Everyone has experienced the desire to remove someone from their feed without having to deal with the awkwardness of unfollowing them.

The greatest thing you can do if someone you follow is bombarding you with texts is to silence them. TikTok is one of many social media platforms that allows users to mute their messages. The person who muted you must be determined, nevertheless.

You can silence certain people’ messages on TikTok. The key benefit of muting that TikTok promotes is that others you mute won’t be aware of it. Because of this, determining if you’re muted involves deduction rather than assurance.

On TikTok, you can access a message by tapping on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and choosing Mute notifications.

Can You Mute Someone on TikTok

On TikTok, you can’t see who muted you, sadly, as doing so would be a privacy violation. The main purpose of muting is to hide the fact that the individual no longer wants to see the messages you send them on TikTok from you.

Therefore, if TikTok revealed who had muted you, it would be a privacy violation and users would stop using the tool.

If a person keeps bothering you with frequent or bothersome messages that appear on your TikTok notifications page but you don’t want to block them or let them know they’ve been blocked, muting them is an excellent option to stop receiving their message alerts.

The TikTok app’s muting feature was created expressly for usage during live streaming and live stories. Although messaging is an option, there are additional options for livestream muting, such as time restrictions.

Additionally, direct messages allow you to mute recipients. You will still be able to see the messages you have received and send, but you won’t receive a notification when they arrive in your inbox. The fact that they may still access your profile and videos through their for you page is unaffected by this, though.

How to Mute Someone on TikTok

On TikTok, muzzling someone is a simple process that involves a few steps.

Launch the TikTok app.

2. Open your friends list on your profile or click the Discover option, whichever will take you to the required account.

3. Under the profile image on the account page, you should notice a message option. Click here.

4. Tap the upper right corner of the screen once you are in messages.

5. You can mute their communications from here.

6. Now, you shouldn t receive any notifications until you go back into your personal message settings with them and unmute them.

Now with them unmuted, you can still access their messages whenever you d like and send them messages but you won t receive any alerts when they do send you any.

How Do You Know If You Have Been Muted on TikTok Live

TikTok Live is TikTok s streaming option where any creator or user can stream from home to anyone on TikTok. The muting option was made especially for this service to be more marketable. Here s how you can tell if you ve been muted;

1. You Get a Notification Saying That the Creator Has Muted You For a Certain Time Period

TikTok live, if you have been muted, will alert you that your comments can t be seen and for how long. If you attempt to comment, there will usually be a textbox that appears in the top center telling you you ve been muted by the stream.

This may be because the streamer found something you said unnecessary or offensive. Of course, cases of this happening are all different.

2. They Don t Respond to Anything You Say

You can tell you ve been muted if the creator or streamer seems to be refusing to acknowledge anything you say. Usually, streamers like to interact with their audience and answer any questions asked in the question.

That s why they chose a live stream over a filmed video. This means your comments might not be visible to them, which means that you might be muted.

3. You re Not Able to Comment on the Live

You re attempting to submit a comment, and it just won t go. Either the comment vanishes or you re not seeing it pop on the screen. The muting feature might be keeping you from commenting as the streamer wants. Be respectful of the streamer s wishes as they are the ones providing content to you.

4. Ask Them If They Muted You When They Finish the Live

You can privately message the user through a direct message and ask if you ve been muted. It doesn t hurt to ask, and they will see the message if they check their inbox periodically.

This way you can also find out why you have been muted and resolve the issue. Be open to what you hear.

What Happens When You Mute Someone on TikTok

1. You Won t Get a Notification When They Message You

Whenever they attempt to interact with you either via comment, direct message or likes, you will not be notified. This will keep you from having to see any comments they may make or keep you from being graced with their username popping up in your notifications.

This can be useful if you don t want someone to know they have been blocked but you also don t want to interact with their account.

2. You ll Still be Able to See Their Post on Your FYP When They Upload

The difference between blocking and muting is that you will still be able to see their posts on your for you page when they post. Their videos will still appear on your for you page, and theirs on yours.

The only difference will be you won t be notified if they privately message you. If you want to avoid their presence entirely, blocking might be the best option.

3. They ll Still Be Able to Message You

Keep in mind that they do still have access to your inbox. They will be able to message you and you them, you just won t be notified if they message you.

If you feel like someone is being inappropriate, harassing you or being plain mean, report them and block them. The muting option won t stop their ability to contact you. If you are satisfied with just not being notified, muting is the better option.

How to Mute Someone You Follow on TikTok

Muting someone you follow is easier than muting someone you don t normally interact with, but it still only means you won t be notified when they message you.

1. Open the TikTok App.

2. Go to the Discover tab or open your friends list on your profile, whichever leads you to the desired account.

3. Once you re on the account page, you should see a message option under the profile picture. Click this.

4. Once you re in messages, tap on the upper right corner.

5. Here, you will be able to mute their messages.

6. Now, you shouldnt receive any notifications until you go back into your personal message settings with them and unmute them.

You can also look through your messages and find the user through there, go to their settings and mute them.

Now with them unmuted, you can still access their messages whenever you d like but you won t receive any alerts when they do.

How to Tell If Someone Muted You On TikTok

One of the main things that might tell you that someone has muted you is if they stop liking your videos or responding to your messages.

You may also want to send them messages and see if they take a while to respond to them. These are the only ways that you can tell if someone s muted you.

If someone used to respond to your messages all of the time and they suddenly stop, but they re still following you, this could possibly mean that they have muted your messages. The mute feature allows someone to selectively decide for message notifications to stop showing up when you message them.

Being blocked is different. You won t be able to send them messages anymore. This would be a big indicator of whether you ve been blocked or not. Sometimes, you ll know why you ve been blocked, but other times it may seem random.

Whatever the case, it probably isn t ideal to message them on another platform or make a new account just to contact them. If you think you ve been blocked, then move on.

1. Muted Your Messages on TikTok?

One of the main things that might tell you that someone has muted you is if they stop reading your messages and responding to you.

For someone to suddenly stop replying to you, it s safe to say that they may have muted your messages. You may also want to check if they have stopped liking your videos.

If someone really didn t want to know your existence without doing that harsh act of unfollowing them, their best option is to use the Mute button to act as if you don t exist. If you feel like they haven t noticed your existence, it s safe to say that they have muted you.

2. Ask Them

Since they can still see your messages, it doesn t hurt to send them a message asking if you ve been muted. Of course, this also comes with the task of finding out why they ve muted you and perhaps being confronted as to why. It s best to be open to what you hear if you want to be unmuted.

3. They Stop Responding to your Messages As Frequently Because You Don t Get Notified

If someone isn t responding to your messages despite multiple attempts, they might ve muted you instead of choosing to block you. The consolation is that you haven t been blocked, but this person doesn t want to hear from you for some time.

4. You ve Sent Them Loads But They Haven t Acknowledged Any Of Them

If you keep sending someone messages but they don t seem to be getting them, you being muted is a huge possibility. Going off your own observations and intuition, you may be able to tell you re muted.

Apps To See Who Muted You On TikTok?

Due to a lack of features, TikTok can t provide to its users, a lot of apps tend to come out that can fulfill users who are looking for extra information about their TikTok account, such as finding out who muted you.

Unfortunately, there are no apps that can show you who muted your TikTok messages. The only unique information that these apps can give you is who unfollowed you and who blocked you. But, it doesn t let you know who muted you. TikTok doesn t allow apps to pull this data from people s TikTok accounts because it would be a violation of privacy to its users.

The only way you ll know who muted you on TikTok is to ask the supposed person if they have done it.

Can People See Who You Muted on TikTok?

On TikTok, you can mute people s messages and no one would be able to see that you muted them. The same goes for someone else muting you. This would be a huge violation of privacy if TikTok let people know that you muted them. If you mute someone, no one including that person can see you muted them.

You Shouldn t Be Too Offended

Blocking, hiding, or muting content on social media can be useful for you. You can customize what you see on your timeline and who sees your content, so you shouldn t be too offended if someone else decides to take advantage of these customization choices.


Muting is an option for when you don t want to block someone but you need your space, or just want their notifications out of your alerts. For people you truly never want to interact with or see again, we recommend blocking, which will effectively remove this person from your TikTok experience.

Blocking is available through the button on the top right corner. Here you can also find the reporting icon, which is also recommended for any harassment or offensive commentary you may see on your account. Otherwise, muting is a safe option to keep your notifications clean of any person you don t want to interact with.

Muting also helps keep your TikTok live streams clean and child-friendly if you use it for advertising or for personal use.

TikTok can be a very negative place if you don t control your resources, time and energy. With this muting option, you can optimize your experience and make sure you re only interacting with people you care to interact and have conversations with.

Don t be scared to mute someone who s been annoying or has been making your alerts pop off like crazy. It s your account, you make the rules.


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