contact list has recently made a Snapchat account and added their phone number to the account, according to the Snapchat notification you receive when they join the app.

That is, the contact used your phone’s contact to create a new Snapchat account using their phone number. However, there is a catch: before you can receive a notification from Snapchat that they joined, the contact must grant Snapchat permission to sync their contacts.

You won’t be informed when someone joins Snapchat if they created a new Snapchat account, provided their phone number, and chose not to allow Snapchat to sync their contacts.

This is due to the fact that if they have not synced their contacts, Snapchat cannot connect them to you and you will not receive a notification that they have joined.

In summary, when you receive a message stating that a contact (with their name displayed) just joined Snapchat, it implies that they have just made a new account, entered their phone number, and given Snapchat permission to sync their contacts. Before you receive the indication that the contact has recently joined, each of these requirements must be satisfied.

Does Snapchat Notify Contacts When You Join

Snapchat does really notify you when you join. As Snapchat tries to promote interaction and connections among friends, this function is possibly new.

You will notify your contacts when you join Snapchat. However, you won’t be able to discover them more easily until you give Snapchat permission to sync your contacts.

After entering the verification number delivered to your phone, you will be asked if you want to enable Snapchat to sync your contacts if you are simply starting an account. If you didn’t give the permission then, you could give it now by doing what’s described below:

1. Open Snapchat and click on the profile button in the upper left corner of the app.

2. Click “Add Friends.”

3. Tap on All Contacts when the Add Friends window loads, and then click Continue to allow Snapchat to sync your contacts.


1. You tap on the profile symbol at the top left of the Snapchat screen after creating your account.

2. Next, hit Settings, which is located in the Profile window’s top right corner.

3. Next, select Contacts Syncing under the Account Actions menu by swiping down from the top.

4. You select the box to Sync Contacts under Contacts Syncing.

When you join Snapchat, Snapchat will let your contacts know if you’ve done any of the aforementioned.

Why Did I Get A Notification That Someone Joined Snapchat

You only learned that someone had joined Snapchat because they had just made a new account and had given Snapchat permission to sync their contacts. By syncing their contacts, Snapchat is granted access to them and can contact you to let you know they’ve recently joined.

The contact must also have your phone number saved on their phone, which is another important detail to keep in mind.

If they don’t have your number saved on their phone, Snapchat won’t be able to contact you with the Just Joined message and your number won’t sync as a contact on their phone. In this instance, when you check the Add Friends option, you might just only see them as a suggestion.

Therefore, in essence, you learned that the contact had just joined because:

1. They made a brand-new account.

2. They gave Snapchat their phone number.

3. They permitted their contacts to sync with Snapchat.

4. Their phone has your number saved as a contact.

Before you may receive a notification that someone has newly joined Snapchat, all of these conditions must be met.

Despite the fact that a user has been added as a Snapchat buddy and has been using Snapchat for some time, some users have reported receiving notifications suggesting a user has just joined Snapchat. You may receive such a message for the following reasons:

They registered their phone number, made a new Snapchat account, and gave Snapchat permission to sync their contacts. Snapchat can only do this in order to notify you that a contact has joined the app after previously used it.

You cannot receive a notification that someone has just joined if you are already friends with them and they have just recently added their phone number or enabled syncing on the same account. This is so because you and them are already friends on that account, and Snapchat only sends these alerts to newly created accounts.

If You Add Your Phone Number to Snapchat, Will Your Contacts Know?

If you’ve been using Snapchat for a while but just recently updated your phone number, Snapchat won’t send you any alerts, including the one stating you just added your phone number.

You may join up for Snapchat using either your phone number or your email address, as you may already be aware. Your contacts are completely unaware that Snapchat has access to them if you signed up with your email address.

When you eventually add your phone number, Snapchat will simply add it to its list of contacts for you as a new contact. Additionally, you can use it for two-factor authentication or account recovery.

However, your contacts will be informed that you have recently joined if you have just set up a new Snapchat account, registered your phone number, and synced your contacts. You will also be informed if they recently joined.

Can My Phone Contacts Find Me on Snapchat?

If you are worried about privacy on Snapchat, one of the first things you might want to know is whether or not your phone contacts can find you there. They can, in response to that inquiry.

They will locate you in the Add Friends area if they have saved your phone number.

Even though they do not have your phone number saved, if you are friends on Snapchat with someone who is also a friend of theirs, they will still find you as a Quick Add recommendation.

Additionally, Snapchat might still suggest you to your phone contact in the Add Friends box if you are in a group conversation with them. There are even hints that when two users share mutual phone contacts, Snapchat may propose them to one another.

The idea is that it’s really simple for folks you have in your phone contacts to find you on Snapchat. This may seem invasive to some users, but it is the only way Snapchat can encourage connections on the platform.

Your phone contacts just need to: to locate you

1. When they open Snapchat, click on their profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

2. Click “Add Friends.”

3. Here, they might discover you under Quick Add as a contact, a buddy they have in common, or through another link.

4. Alternatively, if they have you saved as a contact and discover you in their contact suggestions, they can tap on All Contacts at the top right of the same page.

How to Stop Snapchat from Suggesting My Account to My Contacts

We covered how simple it is for your phone contacts to find you on Snapchat in the section above. We recognise how bothersome this can be, and a lot of users are actually looking for a method to prevent Snapchat from proposing their accounts to their phone contacts.

Try any of the options listed below if you want to stop this from happening as well.

1. Do Not Use Your Phone Number

Avoid adding your phone number to Snapchat in the first place to protect your privacy and prevent Snapchat from suggesting your account to your contacts.

You have the choice of registering using your phone number or your email address when you create a Snapchat account.

Snapchat won’t propose your account to your contacts if you don’t want it to:

1. Select to register using your email address rather

2. Refuse to let Snapchat sync your contacts if it asks on the following page.

With these, Snapchat won’t have access to your contacts, making it impossible for it to find them and recommend your account to them.

However, if you have already submitted your phone number, follow these instructions to prevent Snapchat from enabling other people find you using your phone number:

1. Open Snapchat and touch on your profile picture in the upper left corner of the app.

2. On the profile screen that appears, click Settings in the upper right corner. There is a gear symbol here.

3. After that, click Cellphone Number to see your displayed mobile number.

4. Let Others Find Me Using My Mobile Number should have a box next to it when the website first loads. To de-check a box, tap on it.

By doing this, your contacts won’t be able to contact you using your phone number.

2. Block The Account

You need to swiftly find those contacts in your Friends suggestions and block them if you don’t want certain people to be able to reach you using your phone number.

Even if they have you saved as a contact or you have a mutual buddy on Snapchat, if you block someone, they won’t be able to discover you as a contact recommendation.

Snapchat makes it easy to block a contact who is not yet a buddy. This is how:

1. Open Snapchat and touch on your profile picture in the upper left corner of the app.

2. Click “Add Friends.”

3. Click All Contacts in the top right corner of the display.

4. Tap Block after choosing their name from the contacts list.

3. Use A Different Name, So People Don t Know It s You

Snapchat is not very transparent about how it generates friend suggestions. However, we may conclude that having mutual Snapchat friends, belonging to the same group, and sharing a mutual contact can all result in your phone contact on Snapchat suggesting you as a buddy.

You could, for example, adopt a different name so that, even if Snapchat does suggest you, they won’t recognise you. Along with choosing a different name, you should be careful to avoid utilising your selfie as your profile photo because doing so would undermine your efforts to remain anonymous.

So, let’s summarise:

  • Do not add your phone number to Snapchat
  • If you already added your phone number, turn off the option to let others find you using your phone number
  • Block the contacts that you do not want to find you on Snapchat
  • And, do not use your name and profile picture on Snapchat

You will have complete control over how and who communicates with you on Snapchat as a result.


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