The message “An Unrecognized Device Just Logged In to Instagram” has been seen by many Instagram users. Read on to find out what it implies if this has occurred to you and what you can do to fix it.

What Does An Unrecognized Device Just Logged in Instagram Mean?

If Instagram notifies you that “An Unrecognized Device Just Logged In to Instagram,” it signifies that a device or Wi-Fi network other than the one you usually use to log in to Instagram was used to access your personal Instagram account.

Millions of people use Instagram every day, making it by far one of the most widely used social networking platforms.

Instagram must take action to safeguard user privacy given the volume of accounts it hosts or else risk having account holders switch to a rival social media platform.

When Instagram needs to alert users about possibly suspect login activity, users say they get a notification through their email account.

This is due to Instagram’s propensity to remember both the device you regularly use to log in and the Wi-Fi network you use to access your account.

A notification is likely to be delivered whenever someone tries to access your account using a network or device that is not among your typical choices. Instagram is attempting to safeguard the information about your account on its site, not to spy on you.

The majority of Instagram accounts are frequently accessed from the same smartphones, tablets, or computers connected to one or more Wi-Fi networks, and Instagram tracks this data to create patterns. They’ll contact you if the pattern is broken.

If you ever get this notification, it signifies that someone has tried to log into your Instagram account using a device other than the one you usually use or that your Instagram account has been logged into.

Why Does It Say an Unrecognized Device Just Logged In Instagram?

In the end, it states, An Unrecognized Device Just Logged In Instagram to safeguard the privacy of your Instagram account.

Normally, Instagram would include this message in an email to you to let you know that something has changed. You might also receive it as a notice on your phone, depending on whether or not you have Instagram’s Two-Factor Authentication function active.

The most obvious explanation for seeing this warning is that something is wrong, which means that someone has managed to get their hands on the login details for your Instagram account and has used them to access your account.

You always have the choice to disregard this notification if you see it. However, you will probably need to take action to secure your Instagram account if the notification contains information that does not seem accurate.

There may not be be any suspicious activity taking on when Instagram sends out these messages in error.

Whether you believe this to be the case, you can try disabling the Wi-Fi on your iOS or Android device and connecting to your cellular provider’s data to see if the problem is fixed.

Even if there may be errors occasionally, it is probably advisable to take each notification carefully in order to best safeguard your online privacy and security.

However, these are not the only scenarios in which you could see this notice. Think about the following additional justifications:

1. You ve Authorized a Third-Party App

Although Instagram has numerous features that make it a desirable social media network, they do not necessarily cover everything, and you have a wide range of third-party app options at your disposal to utilise with your Instagram account to produce more interesting material.

If you’ve made the decision to download and use one of these third-party applications, you’ll need to give it access to your Instagram account for it to function.

If you give the third-party app permission, you’ll probably get a notification saying something like, “An Unrecognized Device Just Logged In Instagram.”

Fix Revoke Third Party Access on Instagram

If you see this notification and are aware that you have authorised a third-party app to enhance your Instagram material, there is obviously no need to freak out; nevertheless, you always have the choice to retract your consent.

Go to Instagram on your computer to remove access from a third-party programme.

Once you’ve logged in, go to your Instagram profile and click the gear symbol to reach the settings page. This ought to be at the top of the page, in a corner.

Once within your Instagram settings, scroll down and locate the Authorized Applications option. Choose this option, locate the third-party app or apps that you want to disable, and select the Revoke button.

Though following these steps will revoke the third-party app s access to your Instagram account, you should still uninstall the app from your phone if that is where you originally downloaded it.

2. You ve Logged In From A Device You Don t Typically Log In From

Our addiction to social media, including Instagram, is considered to be a normal component of today s culture.

Whether your phone is dead and you desperately need to check on your Instagram account, logging into your Instagram account from a device you do not typically use is going to send a red flag to Instagram.

Since Instagram remembers which devices you are typically using to access your Instagram account, an Unrecognized Device Just Logged in Instagram notification is very likely to occur.

Fix Click on the An Unrecognized Device Just Logged in Instagram Notification And Click This Was Me

This particular scenario is fairly common, and the fix for it is very easy.

The entire reason that Instagram is sending you the notification in the first place is that they are trying to protect your privacy and Instagram account, so even though it can be annoying, remember that Instagram has no way of knowing for sure that it is you behind the new device.

When you receive the An Unrecognized Device Just Logged in Instagram notification, you will see an option to select a button that says This Was Me .

Doing so informs Instagram that something devious is not happening and will help Instagram by allowing them to add the new device to your list of used devices.

3. Someone s Phone You Previously Logged In On Just Logged Into Your Account

This particular reason may be a little less innocent than some of the others on this list.

If you used someone else s phone to log in to your personal Instagram account and gave permission for the app to save your login information, it could mean that the device s actual owner can also access your Instagram account.

If you know that you have not installed any new third-party apps or have not tried to log in to your Instagram account from a different device, think back to whether you borrowed someone else s phone to check on your Instagram account.

If you did, you might have accidentally stored the login information, and now it means that the device owner can log in as you, make any alterations to your profile, and go through your Instagram DMs.

If the owner is a close friend or family member, they may not have any malice behind their decision to log in to your account, but regardless, it is still a less-than-ideal situation.

Fix Tell Them to Log Out and Click Not Now When it Says Remember Login Information

Hopefully, the person who decided to log in to your account is someone that you know and trust. It could very well be an honest mistake, so do not immediately jump to conclusions.

Send them a text or message them through another app and ask them to log out of your Instagram account. Once they have done so, instruct them also to select the Not Now option when they are asked if they would like Instagram to Remember Login Information .

If the solution is not that simple or you do not have access to the person in question, you can always go into your Instagram account and change your password.

While doing so, go ahead and enable the Two-Factor Authentication feature so that, if a similar situation occurs again, it will be harder for someone other than you to log in to your Instagram account.

4. Someone s Hacked Your Account

If you know for sure that none of the other options above are the reason you have received the An Unrecognized Device Just Logged In to Instagram notification, it is possible that your Instagram account has been hacked.

As long as there are social media, there are going to be hackers, and these people thrive on social media because there is so much information available to them.

Even if you do not make a habit of frequently posting or interacting with others on Instagram, you still store various forms of private information on the platform when you created your account, and this could be what the hacker is after.

Fix Change Your Password

The first step of defense if you believe your Instagram account has been hacked is to change your password immediately.

It is recommended that you do this quickly because if a hacker has already gained access to your account, all they have to do is go in and alter your password and other login information, and you will lose access to your Instagram account and its content.

To change your password, open your Instagram account on your phone. In the bottom right corner, select your profile picture.

At the top of your Instagram profile page, you will see three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other, often referred to as a hamburger icon. Select this icon, and then choose the Settings option.

A new menu will appear. Locate and select the Security option, which will take you to another page.

Choose the Password option. Once chosen, you will be asked to provide your current Instagram account s password and then will be required to input your new password twice.

A good rule of thumb concerning passwords is that you should not use the same password for multiple accounts.

If you have to change your password, you should also try to select a password that is entirely original and not a variation of the password you already had.

You need to make it as difficult as possible for someone to be able to gain access to your account, so try not to choose something obvious, like your dog s name or your birthday; both of these are accessible if someone looks through your account.

Fix 2 Look For Their Session in Login Activity and Click Log Out

Instagram offers the ability to view all of your account activity within their platform, and this information can come in handy if you believe that you may have been hacked.

Open your Instagram account on your iOS or Android device to access the information. On the bottom toolbar, select your profile picture to go to your Instagram profile page.

Once on your profile page, select the hamburger icon, or the three vertical lines stacked on top of each other, in the top right corner of your page. A menu will appear. Find and select the Settings option, which should be toward the top

A new screen will appear that gives you different options to choose from, but you will need to choose the Security option. Once on the security page, select the Login Activity option.

Your login activity will now be visible to you, and you will see a list of the different places where your account is logged in. Locate their session and tap on it. When the new screen appears, select the Log Out option. This will log you out of their device.

After you have done this, you will need to change your Instagram account s password immediately.

It may also be a good idea to enable Instagram s Two-Factor Authentication feature so that future hackers have another barrier between them and your Instagram account s information.


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