If the person you matched with isn’t responding as frequently as they were at first, you could start to fear that things won’t work out. You want the person you matched with to be into you.

Alternatively, you might not be as interested in the person as you were at first and be responding less, but you don’t want them to think you’re ignoring them.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to find out if someone has been active on the app and how to hide your activity status from others. It’s also possible that you’re just busy and can’t respond much.

Can You Tell When Someone is Active on Hinge

You can, indeed. Only users you haven’t already matched with on Hinge can use the Last Active feature. As long as they didn’t turn the setting off, you’ll be able to view their activity status anytime they use the app when you’re looking for matches on the discovery screen.

If someone is using the app right now, it will indicate Active Now under their name; if they weren’t using it at the time but were earlier in the day, it will say Active Today.

If you didn’t turn it off in the app settings, this feature is enabled by default, which means that people will be able to view your last active status on your profile. You won’t spend your likes on accounts who haven’t been active in a while thanks to the addition of this feature.

You’ll be informed if they were idle for a very long time so that you don’t just mindlessly waste a like on an inactive account. If you’re still using the app, we suggest keeping this option enabled because you’ll probably get more likes if people see Active Today next to your name rather than seeing nothing and running the chance of getting a like for a potentially inactive account.

Will an Inactive Hinge Account be Deleted?

Yes, dormant accounts will be deleted by Hinge. An account may become dormant and be terminated after an unspecified period of time—this could be weeks, months, or even years (though unlikely).

Hinge will keep an eye out for accounts that haven’t been used or logged onto in a while and remove them. This is due to the fact that dating apps require active users, and it seems sense that apps of this type wouldn’t function if there were a tonne of unused accounts.

All app users would squander time as a result of that! So, it’s advised to at least log into the app once a week or so if you don’t use your Hinge account much anymore but don’t want it to be destroyed.

How to Tell If Someone is Active on Hinge

It’s not always clear whether your matches have been active or not since you can’t view the Active Now function with those you’ve matched with. You can tell if someone has been active recently or not by noticing small details or changes in their profile.

Just remember not to overthink it if they were on the app after you messaged them but didn’t reply to you.

It’s not always that they are uninterested; they could be too shy to respond or be formulating a thoughtful response fit for a terrific person like you!

For this reason, we advise against acting irrationally. Send another message if you feel the need to, otherwise just wait for a response. We advise giving them 24 hours to respond; if they don’t and their account is still active after that time, it might be best to move forward.

Just remember not to give up since the sea is full of fish! In light of this, we suggest checking out the following aspects of their profile to see if they have used Hinge recently.

1. Their Activity Status Says They ve Been Active Recently

The Activity Status is a good way to check someone’s Hinge activity, even if this method only works for people you haven’t already matched with because the activity status only appears for users in your explore, standouts, or on your Likes You tab.

For instance, if a profile hasn’t been updated in four months, it might be best to ignore or bypass it since the person is probably not going to respond.

It’s usually a good idea to overlook these types of profiles, especially if you don’t have Hinge premium, since it would likely be a waste of one of your daily likes. Chances are they found someone and no longer need the app, or they lost their account.

2. They ve Changed Their Pictures Recently.

The simplest way to tell if your match has been active on Hinge is to see if their photos have recently updated, whether it’s their profile picture or just the photos they’ve uploaded.

If so, it indicates that they have been use the app. Multiple adjustments might have been made to their photos, including the addition of new photos or the removal of any they didn’t like.

Many of these modifications could be difficult to notice, and they may have even changed some of their profile photographs. You might take screenshots of their profile to determine whether the person you’ve been paired with is inactive or is merely ignoring you.

You can see the screenshots to contrast their current profile with the one in the screenshots when you return to look at their profile later.

The majority of the time, though, it’s not worthwhile to try; if they didn’t respond after you matched, there’s definitely a valid reason. It’s usually preferable to ignore the situation and move on.

3. They ve Changed Their Bio Recently.

Examining a match’s profile bio is another technique to determine if they have been active on the app. You can tell someone has been active on their account if you see that their bio has updated recently or appears different.

These types of changes might be difficult to notice, just as with their profile images, so if you really want to know if they altered their bio, you could take a snapshot of it and compare it to their current profile at a later time.

It’s time to move on and forget about it if the person’s bio has changed since the screenshot was taken and they haven’t responded.

4. They re Replying to You

If someone responds to you on the app, that’s probably the easiest method to tell if they’re active. It may be worthwhile requesting to speak on a separate app that has an activity status, like Instagram or Facebook messenger, so you can both see whenever you’re using the app. If they react, it’s a positive sign they’re still interested in you. If you want to make calls, use FaceTime, or start a video chat, you may even ask for their phone number.

Does Hinge Show When You Are Online?

As long as you aren’t matched with someone, anyone can see when you’re online or when you last used the app. As a result, if someone accesses your profile via the discover page, they will be able to see whether you are Active Now if you are now using the app or Active Today if you were using the app earlier in the day.

Although you have the option to disable this feature, it is advised that you leave it enabled so that users will recognise your account as active, which will ultimately lead to more likes.

It shouldn’t matter much because your matches can’t see your activity status because they won’t be able to know if you’re not actively trying to react to one of them.

Can Someone See When You re Active on Hinge

By default, when someone accesses your profile through the discovery page, they will be able to view your level of activity. If you’re using the app right now, the activity status, for instance, will read Active Now. If you’re not using the app right now but were earlier today, it will read Active Today.

If you don’t feel like responding to one of your matches right now, there’s no need to fret because they won’t be able to see that you’re using the app because your matches can’t view your activity status.

Your activity status will only be visible to other users through their Discover, Standouts, or Likes You tabs. Just be careful not to update anything on your profile, such as your bio or photographs, as people can become suspicious if they do and you don’t respond.

How to Stop People from Knowing When You re Active on Hinge

There is a setting in the app that allows you to prevent anyone from knowing when you are active on the app for whatever reason. However, if you want to hide your behaviour from your matches, you’ll need to be more careful. This will only work for those with whom you are not already paired.

Here’s how to disable the Activity Status feature on your profile and what you should do to keep your activities hidden from potential mates.

1. Turn Off Your Active Status

Turning your activity status off is incredibly easy and effective for people who find your profile but aren’t already matched with you if you don’t want them to see when you’re using the app. your Hinge Activity status will be hidden;

First, open the Hinge app and touch on your profile photo in the top-right corner of the navigation bar.

Press Settings in step two.

Step 3: Locate the Show Last Active Status section under Account, which is near the bottom.

4. Select the switch next to Show Last Active Status. The feature is disabled if the button is grey, in which case anyone who finds your profile won’t see that it is now active.

Step 5: Your modifications will be stored and you can exit the settings now.

That’s all, then! You won’t have to worry about anyone finding out how frequently you use hinge any longer because hiding your activity status is as simple as that.

2. Don t Change Your Pictures

The people you’re matched with won’t care that you’ve disabled the activity status for your profile because they couldn’t see it in the first place.

They’ll therefore keep an eye out for updates to your profile to determine how active you are on the app and whether you’re ignoring them or not.

One of the primary things they’ll watch out for is the changes you’ve made to your profile images since they last messaged you. If they see that, they’ll know you’re using the app and might become suspicious.

Simply wait to update your profile photographs until after you have replied to someone if you want to prevent this from happening but still don’t want to respond.

3. Don t Reply to People

Don’t reply to someone in an app chat if you don’t want them to know you’re using Hinge since then they will undoubtedly find out.

Just text them on another app and don’t react to them on Hinge so they won’t have any reason to assume you’re still active on the app. If things are becoming serious with your match and it might be embarrassing if they find out you’re still using the app.

4. Don t Change Your Bio

By not modifying your bio, you can conceal your behaviour in another method. However, if you don’t want your matches to know you’ve been active on Hinge, it’s still recommended not changing your bio. This may be the area where you have the least to worry about (for subtle changes, of course; if you fully rework your bio, they’ll probably know something’s up).


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