You recently made a new friend and decided to add them as a contact on WhatsApp after getting their phone number.

You start to wonder when they were born as you glance at their profile. Is it soon their birthday? So, if you want to determine someone’s birthday using WhatsApp, follow these steps.

Can You Find Someone s Birthday on WhatsApp?

Yes, you may use WhatsApp to find out if someone’s birthday is today. It is crucial for a social media network to provide its consumers with as much information as possible.

The privacy of every user is secured under this method of identification because Whats App requires you to submit another user’s phone number in order to add them as a contact.

It’s also possible that someone accidentally added another person to their WhatsApp, in which case they shouldn’t be receiving any of that person’s information because they don’t know them.

Even if you do know the person you added, you might still need to know their birthday because everyone has to know this kind of information.

Since WhatsApp places a high value on privacy, the details you may be seeking for might not be immediately accessible.

How to Know Someone s Birthday on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, there are several ways to discover someone’s birthday. To make it known to others on WhatsApp when their birthday is, many people choose to modify their status before it occurs.

Additionally, it’s possible that they will post about their birthday earlier than the time specified on their story.

Asking the person directly or a close common friend you both have on WhatsApp is the most direct course of action you might want to take to find out when their birthday is. There are a variety of ways to use WhatsApp to discover someone’s birthday.

1. Track Their Status Updates

Make sure you are always watching the person if you want to learn their birthdate. As was already mentioned, the majority of people will write about their forthcoming birthday so that others will be aware of it and prepared.

Make sure to view all of the tales that a person posts if you want to know when their birthday is.

Even if their birthday is far away, they may choose to write a tale about previous birthdays. In these posts, they may include information about the month and possibly the precise day their birthday falls.

Whatever the situation, you should make sure to keep up with their postings on their WhatsApp story so you don’t miss anything they might post.

2. Go to About and Phone Number

With the help of your profile information, WhatsApp offers a feature that allows you to display a status to other users.

The status that is displayed is entirely up to you, and if a birthday is approaching, chances are good that the status will mention it in order to inform others of the event.

To do this, click on a person’s profile image in any ongoing conversation you may have with them. The status information will be displayed in the top left corner of their profile after you access it.

A birthday greeting will be available for everyone to view on WhatsApp if you check it sometimes.

They might also display their birthday beneath their status all year long to let people know when they were born. To illustrate to others why the date they wrote on their status is significant, this may take the form of a date followed by a birthday cake.

3. Ask Them

Asking them directly about their birthday is the most direct way to solve the issue. Asking someone their birthday can be challenging, especially if you have known them for a long time and are looking into them.

But even though it could be difficult to ask someone their birthday, this is the most straightforward approach to find out.

When you inquire about someone’s birthday, you run the danger of offending them and giving them the impression that you don’t care about them. However, most of the time, doing so will demonstrate your concern for them and their lives.

The greatest way to solve any problem is to ask them directly for the facts you need to know, as their response will provide the precise details you need to know.

Once a direct inquiry is posed, people are less likely to lie to one another, therefore the responses you get will almost certainly be accurate.

A person’s former birthdays, favourite gifts they received, most memorable birthdays, and other details about their birthdays may come up in-depth conversations when you ask them about their current birthday.

The relationship between you two might result from these in-depth discussions. Relationships, whether platonic or romantic, will inevitably develop in new ways because sharing details about significant life events can strengthen any link.

4. Ask Their Mutual Friends on WhatsApp

Asking any mutual friends you may have on WhatsApp is one of the other direct ways to find out someone’s birthday if you do not want to ask them directly.

It may be less unpleasant to inquire about someone else’s birthday through a third party, but if the third party is close to the subject of your inquiry, it’s possible that they will inform the subject of your inquiry.

Additionally, the other individual may not always respond when asked if they have a mutual buddy. If you know that two friends know each other well enough to know crucial dates in each other’s life, you can ask one of them about the other’s birthday.

If you ask someone when someone else’s birthday is and they don’t chance to know, you can ask them if there are any other mutual acquaintances you could ask.

If your mutual friends decide to notify them about your inquiries, it can appear that you are overly interested in their birthday if you continue to inquire about it.

5. Check Their Facebook About Section

In contrast to WhatsApp, when a user browses Facebook, their friends can see the information on their profile.

Since both parties must accept a friend request, only those individuals who the user has given access to their profile information will have access to it.

You must look in the person’s about area on Facebook to find out when their birthday is. You must first visit the person’s profile if you want to find out their birthday.

The “about” section is located immediately underneath the person’s biographical data.

You may find out a person’s interests under their “about” area in addition to their birthdate, which makes it simpler to give them gifts for their birthday.

Because they have chosen to withhold this information from you, their birthday occasionally may not be known. You won’t be able to see this information if this is the situation.

6. Check Their Instagram Posts and Highlights on Instagram to See If They Posted on Their Birthday

In the event that you have looked through a person’s Facebook profile and were unable to locate any information on their birthday, your next step might be to look through any Instagram posts they have published.

It is highly likely that their birthday will be one of the occasions they have previously uploaded since Instagram is a social network that concentrates on presenting people images and videos about significant events in their lives.

Look for any posts that may contain balloons, a cake, or a sizable crowd of people in them to determine whether they pertain to their birthday.

Even though it’s vital to look at the photos, the description will usually reveal whether a birthday party is indeed taking place.

Verify the date the images were posted if you come across a photo or collection of photos that depict a birthday.

Check the descriptions of the photographs to see if they contain words like Last Night or yesterday because it’s possible that they were posted a day after the person’s birthday.

They might have placed stuff on their highlights announcing their birthday, but the date might not be as obvious underneath their highlights.

There is a lot to learn about new people as you get to know them, and one of the most significant things is significant events in their lives.

Knowing someone else’s birthday will help you feel more connected to them and will also allow you time to be ready for this significant event.

Social media platforms have made a lot of crucial details about people accessible to their friends, family, and acquaintances.

There are still ways to find out someone’s birthday if you want to use WhatsApp, even though the information might not be as readily available as on other social media platforms.

Asking the individual you are currently looking into directly about their birthday or asking a mutual friend about the person’s birthday are the two primary techniques to find out their birthdate.

Additionally, it’s possible that some individuals would update their status or write about future birthdays on their WhatsApp tales to inform others.

It is possible to use social media networks to find out other people’s birthdays because their profiles contain all the information you require.


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