When your device is turned on, a clock displaying the time and date is present. The clock stays at the top of the status bar even after you open your device, allowing you to check the time whenever. You can choose an automatic time and date or manually set one by modifying this time and date in the settings app.

The time and date on the lock screen is one of many pre-installed apps and features that your iPhone or Android comes with and which you cannot easily uninstall.

Unfortunately, utilising a standard approach like opening the Settings app will not allow you to remove the time and date off the lock screen; you must jailbreak your iPhone instead.

You can alter the lock screen photos so that the subject of the picture is below the clock if you don’t like how the clock covers your lock screen image.

Remove the time from your lock screen to give it a more modern appearance. Many iPhone users choose to go without the clock because it might detract from aesthetics despite the fact that it is there to help you judge the time.

Can You Remove the Time from Your Lock Screen?

The clock can be disabled and eliminated from the Android and iPhone lock screen. Even though it isn’t possible without jailbreaking or rooting your smartphone, you can still do it by removing the limitations on your phone. Without jailbreaking, it’s impossible to get rid of the clock, although there are ways to hide it.

How to Remove Clock From Lock Screen iPhone

There are two ways to do it if you want to remove the clock off your iPhone’s lock screen. Jailbreaking your iPhone is the first and most secure way to accomplish this. You gain access to third-party App Stores when you jailbreak your iPhone, which you may use to modify it and get rid of the clock on the lock screen.

Additionally, you may get rid of the clock on your iPhone without jailbreaking it. Although this technique doesn’t get rid of the click, it does alter the background of your lock screen such that the clock is hidden.

1. Jailbreak iPhone or iPad

When you jailbreak an iOS device, you are removing restrictions put in place by Apple. Your device can now download third-party apps from other shops when you unblock the App Store restriction. You can get over Apple’s limitations and modify your iPhone to suit your needs if it has been jailbroken.

a spare iPhone

Before you begin jailbreaking your device, you must make a backup. The last thing you want to happen during a jailbreak is for all of your data to be lost. It is sufficient to backup your device using an iCloud backup.

Back Up Now through Settings > [Device name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup.

Refresh your iPhone:

You must confirm that your iPhone is up to date before you jailbreak it. An iPhone running an older version of the operating system may not successfully jailbreak. The jailbreaking process is more likely to be successful if you have the most recent iOS update.

To instal an update, go to Settings > General > Software Update > Check for Updates. You may simply reset your iPhone to factory settings and restore the iCloud backup if something goes wrong.

Unlocking the iPhone:

For the most recent iOS versions and higher, 1.Pangu8’s Jailbreaksite offers a multitude of jailbreaking techniques. Pangu 8 S suggests using the Ziyu jailbreak repo to unlock your iPhone or iPad.

2. Use your iOS device to access and download Zjailbreak. This won’t function if you attempt to browse this site using Safari on a PC.

3. Access the Ziyu download and installation page via Pangu.

4. Select one of the Jailbreak Repos from the List, open Ziyuapp, and hit Copy. The most well-known jailbreak repos are Cydia, tutu App, and Tweakbox.

5. Return to the Ziyu application and select Extract repo.

6. Paste the link you just copied from the repository.

7. To jailbreak the iPhone, click Extract. Find an app that will let you get rid of the clock app from the Lock screen after jailbreaking.

2. Remove Date and Time from iPhone Lock Screen Without Jailbreak

You may also alter the lock screen image to get rid of the time and date on the lock screen without jailbreaking your handset. Since the time and date are white, changing the lock screen to hide the time and date would be a nice strategy to apply if you prefer a white background.

The clock would remain above the background image’s focus if you merely wanted to remove the time and date because they were obstructing the background image’s focus.

To modify the wallpaper of the lock screen: Select a new wallpaper by going to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose > Set.

How to Remove Clock From Lock Screen Android

It’s not a given that you’ll want a clock on your Android lock screen all the time. However, when using a phone, this frequently occurs. There are a lot of reasons why you would not want a clock on the lock screen of your Android phone. These could be some of these explanations.

1. The clock takes up too much room, which you find undesirable. This could be a downloaded clock or even the system’s default clock.

2. The clock is shown on your screen in a very unsightly way that does not seem good. It’s possible that you downloaded a clock app with a poor design. Or perhaps you dislike the clock’s default design on your phone’s lock screen.

3. You want to change the icons or other items on your phone’s lock screen. You should be able to make changes whenever you want when using your phone. In order to make room for other items, it should be possible to remove the clock from the lock screen.

4. You want your screensaver to display more clearly. Screensavers are usually set because the user finds them appealing. You cannot see them, though, if there are some enormous numbers on top, so you might want to take those off.

1. Use Resurrection Remix

The Resurrection Remix, sometimes referred to as (RR), is a widely-liked and very efficient utility that is well renowned for its success in customising Android phones. The programme includes a number of incredible features that have encouraged users to utilise it successfully for many years. For instance, one of the features of Resurrection Remix is the ability to remove clocks from lock screens.

Installing and rooting this tool on your Android device is the first step in using it. See how to root your Android device below.

1. To the settings of your Android phone.

2. Enable the option to instal programmes from unidentified settings in the settings menu.

3. The next step is to set up one of the rooting programs—KingRoot, Xposed, etc. Additionally, you can set up any other rooting programme you are aware of.

4. After the app has been downloaded to your phone, run it.

5. Select One-Click Root and allow it to execute. It will complete in around 60 seconds.

Installing and utilising Resurrection Remix:

1. Download the Resurrection Remix into your phone from any reliable website.

2. The programme installation comes next. Reboot or restart your Android phone after installing Resurrection Remix.

3. Navigate to Resurrection Remix settings. To accomplish this, navigate to settings and scroll to Configurations. Open configurations by tapping.

4. Next, select the lock screen option by scrolling to the left. Next, select Lock UI by scrolling down.

5. The following action is to disable Show Lock Screen Clock. You can scroll down the list of options when you open Lock UI to see the Show Lock Screen Clock option. Toggle it to off by using the button.

Once you’ve finished, the clock will no longer be displayed on the lock screen of your Android phone.

2. Delete the Clock App You Installed If You installed One

You can remove a clock app’s display from the lock screen of your phone if you previously installed it by simply deleting it. The steps are listed below.

1. Start by going to the home screen on your phone.

2. Launch the apps, then search for settings. Click again to launch the settings app on your Android device.

3. Scroll down to Apps & Notifications on the settings page. You can find apps for some phones, including some Samsung devices.

4. Search for the installed software. Click it, then select App details.

5. Look for the option to disable or uninstall. On some phones, the Uninstall option may appear at the bottom or top of the screen after selecting the app.


It can be really annoying to be stuck with a clock on your lock screen that you cannot remove. It’s a good idea to know how to get rid of it so you may change your Android’s lock screen to something different or do other things. If you follow the steps described here quickly, they are relatively easy and quick to complete.


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