Users of this app can speak with one another through messages in addition to sharing videos for the world to see. But what if you wanted to delete the history of a specific conversation from your thread?

Can You Delete Chat on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Yes, to answer your question, although there’s a possibility they’ll still receive the notification that you deleted a chat or a snap. There are ways to prevent people from seeing the notification because it constantly displays, but there is a probability that they will nonetheless do so.

Can You Delete Chat on Snapchat Without The Notification

No, not to quench your curiosity. A Snap message will always be accompanied by a notification, so you cannot remove it without it.

Let’s look at how to delete messages secretly, despite the fact that the notification will be a dead giveaway. Let’s examine those approaches so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to Delete Chat on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

1. Leave the Group Chat (All of your messages will delete), Then Tell Someone to Add You Back

This approach is for group chat users. You can leave a group chat and then request to be added back if you want to delete your conversation history.

You have to: to end the chat.

If you haven’t already logged in, launch Snapchat and enter your credentials.

2. Click the chat button in the lower left corner of the display.

3. Hold down on the group conversation while selecting the More option from the pop-up menu.

4. Click the “Leave Group” button.

5. To confirm that you wish to quit the Snapchat group chat, touch the Leave icon one last time.

If you do these actions, the messages will be deleted once you exit the chat.

You can then request that a receiver invite you back to the conversation after you have successfully exited it. Your snap message thread will be visible as soon as you return to the fresh chat with that recipient.

Another useful blocking technique is also available for you to apply.

They won’t receive any of the messages or snaps you send to the group if you block someone on Snapchat and they are a member of the same group as you. All of this is covered in the app’s detailed privacy statement.

As a result, before leaving the group, you can block each chat participant individually. They won’t be informed of any of your group activities, so they won’t be aware of your leaving.

1. Use the Snapchat app on your smartphone to sign into your Snapchat account.

2. Go straight to the information provided by the group to finish your project more quickly. Click on the group’s bitmoji to accomplish this. A list of every person who belongs to the group will be displayed there.

3. Long-press the username of the first participant. A pop-up menu will be present. There are numerous options, including Snap, Chat, Audio and Video Calls, and More. You can click on it to learn more.

4. When you’ve finished, a new pop-up menu will appear. Choose the second option from here, Block, which is highlighted in red.

All that’s left to do is repeat the procedure with the other group members to make sure no one finds out you’re going.

Also, don’t forget to unblock them all after leaving the group. It’s better to be safe than sorry even if there’s little chance they’ll know you’ve blocked them that quickly.

Last but not least, remember that even if they won’t be informed that you’ve left the group, it won’t take them long to click on the group details and realise that you are no longer participating in the conversation.

In this situation, blocking someone may be beneficial. To avoid alerting the other person that they are blocked at that precise moment, time the process properly.

2. Delete It When the Chat is Not Busy

The ability to erase discussions before the chat is opened is now available on Snapchat.

Simply press and hold on the media (text, audio, photo, etc.) you want to remove to erase a sent message. A pop-up will then ask if you still want to delete the message. The questioned content will vanish with a simple tap.

Although the recipient of the message won’t know what you sent them because it was never opened in the first place, they will still receive a notification that something was sent to them and then removed.

You need to know how to stalk your communications correctly for this process so that you may move quickly and covertly by erasing the messages without anyone noticing.

Think of yourself as a technological lion eager to pounce on its victim. You spring into action and devour the messages as soon as everything is calm, quiet, and still.

Just a useful metaphor to adopt to reduce the stress associated with secretly erasing your snap messages.

3. Pretend You Deleted Something Else

Remember that your chat room buddies will be able to view what you erased. Even if you erase your message, there’s no guarantee that your pals won’t still see it. If they were quick enough, they might get there before you and notice the message.

Informing the individual or group chat that you actually intended to remove something else rather than the chat’s contents is one method to avoid any misunderstandings. Simply said, you’re using this as a means of avoiding detection.

This might be a highly intriguing way for your communications to vanish. It is easy to understand, clear, and doesn’t require much explanation. In keeping with disappearing acts, let’s examine the next technique and gauge your reaction.

4. Send Loads of Messages to Distract Them

It doesn’t take much thought to use this technique. This is a distraction technique when several messages are sent to the addressee.

All you need to do to send numerous messages to one person at once is open the chat with that person in the Chats page and the snap will be sent.

In a group chat, you have the following options for simultaneously sending several messages to numerous people:

Launch Snapchat. Enter your username and password if required, then click Sign in.

2. Press the Capture key. This is the circle in the screen’s bottom centre.

3. Press and hold to record a video or tap to snap a picture.

4. You can utilise the tools at the top of the screen to add text, drawings, or stickers after you’ve captured your snap.

5. To start over if you don’t like your snap, touch the X in the top left corner.

6. Press the Send key. This can be seen as the blue icon in the bottom right corner of the snap with the white arrow.

7. Tap each contact you wish to share your photo with. When the contact is chosen, a check mark will be seen in the box.

Tap a recipient one more to eliminate them.

Activate the Send button. Your snap will be sent to the contacts you’ve chosen.

It won’t be made known to your contacts that the snap was sent to many recipients.

Using this diversion will provide the impression that you were still actively participating in the chat. You will have the chance to leave the group chat secretly while you are sending many messages at once. A fairly clever ploy, don’t you think?

5. Say Someone Hacked Your Snapchat and Sent The Message

Although having your social media accounts compromised is a significant issue, in this instance, nothing has been done to your social media. With this choice, you are merely informing the recipient that you didn’t send them any particular message or messages.

By doing this, you will be able to end the conversation and the recipient will be able to ignore the messages.

Having your social media accounts hacked is, once more, a very dangerous scenario. However, using this technique will provide you the room and opportunity to leave the group chat secretly.

You can use precise language like: Hello! I simply wanted to inform you that my account had been compromised. Those communications were not intended to be sent. Ignore the mails that were sent, then. You are free to use this language however you like!

6. Say Someone Was On Your iPhone

Your gadget may frequently be in the possession of someone else. In this instance, though, you can just inform the other individual or group that someone else has your phone. In essence, you are informing the recipient that someone else delivered the messages on your behalf.

This strategy will cause the other person to ignore your messages, allowing you to leave the conversation at any time. This will create the appearance of mistaken identity for the individual or group.

The language used in the previous approach can be carried over to this one, and you are free to use it anyway you like.

But keep in mind that timing is the key to everything. Therefore, address the matter right away before anyone detects that you are ready to leave the discussion.

7. Simply Say You Didn t Mean What You Said

The latter strategy would be to inform the receiver that what you had written in the message was not what you meant. By doing this, you are giving the other person or group the sense that the messages you gave were irrelevant in any way, and you are also encouraging them to forget about the role you played in the dialogue.

However, this is just a sincere attempt to explain your true intentions before deleting your snap messages. You can leave the conversation and successfully delete the messages if you want to use the straightforward technique.


There are many aspects in Snapchat that may be used to engage with one another and it is a fun app to use. However, there are features that you can use to end the interaction just as there are elements that you can use to enter it.

Additionally, you can use other strategies to send a snap message to someone secretly if the functionality you wish to use for exiting a discussion isn’t functioning.

You must be aware of your reasons for ending a communication before doing so since once the messages are deleted, they are permanently lost. The communications sent to the recipient or group will be eliminated automatically.

Therefore, it’s crucial to understand your right to end a Snapchat messaging thread so that when you learn all of your conversations have been permanently wiped, it doesn’t come as a surprise. This article warns you about the potential consequences of really deleting your messages from your Snapchat account.

If you have a clear head before deleting the Snapchat messages, then have fun with one of the methods mentioned. These steps are available to you to make a process that may seem complex a lot simpler done than said.


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