If you’re a doctor, you may occasionally need to type the Lambda symbol, which is represented by an upside-down Y. In physics, it is used to represent wavelength as the separation between two successive waves and their associated locations. The Greek alphabet’s eleventh sign, lambda, has the numerical value of 30.

You must use alternative codes or the character map on your Windows or Mac PC to type the symbol lambda because, regrettably, most keyboards do not support it.

Microsoft Programs

Using the keyboard shortcuts anAlt+Xcode, you may type the lambda symbol in Microsoft applications like Word or PowerPoint. If you’re using a Microsoft software like Word and your keyboard doesn’t have a number keyboard, you can utilise this. Press 03BB+Alt+X to enter the lambda symbol in text. The symbol for lambda will appear as a result.


You can enter the lambda symbol using the Alt code, which involves hitting a few numbers while holding the Alt key, if your keyboard supports a number keyboard. Most desktop keyboards contain a number keyboard, which is located on the right side of the keyboard.

If you’re using a laptop, the numbers on the right side of the keyboard won’t be visible; only the top row will. You can type 955 while holding the Alt key to type the lambda symbol on your keyboard. Type 923 to represent the upper-case lambda.

You must utilise the keys on the keyboards 7, 8, 0, U, I, O, J, K, L, and M if your laptop or keyboard lacks a numeric keypad. When Num Lock is turned on, these keys can be used in place of 0 through 9. 0 = M, 1 = J, 2 = K, 3 = L, 6 = I, 7 = O, 8 = 8 and 9 = 9. Those without a numeric keyboard should:

1. To activate Num Lock, press HoldFn and NumLk.

2. Press 955 while holding the Alt key. Keep in mind what number is associated with ordinary keypads that lack a numeric keypad. So 9=9, I

3. Release all of the keys, and the lambda sign should appear in your text.

Windows Character Map

You can simply use the Map programme that is already installed on your computer if the Alt code is confusing you.

1. Select the Character Map from the Start menu.

2. To make it appear in Characters to copy, double-click on the letter “L” in the search box.

3. Choose Copy to copy the symbol, which you may subsequently paste into your text.


1. Select Emoji & Symbols from theFinder.

2. Look up forlambda in the search box.

3. Click the lambda symbol in the context menu and choose Copy Character Info. It will now be added to the keyboard.

Add the lambda symbol to your text by pasting it.


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