The double-tap to like feature is unpopular with many users, and many would wish to have it taken out of their app. Therefore, if that describes you and you’re seeking for a simple way to get rid of double-tap to like on Instagram, you can check out the solutions given in this tutorial.

Can You Turn Off Double Tap Like on Instagram

Users access social media sites like Instagram for a variety of reasons, thus they have varying needs for services. So, if you’re wondering if you can disable the double-tap feature in the app, you can. Although the majority of users appear to favour the function, some users disapprove of it, according to IG.

So, of course, if you don’t enjoy double tapping, you can elect to stop. And although there is a way to achieve this, customers frequently encounter different problems when attempting to do so.

But be assured that you should be able to do it in a single step as long as your account is glitch-free and you have a secure internet connection.

But before attempting again, try closing and reopening your app if you’re having trouble using the settings. To make sure your internet connection is functioning properly, you can verify it. If the problem continues, you can also update the application or reinstall it.

How to Turn Off Double Tap Like on Instagram

If you want the double-tap feature removed from your account, it is easy to do so. Additionally, everyone has access to the settings; they are not restricted to specific people. If this is your first time doing this, then use the step-by-step instructions below to disable the function on your Instagram account.

1. Access your profile by selecting it from the menu that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Select Settings by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top-right screen area.

3. Locate the Double-Tap to Like option under Account Settings.

4. Select the “Double-tap to Like” option and use the toggle bar to turn it off.

5. Save modifications for them to take effect.

You can still like videos when you click the Like button even if you disable this feature. You can check the guidelines below to learn how to completely avoid accidentally liking videos while scrolling.

How to Stop Accidentally Liking Instagram Posts

You probably don’t like the concept of wrongly loving videos on the platform since you don’t enjoy double-tap likes either. If that is the case, the following ideas can help turn the situation around.

1. Turn Off the Like Feature

Few users are aware of this, but Instagram values your privacy so intensely that you may modify how you interact with the site.

For instance, you can disable the app’s ability to like videos so that whenever you accidentally do so or double-tap, you won’t be able to like the video. As a result, using this technique also helps you avoid accidentally like and double-tapping videos on Instagram.

There is no way to specifically like some videos while disliking others when you turn it off because you won’t be able to like any videos on your account.

The settings disable the ability to like when you click like or double-tap, preventing the video from receiving another like regardless of the post.

If you don’t use the like button frequently and don’t mind keeping your Instagram account private by halting the likes, this is the ideal option for you because it is the most effective way on this list. In your IG accounts’ settings, you can disable the feature. So to do this, just follow the steps below.

How to Stop Instagram Liking

1. Access your profile by selecting it from the menu that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. Select Settings by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top-right screen area.

3. Select “Privacy” from the Account Settings menu.

4. You can turn off the Likes setting in the Privacy section.

5. Be certain to save modifications.

2. Disable the Double Tap Feature or Avoid Tapping After the First Tap

You don’t need to turn off the like feature if the problem you’re having isn’t with the like button, but rather with accidently double-tapping the post.

Instead, you should follow the instructions to disable double-tap likes, and then you’re ready to go. However, you can simply take the precaution of resisting the impulse to double-tap on a post you don’t want to like if you don’t want to do either of the two.

Even if you double tap and like the video accidentally every time, you still have a role to play. For instance, several customers lament that when they double-tap after initially tapping, the video doesn’t open for an expanded view.

But because of your internet connection or your app’s speed, this is a persistent problem on Instagram. In order to avoid like a post twice with the double-tap feature, wait a few seconds after clicking on any post before clicking again.

3. Don t Scroll Near The Like Button

When scrolling through Instagram, there is a constant impulse to put your fingertips right next to the like button. You might disregard it because it isn’t present in the same location on other platforms, for example.

However, on Instagram, the location of your finger determines how many photos or videos you’ll like in comparison to how many you actually do. Once you’ve liked a few, you may then delete the rest because you didn’t really mean to.

When scrolling through your feeds or reel movies, keep your fingertips just above or below the like buttons to save yourself the hassle of liking and disliking.

You can drop your phone and scroll through with your finger positioned directly in the centre of the screen if this sounds complex since you’re using your other fingers to support your phone. You are less likely to accidentally click the “Like” button on a video you don’t like in this method.

3. Use Airplane Mode When Browsing the App

Instagram uses a lot of data since before you start scrolling, many of the posts you’ll view in your feed have already loaded.

Therefore, whether you check them or not, IG has already loaded them using your data. Therefore, you may simply switch your cellphone to aeroplane mode if you don’t actively use, like, or comment on the app.

Anything you do when your app is in aeroplane mode is just temporary till you turn it off because there is no internet connection. You can utilise aeroplane mode rather than adjusting your scrolling position or disabling the ability to like.

You can turn it off after skimming through the feeds and wait for fresh posts to load, or you can like the few posts that caught your attention while you were offline.

4. Use Another Account That No One Will Recognise If You Do Accidentally Like Something

Not everyone enjoys having their social media activity restricted. So you can select this option if you still like to make these errors and take no precautions or adjustments to your settings.

It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys their time at the beach and wants to maintain it without endangering their identity. Without using your name or connecting it to your primary account, you can create another account.

This account’s primary objective will be to access IG posts and videos, pose as anybody you want, and make any mistakes you can without thinking about what other people might think.

This is a possibility, for instance, if you and your friends disagree on a certain Instagram account or celebrity but you appear to hold a similar viewpoint. You’ll avoid your pals frowning at you the next time they see you if you continue to hold your position as valid and like or comment on their videos.

5. Use Instagram On Your Laptop

Consider getting a laptop if you don’t already have one. There are many advantages to using a computer to access Instagram. You avoid enjoying videos unnecessarily in addition to the simpler navigation and the larger screen size.

This is also effective for preventing double-tap likes because you will need to think twice before double-tapping on a laptop. You won’t be falling for the single tap like with your fingers, but you may still double-tap and interact with videos if you want to.

Because every time you scroll, your finger will stay near the mouse or trackpad rather than next to the like button.


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