In this epidemic era, all meetings are conducted online using programmes like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and others. Have you ever questioned whether Zoom alerts you if someone takes a screenshot during a meeting or not? Many people believe that when a screenshot is captured, Zoom notifies every participant, but some people are still dubious. So what happens when a user of Zoom takes a screenshot?

Does Zoom Notify Screenshots?

No, Zoom doesn’t alert anyone when a screenshot of a live Zoom conference is taken. Since Zoom does not have a feature that identifies screenshots, this capability is not available. Even if there were a built-in feature for this, someone could still take a picture of a Zoom meeting that was in progress using a separate device.

Most people mistake Zoom for screen capture even though it does not automatically record meetings and does alert participants if they are being filmed.

The live stream can be screenshotted by anyone on Zoom, and you won’t be notified. It is simple to snap a screenshot while participating in a live Zoom conference using your phone. This is also possible on a desktop.

There are many methods for taking screenshots, so keep reading to learn them all. You should already know the answer to your question if you just came here to see if Zoom informs you when someone else takes a screenshot.

Zoom has an extremely difficult time detecting when something has been screenshotted because it is typically used on a browser. It would be difficult for them to integrate this functionality, but if they want to do so in the future, they could easily do so.

Only Snapchat now notifies users when they take a screenshot, and the major social media networks don’t plan to follow suit.

On Instagram, a notification will be sent to you or the other person once they send you or them a vanishing photo or video message. Zoom, though, hasn’t made any similar adoptions.

Zoom Screenshot Notifications?

There are no techniques to identify someone who has screenshotted a Zoom session, in case you were wondering. Zoom offers a component for notifications that alerts users when a specific action has been made in a Zoom meeting.

Because Zoom doesn’t notify users when someone screenshots the Zoom live, neither you nor anyone else can know if you have taken a screenshot of the conference.

Can You Screenshot on Zoom Without Them Knowing

They won’t be aware that you took a screenshot on Zoom. Zoom doesn’t indicate when you’ve taken a screenshot, so you can do so without worrying that they’ll find out. Unless you inform them that you have screenshotted, there is no way for them to know.

How to Screenshot on Zoom Without Them Knowing

Without their knowing, taking a screenshot on Zoom is equivalent to taking a screenshot ordinarily. You merely need to follow the standard screenshotting procedures since there is no way for them to discover that you have taken a screenshot.

Zoom on your smartphone can be screenshotted in two different methods. On your phone, you can snap screenshots by using the shortcut keys. By simultaneously pressing the Power and Volume Down keys on the majority of Android handsets, a screenshot can be taken. Additionally, certain smartphones allow users to take screenshots by using a specific gesture.

On Zoom, screenshots can be taken from any location. There is nothing prohibiting someone from taking a snapshot of anything you transmit or the screen itself. The screenshots are kept in the gallery on your device.

On a Windows or Mac computer, you may easily take screenshots. To capture a screenshot on a Mac, hit the Cmd+Shift+5 key, or the Cmd+Shift+4 key for customised screenshots. When using the Snip tool to take a screenshot on a Windows computer, hit the Windows key while holding down the Shift key and S simultaneously.

We regret to inform you that you will not receive any notifications from Zoom when someone captures a screenshot if that is what you were hoping would happen.

Things to Consider Before Taking Screenshots

As a courtesy to the other participants, please take the following into account before taking a screenshot of a live Zoom meeting.

Instruct participants regarding screenshots

If you’re the meeting’s host, be sure to emphasise at the beginning of the meeting that taking screenshots without permission is not acceptable.

Make the following announcement.

Tell your audience up front that you’ll be taking screenshots of the video conference just like you would during a live event. The players can alter their environment, attitudes, and even their hair at will!

Additionally, you should let everyone know in advance if you intend to record the meeting. Zoom will still alert, but it’s a good idea to make sure everyone is aware just in case.

Inquire about Consent

After warning everyone, get their permission before taking a screenshot.

Ask permission before publishing.

Before publishing, get consent to do so. You should also seek consent to publish the screenshots as a responsible Zoomer. Giving participants advance notice of the location where the screenshots will be uploaded might help you avoid any unpleasant surprises and potential issues.

Keep your microphone always muted.

If you have permission to do so, turning off your microphone while taking screenshots ensures that the clicking sound of your screenshots does not interfere with a live meeting.

Assemble the screenshots and distribute them.

Never overlook sending the stunning screenshots to every meeting participant, especially towards the conclusion of the discussion, or you run the chance of unnecessarily disrupting the gathering.

In bad screenshots, don t tag people s names.

There’s always that one person in a Zoom screenshot who seems out of place. On Instagram, if you must tag someone, avoid doing so if they aren’t looking their best because it will appear in your feed. You might also inquire as to whether they would prefer to be tagged first.

Become zoom pro

Develop your skills to become a Zoom Pro. In order to use certain Zoom features and perform external actions like taking screenshots safely, new Zoom users should become familiar with the platform.

When taking screenshots with Zoom, please be courteous.

Even while taking a screenshot of your live Zoom conference could seem innocent, always remember to show respect. It appears that most Zoom screenshots are taken without the subjects’ permission, based on the sentiments of the majority of people! As with any public meeting platform, it’s critical to respect everyone’s preferences while also being mindful of the potential legal ramifications of taking part in Zoom sessions. It will assist in avoiding any potential legal repercussions, Zoom bombing issues, or participant privacy concerns.

Is It Possible to Stop Zoom from Taking Screenshots?

Go to the Zoom website and disable both the local and cloud recording options if you don’t want the meeting to be recorded. Under Settings>Recording>Local Recording/Cloud Recording, you can select whether to record locally or remotely. Are you trying to figure out a way to stop people from taking screenshots or making videos? You’ve arrived at the proper location.

Is it illegal to Zoom in on a Screen Capture?

The majority of the time, the answer is no because there isn’t a noticeable indication to the other meeting participants that you’ve taken a screenshot of something.


During a Zoom session, it is simple to secretly record the entire presentation or take screenshots. Regardless of whether you use the app’s feature or another tool to take the screenshot or not, Zoom is not capable of identifying them. Without anyone knowing, you can utilise other devices to snap screenshots of Zoom meetings.

Using Zoom’s recording feature will enable you to alert the other attendees and the host that you are recording. The host must consent for this feature to be used, though. On the other hand, you can record sessions using third-party software without anyone being aware of what you’re doing.

You should be aware of the dangers you are facing by posting any recordings or screenshots of courses online, as well as the potential legal repercussions. So feel free to take screenshots, but be cautious about how you share them.


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