Instagram recently removed the activity tab because it was too intrusive in terms of privacy. No longer is it possible to determine what someone is doing on Instagram. There are techniques to track down comments someone has left on Instagram, though.

Can You See Someone s Comments on Instagram

As long as you aren’t blocked, you can see someone’s comments on Instagram. If you visit a post, you will be able to see their comments as long as you can access their profile. On Instagram, you might have noticed a following tab that displayed all of the most recent activity from the people you are following.

You might notice that someone you follow liked or commented on a post, or you might notice someone they recently followed. Sadly, Instagram removed this feature, so you can’t see what people you follow are doing in real time anymore.

However, there are ways to view a specific user’s remarks; you’ll just have to figure out how to accomplish this on your own after doing some research.

How to See Someone s Comments on Instagram

1. Look Through Their Friend s Account

Find and browse through their friend’s profiles if you want to see someone’s specific comments. Visit the person’s profile and read the comments on their posts. Keep an eye out for their friends’ remarks as well, as it’s probable that they frequently comment on the person’s Instagram posts.

If you visit their friend’s profile and can access the postings, you might see some remarks made by them. Continue to the account of the next buddy if you don’t see any. Just keep in mind that these two pals are more likely to remark on each other’s posts the closer they are.

Additionally, you can see who has been tagged in these people’s pictures so you can visit their account and read their comments. You can also try browsing the post in which they were tagged. Visit their profile to carry out this.

You’ll see a portrait icon over each of their postings. Press this to view all public images and videos that their Instagram profile was tagged in.

2. Look Through Your Account

You might also try browsing your account. You might check your alerts or use the Your activity tool to see if you’ve ever responded to one of their remarks.

If you’re anticipating a response to a comment from a certain person, you’ll be notified when it occurs because any recent answers or likes on your comments should appear in your notifications.

It’s conceivable that you have the notification turned off in your Instagram settings if you don’t frequently receive these notifications. Here, we’ll cover how to ensure sure your Instagram comment notifications are turned on by checking your push notifications.

How to Turn On Comment Notifications on Instagram

1. Tap on your profile photo in the bottom right corner of Instagram to access your profile.

2. Next, click the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen. Click Settings now.

3. Locate Push Notifications in the settings menu.

4. You may now see and modify the notifications that are enabled or disabled. Make sure the Comments alerts are turned on.

You ought to be getting a notification each time your remark receives a response as long as you have the Comments push notification turned on. If not, make sure you don’t have do not disturb on on your phone by checking the settings.

3. Look Through Accounts They Follows Posts

Searching through the accounts someone is following is another possible way to uncover their remarks. For instance, if they follow a famous person they adore, they might have left a comment on one of their most recent postings.

You can see all the accounts this person is following by visiting their profile and clicking the number above Following. You may see a person’s followers as well as who they are following if you have access to their account and postings.

Identify the profile you believe this person will remark on most frequently, and browse through their posts to see if you can find at least one!

How to Find a Comment I Made on Instagram

On Instagram, you can view all of your comments even though there isn’t a dedicated option to see all of someone else’s.

We advise either 1. saving the post (using the bookmark button) to a specific folder named comments or 2. sending that particular post to your second account or friend if you’d like to return to it after leaving a comment.

Your remark will then appear at the top of the post when you return to the one you submitted yourself at any time. Using the Your Activity tool is the most efficient way to see a list of all the comments you’ve ever written.

You may view all of your comments as well as all of the posts you’ve liked and commented on in the past. To learn how to access this, continue reading!

1. Look At Comment Interactions In Your Activity Section

Almost all of your Instagram activity is captured and archived for you. You can download and view information about your comments, likes, favourite stories, Instagram time, and other things. How to view every comment you’ve ever posted on Instagram will be covered in this article. This is how!

1. Click your profile image in the bottom right corner to access your Instagram profile.

2. Next, click the three lines in the top right corner.

3. Click Your activity in the Settings section.

Go to Interactions in step 4. This ought to be near the top of the list of possibilities.

5. You can pick comments, likes, or story replies from here (all the times you replied to someone s story). Click Comments.

6. All of your comments that you’ve made using the account you’re logged into are displayed here. You could choose to arrange from most recent to oldest.

You can tap on your comment to view both the post you commented on and the thread it was in. If you want, you can download this data by going back and clicking the Download data link at the bottom.

And that’s how you can see every comment you’ve ever made on a certain account! As long as the comment was not deleted, you can see every single comment you’ve ever written and press on it to see how many people have liked or responded to it.

2. Try And Remember Your Comments

You might try to just recall your remarks from memory. There are ways to accomplish this; for example, you might take a snapshot of the comment you made on the post so you can return to it later.

Additionally, you might email the post to a different account (or a friend) and come back to it later to add a comment. Since Instagram only notifies you when someone you follow likes your comments, doing this makes perfect sense if you want to know how many people liked your comment.

If no one you follow likes your comment, it may have 1000 likes and you wouldn’t know it. Understandably, this can leave you in the dark. Since there is no way to modify this setting, reviewing your comment is a good remedy.

3. Check Your Notifications to See Replies or Likes to Comments You ve Left on Other Accounts

Check your Instagram notifications to make sure you have comment notifications enabled. It’s possible that you received a notification regarding a comment reply that you haven’t yet read.

Simply press the heart icon, which is located next to the direct message button in the top right corner of the screen, to access your Instagram alerts. All of your alerts are displayed here, with the most recent ones at the top.

Check the comment directly from the Your activity area on your profile if you haven’t received a notification for a comment you anticipated to receive responses to. Since you’ll only be notified when someone you’re following likes the comment, this is also helpful for determining how many likes your comment actually received.

4. Look Through Your Friend s Accounts

Try going through your own friends’ posts and accounts if you want to read someone’s remarks, especially any friends you two have in common. Particularly if they are close friends, it is likely that they left a comment on at least one of their postings.

5. Look Through Your Posts

They have undoubtedly left at least a few comments on your profile before if you are close to them and frequently post on Instagram. Because the comment was posted some time ago or because you never saw the notification, you could have forgotten. In either case, you should notice a few comments on your profile from your friend.


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