Both finding love and someone to go out with on Tinder are excellent experiences. But Tinder isn’t flawless. You can search for someone fascinating or interested for days or even weeks without success. Who would have imagined that using a dating app would cause the same issues as traditional dating?

However, if you do meet someone and feel that love is in the air, you might want to deactivate your Tinder profile. Right now, you only have eyes for one individual, but you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Assuming you find a match, you might go on a few dates. In the event that it doesn’t, what happens? Although you recently cancelled your account, you could still use Tinder.

You can always hide your Tinder profile rather than going through the hassle of deleting it. What transpires when your Tinder profile is hidden, exactly?

What Happens When You Hide Your Tinder Profile?

According to how Tinder functions, you are shown potential matches depending on your location and the search radius. If the radius is set to 20 km, Tinder will scan a 20 kilometre radius around your present location. That implies that if you relocate, it might alter.

When Tinder learns where you are, it adds you to Discovery so that other Tinder users may discover you. In an effort to find a friend, you swipe left or right. What happens next if you uninstall Discovery? Can it be turned off? In fact, it certainly can.

When Discovery is turned off, Tinder cannot find you. As was previously mentioned, this is how Tinder makes user profiles visible to others. Disabling Discovery will stop Tinder from performing its primary function.

Then, what happens? Basically, Tinder turns into a glorified texting service. After Discovery is disabled, you can still use Tinder, and if you made any matches where you and one other person both swiped right, you can still message that person.

You are regrettably no longer in the dating pool. No one will be able to swipe right or left on your profile, and you cannot do the same for others. Your profile is unavailable to Tinder users until Discovery is reactivated.

If I Hide My Profile on Tinder Who Can See It

When you pause your Tinder account, the profile is removed from Tinder’s database, making it impossible for anyone to access it. This is a signal to let them know that your Tinder account has been cancelled. Additionally, people can see your profile photo. Your photographs and your account may occasionally continue to be visible to others after you’ve cancelled your Tinder account. But this is only temporary. Your profile will be hidden from view if you are in an open chat with someone.

If I Swipe Right on Tinder Then Hide My Profile

After a while, the individuals you swiped right on won’t be able to see your profile if you swipe right then turn off discovery to hide your profile. Your profile will vanish from the likes area and they won’t be able to match with you if they have the premium version of Tinder and are able to see who liked them.

How to Turn Discovery Off

How do you do it when the chance arises and concealing your Tinder profile is necessary? Thankfully, adding this functionality is really simple.

This is how:

1. Switch on Tinder on your phone and begin. Use your account to log in if you haven’t already.

2. Go to your profile page and tap the image of your profile.

3. Select Settings from the gear icon.

4. Continue to scroll until you see Discovery. Allow me to turn it off.

Can You Pause Your Account?

No and yes. One method of halting your account is to disable Discovery in your Settings and the manner in which it functions. It isn’t, however, deployed in the same way that, example, eHarmony is. Your profile with eHarmony essentially goes dormant.

Tinder opted for a longer faux-pause. As previously said, you can still communicate with the people you’ve been matched with, but you won’t be able to forge new connections. However, there isn’t a choice other than completely deleting your account if you wanted to go farther, like eHarmony does.

Having that option available would be preferable to turning off Discovery. It’s common for people to want to stop dating, but they don’t always want to deactivate their accounts or stop receiving prospective matches based on their carefully constructed criteria. Disabling Discovery doesn’t fully satisfy the craving.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, if you want to hide your profile from Tinder, you are merely cut off from the dating service. You won’t be able to swipe right or left on other Tinder profiles, and no one will be able to view your profile in their stack of cards.

You will nevertheless be allowed to use Tinder’s platform after that. You can still communicate matches you’ve already made and ongoing chats. Additionally, neither you nor the other party loses the ability to view the profile of the other. That implies that not everyone can search yours; only those who have matched with you can.

If, however, hiding your Tinder profile isn’t what you expected it to be, you might be interested in removing it. Discovery mode does, in fact, hide your profile, but unlike, say, eHarmony, it doesn’t put it on hold.


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