You are asked for your birthday, username, password, email address, and phone number when you first create your TikTok account.

To authenticate your account when you sign up, restore your account if you forget your password, and notify you through email if there is anything wrong with your TikTok account, TikTok needs both your email address and phone number.

Can You Have 2 TikTok Accounts with the Same Number?

Unfortunately, TikTok only permits one phone number to be connected to one account. If you have 2-Step Verification enabled, you must log in using your phone number.

When you need to recover your account, TikTok utilises your number or email to confirm you are the account owner. However, if two accounts share the same email, they wouldn’t be able to use your number as a way of verification, which is why only one number may be used for one TikTok account.

When you utilise 2-Step Verification, you must enter a code that was sent to your phone number in addition to your username and password in order to access your account.

This prevents users who don’t have phones from accessing your account. You cannot use the same number for 2-Step Verification for many accounts since your number is used as a login credential in the same way that an email or username is used.

If you attempt to create a second tiktok account using the same phone number, you will simply be redirected to the profile page of the account that uses the number you attempted to use for the new account if you are already logged in when you add the verification code that was given to your email.

You can encounter the error message “This Number is Currently Registered TikTok” if you attempt to utilise a phone number that you already use for TikTok.

How Many TikTok Accounts Can You Have With The Same Phone Number

You are allowed to use the same phone number for one TikTok account. If you try to create a third account, TikTok won’t let you since it doesn’t permit multiple accounts with the same number.

The phone number you provide when creating your TikTok account is used to log in and, if 2-Step Verification is enabled, for authentication. TikTok accounts cannot share the same number, even though it is usual practise for platforms like Snapchat and Instagram to allow it. This is because TikTok uses your phone number to log you in, but Snapchat and Instagram do not.

Should you create several TikTok accounts, you must use different phone numbers since TikTok utilises your number to authenticate that you are the account owner when you need to restore your account.

Can You Have 2 TikTok Accounts With the Same Email?

Unfortunately, TikTok only permits you to link one email to one TikTok account. More than one account cannot be linked to an email on TikTok. If you tried to create a second account using an email that’s already in use, it wouldn’t let you, and if you were already signed in, it would send you to the account that uses that email.

When you lose your password, you can restore it using the email you used to create your TikTok account. For password recovery purposes, a TikTok account can only have 1 email connected with it. TikTok uses the email to confirm the account owner, therefore if a password recovery link is required, it will be given to the email you provided on signup.

When you attempt to get into your account after forgetting your password, you must input the code that was sent to your email address as a password reset email or password recovery. This prevents unauthorised users from accessing your account and logging in using their email address.

Only one TikTok account can be linked to an email address, which will allow you to regain access to your account if you forget your password.

You must remove the TikTok account that is already using the email if you wish to create a new one with the same email. The same email address cannot be used for two accounts. You must wait 30 days after deleting your TikTok account for it to be completely gone. You can use the email associated with the new account after it has been removed.

How Many TikTok Accounts Can You Have?

Five accounts can be made on TikTok, but each one needs to be linked to a distinct email or phone number. The same email address or phone number cannot be used for two accounts.

Your accounts must each include unique information. You can still keep the same display name even if you register a second account, but you’ll need to use a different username, phone number, and email.

You may log into all of your accounts and switch between them if you want to utilise both of your TikTok accounts on the same device.

If I Delete My TikTok Account Can I Make a New One With The Same Phone Number

You can create a new TikTok account with the same phone number if you delete your old one. The number is no longer in use because the other TikTok account has been removed.

You can now create a new TikTok account and use the same number if you deleted your previous one. If you ever lose your password, you can use your number to log into TikTok and retrieve your account. If you desire even greater security, it will also enable you to access your account using two-factor authentication.

It is just used for that. You can access your account using both your phone number and email in addition to your number. Both of these are also useful for account recovery. However, you can use two-factor authentication with your email.


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