Whether or not users of the Instagram app can change how their posts appear on their profiles is one of the most often asked questions. Your Instagram posts are added to your profile grid in the order that you published them.

Older posts will therefore be displayed near the bottom, while more recent entries will be displayed at the top. Many Instagram users want to reorder their posts so that they appear in a specific sequence. Users of the Instagram app could eventually want to rearrange these posts so they appear more recently or in an appealing manner.

This tutorial will assist you in determining whether or not that is feasible, as well as the various alternate approaches you may want to take into account when rearranging your Instagram posts.

Can You Rearrange Instagram Posts

Regrettably, you cannot right now rearrange the Instagram posts that appear on your profile page. Your Instagram profile will only display all of your posts in the chronological sequence in which they were uploaded. It’s unlikely that Instagram will ever introduce a function that lets users accomplish this.

You have a few different options to upload the posts to your Instagram profile in the exact sequence you want. You should think about using one of these strategies to change the order of your Instagram posts because Instagram does not currently provide a native solution to this issue.

How to Rearrange Instagram posts

The following section of this guide will be devoted to the many configuration options for your Instagram profile page. As was already noted, Instagram does not permit native post rearrangement.

Although this can be annoying, using these alternate techniques to reorder your Instagram posts can be helpful. Find the approach that works best for you from this list.

1. Pin Your Top 3 Posts

There is a brand-new function on Instagram that lets you pin up to three posts from anywhere on your profile to the top of your feed. No matter when they were posted, the three posts you’ve pinned will now be shown at the top of your feed.

Although you cannot totally rearrange your Instagram feed using this method, you can pin up to three significant posts to the top of your page. This will guarantee these posts’ exposure up to the point at which they are deleted and new pinned posts take their place.

You must first locate the post you want to pin in order to pin it to the top of your Instagram page. Simply tap the post once you’ve found the one you want to pin, and then tap the three dots in the top right corner of the article.

You will notice the option to Pin To Your Profile on the menu that appears after doing this. The post will be added to your Instagram profile at the top once you choose to Pin It to Your Profile. This method allows you to add up to three pinned posts.

Until you move or replace them, pinned posts will stay at the top of your Instagram profile. Any previously pinned posts can be removed using the same procedure. Since this is a relatively new feature on Instagram, it’s possible that it’s not currently accessible in your area.

For details on the rollout of this feature in your area, see the update statistics on Instagram. You will need to wait till the function is available in your area if you want to use Instagram’s pin feature.

2. Archive Posts and Reupload Them In the Order You Want

In order to re-upload them in the order you want them to show on your Instagram profile, you can also think about archiving a post. You must first launch the Instagram app in order to access your profile page. You may do this by tapping your profile image in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You must first select the post you want to archive from your profile page. Tap the post you want to archive after selecting it, followed by the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen.

In the menu that appears, which includes the Archive option, are the various post options. When you choose the Archive option, your post will be archived immediately. When you archive a post, it remains in your application’s Archived Posts folder but is removed from view on your profile.

If you don’t want to completely remove a post from your Instagram profile, this is a viable choice. By archiving the post, you can keep the original comments and likes while removing it from your profile’s timeline.

You can do this to replicate the post and make it the featured image on your Instagram profile. You can repeat this for a number of your posts to entirely change the posting order to suit your preferences. When you are browsing your Instagram profile, press the three lines in the top-right corner of the screen to see your archived posts.

The Your Activity tab will be shown on the menu that appears after pressing this. The Photos And Videos menu may be found on the menu that appears when you tap the Your Activity tap. Enter the Posts submenu after tapping the Photos And Videos menu.

Pick the posts you want to archive by tapping the select option in the top-right corner of your screen. You can choose from a complete list of all of your recent posts in this menu. Tap the Archive option at the bottom of the screen after choosing the posts you want to save.

All of the chosen posts will be automatically archived after you’ve verified your edits. This will enable you to reupload numerous posts in the exact same order as before. This is one of the best ways to rearrange your Instagram profile posts.

3. Delete Post And Reupload It

You can also consider completely deleting the post from your Instagram profile and reuploading it to appear at the top of your profile.

If you only wish to change a few posts and do not mind losing the comments and likes, you could easily delete them and upload them in the order you wish.

Unlike archiving your posts, you will not be able to recover posts that you have completely deleted from your Instagram profile. This means that any comments and likes that you have received will be gone and unavailable for viewing in the future.

Once the post is deleted, you will be able to recreate it and have it appear at the top of your Instagram profile. You can do this for all of the posts you decide to delete. This will allow you to carefully plan their placement on the Instagram grid so they appear the way that you want them to.

You can delete an Instagram post by navigating to your profile page and selecting the post that you wish to delete.

Once you have selected the post you wish to delete, you need to tap on the post. After you have tapped on the post, select the three-dot icon in the screen s top-right corner.

This will bring up a menu where you will find the option to Delete. Select the delete option and the post will be automatically removed from your Instagram profile. You will not be able to recover the post once you have deleted it so be sure that you wish to do so before committing to it.

4. Create A New Instagram Account And Upload Them In The Order You Want

If you wish to completely overhaul the order of your Instagram posts, one thing that you can consider is creating a new Instagram account and reuploading your posts in the proper order.

This is a less viable option and should only be considered if you do not mind losing your followers and user settings for your old account. That being said, if you wish to arrange your Instagram posts in a certain way from the beginning, you should consider creating a new account so that you can start with a fresh slate.

This will allow you to carefully plan out your Instagram grid and have it appear the way that you want it to. Instagram does not place any restrictions on the number of profiles you can signup for. This means that you can freely start a new Instagram account without any issues.

As previously mentioned, if you have a large follower count or several saved messages and comments, it is advised that you consider one of the other methods in this list. Many people on the Instagram application have alternative accounts that they use. You should notify your current followers of your new account and try and get them to follow you there as well.

This can help you regain your follower count quickly after creating a new account. Many of the followers from your old account are likely to follow you quickly on your new account, especially if you have a high-traffic profile.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with all of the information that you need to better understand the limitations that Instagram has in place regarding rearranging your posts on the application.

Since Instagram does not offer any sort of native way to rearrange your posts on your profile, you will need to consider one of the alternative methods on this list to help you resolve this issue.

Using the methods in this guide, you can easily rearrange the posts on your Instagram profile in spite of the limitations put in place by Instagram. Using the Instagram pin feature or archiving your posts are two of the best methods for rearranging your Instagram profile.


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