If you have a business account on Instagram, your previous usernames are accessible. You’ve come to the proper place if this irritates you or you’d like to delete it from your account. This post will show you how to quickly delete old usernames from your Instagram account.

Does Instagram Show All Former Usernames?

You currently only have that username, therefore if you create an Instagram account now, you won’t have any previous usernames.

However, as soon as you begin changing your usernames, you’ll begin to compile a list of previous usernames that will remain on your account regardless of how many times you’ve changed it over the course of several months.

You’re not advised to constantly changing your Instagram usernames because doing so too frequently could result in punishment.

Everyone can view the previous account list on their profile. You can get to this at any moment by looking at your profile. Nevertheless, depending on the sort of account you use or the settings you have established for your profile, other people who visit your page might not be able to see this information.

As a result, anyone visiting your account with a Business Profile will be able to see this information by checking the settings tab on your profile and clicking the About This Account section. This page contains information about your account, including how many previous usernames you’ve used.

However, until you switch your account to a Business Profile account, this information is private for Normal Profile accounts and will stay that way.

Can You Delete Former Usernames on Instagram?

The answer to your question about whether you can remove your old usernames is yes. If you’re ready to lose the data that goes with it, you can remove your prior Instagram usernames.

Unfortunately, Instagram can’t keep track of every activity due to the volume of users, therefore the bots are in charge of keeping an eye on everything. Therefore, you cannot change your old username without making the bot respond and save it to your account.

Therefore, if you have many usernames on your account and want to delete them all, you will likely also need to cancel your account. Otherwise, you can discover simple instructions in the later sections of this article to conceal your previous usernames from the public.

How to Remove Former Usernames Instagram

Despite the fact that there is no official way to do so, there are a few actions you may do to quickly erase your username from your account. You must be aware that Instagram disapproves of these actions, which is why it consistently tries to monitor account creation and username changes.

The inability to erase your old usernames is not a bug in the programme that needs to be fixed; rather, it is an extra security measure taken by Instagram. So, here are some approaches you can use to accomplish this.

1. Wait for Instagram to Remove Them

Instagram takes usernames seriously for a beginner because they serve as the individual user identifiers on the network. That is why changing your username on Instagram is subject to several severe rules.

For instance, if you change your username, it will be banned for a short period of time to prevent another person from using it in case you decide to change it again.

The username is then made available to other people, but you aren’t yet free of it. Before Instagram deletes a former username from your account, it typically takes six months.

You will therefore have a list of your previous usernames kept on that account when you change your username. This gives you access to the usernames in case you want to check them out during the previously indicated window of time.

2. Convert to Normal Profile

As long as you wish to maintain your account, getting rid of your previous Instagram identities is a pipe dream. Instagram, however, has restrictions on this to stop bots from creating and dumping accounts.

You can’t delete your account, but you can hide the number of the previous account you had, making it impossible for users and followers to see it when they visit your page.

Your first method to accomplish this is to change your account to a standard profile. For instance, if you have a business account, you can change your profile’s settings to convert your account from a business profile to a regular profile.

For followers to be able to find and recognise business accounts when they change usernames, business profiles must display their previous usernames.

Once it is changed to a normal profile, IG no longer provides this information. People won’t be able to see your About This Account any longer, leaving them in the dark about your previous usernames and how frequently you’ve changed your name.

How to Change to a Regular Profile

Visit your profile first.

2. Tap Settings, then select Account.

(3) Choose Switch Account Type

4. To confirm the prompt, click Switch to Personal Account.

3. Hide Old Usernames

If you wish to maintain your privacy, Instagram always supports you. So, rather than deleting your old account, you can choose to hide it if you want to keep it hidden from the public.

Even if the process might not take effect right away, this choice is still viable. Unless you change the settings again to allow the public to access them, no one will be able to see your former usernames once you hide them.

However, if you choose to hide from the public, the usernames will still be present on your account, so if that’s what you want, you can’t use this way to completely erase them.

You must log out of Instagram first, then input your password if you’d rather erase your username. So you can utilise the following procedures to keep your previous usernames private:

1. Access Instagram

2. In the lower right corner of the screen, click on Your Profile.

3. Click Edit Profile here, then navigate to Username.

4. Click Hide.

4. Delete Your Account

You can also delete your account and erase your Instagram history. With the aid of this procedure, you can unlink users from your Instagram account and remove the old username.

Unfortunately, Instagram is filled with bots, so if you change your username, IG locks the account for at least 14 days.

till you’re certain of your choice and won’t need the account again. Previously, the changeover would take place immediately, but today, because there have been no activity, your new username will be available for 14 days.

However, even if you change your username, your account will still maintain track of all the previous usernames you’ve used.

However, if you delete your account, all of these usernames disappear as well, giving you a fresh start with IG. Similarly, the list of previous usernames connected to your account won’t be visible to your followers.

How to Delete Your Instagram Account

1. Launch the application, then sign in using your current username and password.

2. In the bottom-right corner of the screen, select the profile symbol.

3. After selecting Edit Profile, go down and select the Username area.

4. Locate the username you wish to remove and click the X next to it.


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