Many customers buy Amazon gift cards for family and friends who live in the same nation. However, there has been a great deal of misunderstanding and even false information on buying or transferring Amazon gift cards to different countries.

You might wish to send a gift card to a different nation so that your loved one there can use it to make purchases using their Amazon account.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about buying and sending Amazon gift cards to a location other than your current one.

Can You Transfer Amazon Gift Card to Another Country?

It varies. From one nation to another, an Amazon Gift Card cannot be transferred immediately. For example, you cannot buy an Amazon gift card in the US and then transfer it to a UK Amazon account.

This is so because gift cards are solely dedicated to a particular nation. The specified local Amazon store is connected to the gift card. Additionally, a gift card can only be used in the nation in which it was bought on the Amazon

This is because of things like currency exchange rates, regional and international laws, and a number of other things.

Therefore, you cannot use a gift card that you buy in France to make purchases in the UK. This is different from shopping normally on Amazon, where you can buy things from various nations.

There are specific steps you must follow before you may transfer an Amazon gift card to another nation. They consist of:

first confirming if Amazon is active in the receiving country

Verifying the availability of gift cards in the recipient’s country

confirming that the receiver has a localised Amazon account

then logging in and buying the gift card on the recipient’s country’s Amazon website

In the section below, we’ll go over in great depth how to buy and transfer gift cards to another nation.

How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card to Another Country

As we previously mentioned, it might not be possible to buy an Amazon gift card in one nation and then give it to a recipient in another. The receiver won’t be able to use the gift card where they are if you try to do this.

You must follow the instructions carefully to transfer an Amazon gift card to another nation and avoid wasting your money.

Verify if Amazon has a presence in the nation of the recipient.

Amazon has locations throughout 21 nations. Therefore, you must confirm that Amazon has a presence in the recipient’s nation.

Please be aware that this just pertains to nations where Amazon has specific websites and does not include all nations where Amazon can ship to. Therefore, despite the fact that Amazon ships to more than 150 countries, you shouldn’t confuse this with Amazon’s country-specific websites.

Note that offers services in all nations without their own websites.

You cannot transfer gift cards from these nations to any other nation. The gift card cannot be used or redeemed by the recipient if they do not reside in one of these nations or if their account is not connected to one of these nations.

Not all of the nations that Amazon serves accept gift cards. Logging into the local Amazon website and looking for Gift Cards on the menu is the only way to confirm that gift cards are offered in the nation.

You cannot transfer gift cards to a country if there is none.

You also need to be aware of the fact that every nation has its own gift card regulations. You must locate the rules and regulations that apply to gift cards in your country or the recipient’s country. Below are a few instances that we’ve given:

Simply enter Gift Cards Terms and Conditions, followed by the website of the location, in a Google search to locate the restrictions in your or the recipient’s location. Then, open the associated Amazon page to view the restrictions in the location.

You must ensure that the recipient has an Amazon account connected to the Amazon website for that nation once you have established that a gift card can be used there.

This is due to the fact that you will be asked to sign in when you open the Amazon website for the nation in which you wish to transfer the gift card. You cannot sign into the Amazon website for another nation using an Amazon account from another country.

On the Amazon website of the nation where you want to transfer the gift card, sign in and make your purchase.

The best way to transfer gift cards to another country is to simply sign into the website of the recipient country, buy the gift card there, and then transfer it to the intended Amazon user account. You might be able to redeem a gift card purchased from one country in another country (depending on the terms).

Therefore, you must sign in to, create a free account, and buy the gift card there if you wish to transfer a gift card to a UK user who has an account there.

Even if you have an international account, keep in mind that your existing Amazon account in your country will not grant you access to an Amazon account in another country.

To switch the language, click on the flag in the top right corner and choose your preferred language.

1. To access the sign-in page, click Sign In.

2. If you already have an Amazon Canada account, sign in using your credentials.

3. To open a fresh account for Canada on Amazon if you don’t already have one, click Create Your Amazon Account.

4. After logging in, go to the menu bar below the Amazon search box and select Gift Cards.

5. Choose the gift card you want to transfer and follow the on-screen instructions.

6. You’ll see that the gift card value is displayed in the country’s currency when you sign in.

7. Type your name, the email address of the recipient, the transfer date, the message for the gift card, and then click Next.

8. You can then review your choices and decide whether you want to buy the gift card right away or put it in your shopping basket.

9. After choosing your payment option, click Add Card to add a card.

10. Complete the transaction by entering all necessary information, reviewing it, and clicking.

To confirm the purchase, you will be asked to enter your Amazon password again. To complete the gift card transfer to the receiver, just type the password.

The recipient will subsequently receive the gift card with the code on the day you specify. The gift card would be sent out right away if you didn’t select a delivery date.

Facts You Should Know About Transferring Gift Cards to A User In Another Country

The recipient’s country’s specific Amazon page is where you must purchase the gift card. Therefore, if you are purchasing a gift card for someone in Singapore, for instance, you must sign in to first.

The Amazon gift card recipient has to have an Amazon account in the nation you are sending the gift card to.

So, the user in Singapore must create an Amazon account at to be able to redeem the gift card you purchased on the same site

A single gift card cannot be transferred to more than one user at once. You must buy and transfer gift cards separately if you wish to transfer them to multiple users.

A gift card can only be purchased and transferred using cash. A gift card cannot be used to purchase a gift card.

A balance on a gift card cannot be transferred to another user. You cannot transfer any remaining value on a gift card to another user, whether they are located in the same nation or not, if you have used any of its value.

An unused gift card, however, can be forwarded to another user. So, all you have to do to offer a gift card that someone has sent you to someone else is give them the gift card’s information.

Only the Amazon website for the nation where the gift card was created must be signed into by the recipient.

Never buy an Amazon gift card from a website or application run by a third party. They are ineffective. The recipient’s inability to utilise the gift card on Amazon websites is not Amazon’s fault in any way.

I Purchased a Gift Card in the Wrong Country

Your money is not lost if you have already bought a gift card in a nation different than that of the receiver. There are measures you may take to ensure the receiver can still use the gift card in the intended manner. Find out how by reading on.

They must first open a web browser and navigate to

On the sign-in page, they must click Create New Account after clicking Sign In.

The next step is for them to use a new email address from their local Amazon account. Amazon will notify customers that the email they are using has previously been used if they use the same one.

An OTP will be delivered to the new email once they enter it. Therefore, they must ensure that the email they use is functional.

For increased account security, they will be asked to enter a phone number after completing the OTP. Please be aware that by changing the country code and entering their phone number, users can enter their local phone number.

So, even if a user in Canada is trying to create an account in the UK, they do not need to enter a UK phone. They only need to change the country code to Canada and then enter their correct phone number to proceed


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