It’s likely that you’ll spend a lot of time on their Facebook profile if you’re staking someone there, whether it’s an ex you can let go of or someone you look up to. Or you constantly see their posts on your stream because you frequently visit their profile.

What Happens If You Like and Then Unlike a Post on Facebook?

It’s unavoidable to mistakenly like one of someone else’s posts when you’re stalking them on their profile or viewing their posts on your news feed. This can be humiliating, especially if you mistakenly like something from weeks ago when you’re way down on their profile.

You unlike the post in the hopes that they won’t find out in an effort to spare yourself the embarrassment. It depends if they can detect that you appreciated their posts if that is your concern.

On Facebook, it’s likely that if you unintentionally like and dislike someone’s post, they won’t be aware of it. The speed at which you disapproved could prevent them from getting a notification on their phone.

However, if they were using their phone at the time and you took too long to unlike it, they were probably notified and would have seen it.

In the same way, if you replied to their post with an emoji, disliked it quickly, or did it while they weren’t looking at their phone, they won’t notice it.

It will be more difficult to unlike a post that you just liked if you’re using Facebook on a computer because you’ll need to click the like button with your mouse once more.

If they weren’t using their device when you liked and disapproved of their postings, they would receive a notification as soon as you disapproved it on their device. They won’t be able to see that you liked their postings even if they check their Facebook notifications because the notification is removed as soon as you unlike it.

Whether or not they have Facebook alerts turned off can also have an impact on this. If they have their notifications turned off, they won’t be able to see if you like it even if they are using their phone because their notifications are turned off.

1. Were They Using Their Phone

The notification will vanish from their device as soon as you unlike it if they weren’t using it when you liked and disliked their post.

They won’t be able to see that you liked their post even if they check their Facebook alerts because the notification is removed as soon as you unlike it.

It’s difficult to take this as assurance that they won’t find out because there’s no way to tell if someone was using their phone when you liked then disliked their photo.

Other apps, including WhatsApp, are available. To find out if they are online right now and utilising their phones, check out TikTok or Instagram. When you unintentionally like their post, this will let you know if they were using their phones. There is no need to be concerned if you like or dislike someone’s post when using TikTok.

2. If You Unlike a Facebook Post, Does The Notification Go Away

Once you unlike the post, the notification on their notification bar vanishes.

Previously, whether you liked or disapproved of anything, the notification remained on their phone but vanished from the app. However, as of late, the notification on their phone vanishes when you unline the post.

They may be able to see that you initially liked their article if there is a bug in their notifications section, which can make the notification linger there longer than usual.

Whether or not they have Facebook alerts turned off can also have an impact on this. If they have their notifications turned off, they won’t be able to see if you like it even if they are using their phone because their notifications are turned off.

Both the Facebook app and the settings app allow them to disable their notifications. The drawback to this is that since you won’t know whether they did it, you can’t truly take it as assurance that they won’t find out that you loved their photo.

3. Your Likes Might Be Clumped In With The Rest

If you unintentionally liked their photo, it was probably trending on Facebook, which implies that many other people were also loving and commenting on it.

Your username might be grouped in with a number of others who also liked it. Therefore, unless they increase the number of other people who loved it, they won’t truly notice that you liked it.

4. If You Do It Fast Enough, The Like Won t Be Registered

It’s possible that you disliked the post so quickly that the like wasn’t initially registered. Facebook typically needs a few seconds to recognise that something has been liked before notifying the person who liked it.

If you disliked soon enough, Facebook wouldn’t have had time to process the like and notify the individual.

However, even if you quickly unlike it, they will be able to see that you liked their Facebook if they check their notification section on Facebook.

This won’t apply to you if you were in a situation where you didn’t realise you liked someone else’s photo or video until after the fact.

5. Are They Facebook Famous?

The less you have to fear if they are well-known on Facebook. The last thing you should be concerned about is a famous person discovering that you accidentally liked their photo because they receive a tonne of notifications.

They don’t even need to be well-known; if they consistently post a lot of content and receive a lot of engagement, they receive notifications frequently, and the likelihood that they will find out if you unintentionally liked one of their videos is almost nonexistent.

What to Do After Accidentally Liking Then Unliking A Post on Facebook

It’s critical to know what to do after unintentionally loving someone’s previous photo on Facebook because it can determine whether they receive the notification or if they discover that you liked and then unliked their photo.

Use your phone’s aeroplane mode to hide your activity if you are on someone’s profile and browsing through their posts or images. Make sure to load up all of your stuff via Wi-Fi or data before you do this.

Put your phone in aeroplane mode once it has loaded. In the event that you accidentally like something, it won’t be recorded if your phone wasn’t online at the time.

If you unintentionally like someone, turn off aeroplane mode on your phone and refresh their profile to see that the like wasn’t recorded.

Blocking Them

If you’re contemplating whether to block someone after like and disliking their post, it’s unnecessary and, in most situations, can make you appear much worse.

Let me give you an example. Suppose you like someone’s post and then dislike it when they are on their phone. If you didn’t respond quickly enough, they would receive a notification.

Let’s imagine they open Facebook to see what picture the notification refers to but there is none because you disliked it. This will already seem strange, and they can probably know it was an error.

Let’s imagine they viewed the message, went to your Facebook page, and discovered that you had blocked them. In that case, your reputation would be even worse. The best course of action after unintentionally appreciating a photograph is to dislike it.

A Facebook user can be blocked by:

  1. Click on the arrow on the upper-right corner of your Facebook page.
  2. Click on Settings & Privacy > Settings
  3. Look for and select Blocking in the left-hand column.
  4. Look for the Block users section in the center of the page, and type the person s name or part of their name in the Block users field.

Disabling Your Account

Once more, it is not required to disable your account after unintentionally liking a post. They won’t notice a notification if you quickly like and unlike posts.

Disabling your account is just an extra step that is unnecessary, regardless of whether they noticed that you liked their post or not.

To stop using your account:

  1. Click in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  3. Click Your Facebook Information in the left column.
  4. Click Deactivation and Deletion.
  5. Choose Deactivate Account, then Continue to Account Deactivation and follow the instructions to confirm.


You don’t need to take any action to prevent people from seeing that you liked something because the like won’t appear when you mistakenly like something. You should only be concerned about them seeing it if it takes you a while to unlike the post.

You won’t have to worry about the notification appearing if you unlike right away. However, if you took a long time, it suggests they have already witnessed something similar and there is no use in continuing.

Even blocking them won’t help because they’ll understand that you only did it out of embarrassment that they knew you loved it.

Delete Your Profile Picture and Change Your Name

You can change your profile image and name to something anonymous as soon as you like something and then dislike it to prevent people from assuming that you were the one who loved it.

As a result, you will be free to browse Facebook without worrying that a friend of yours would discover that you were monitoring them.

How to Stop Accidentally Liking Something on Facebook?

You can stop this from happening in the first place so that no one finds out that you loved their post and later disliked it. You may utilise Facebook in a couple different ways that will stop you from doing something foolish like that.

Don t Scroll Near The Like Button

Clicking the “like” button located to the left of the post is one way to show your support for something. You need to avoid touching the like button while scrolling to prevent accidental liking.

The greatest place to scroll from is the middle or right lane of the post. You should take additional caution to avoid clicking the like button if you wish to follow someone or read the Facebook comments.

Airplane Mode

Airplane mode on your phone is another option to view something without unintentionally enjoying it.

Because your phone won’t be connected to the internet when in aeroplane mode, Facebook won’t be able to recognise when you’ve liked something.

Before you put your device in Airplane mode, you must make sure that all of the posts on your timeline have loaded.

Put your phone in aeroplane mode after the Facebook post you want to read has loaded, then see it, scroll through the comments, and share it. Setting your phone to Airplane mode does nothing more than halt the like process in the event that you do unintentionally like something. A

You can now turn your phone off aeroplane mode after viewing the post without the person’s knowledge so that, even if you unintentionally liked it, they won’t be able to tell.

Use Another Account

You can visit Facebook using a burner account, which leaves no evidence of your identity, and no one will ever be able to guess that you unintentionally liked someone else’s post.

If their account is open to the public, utilising your burner account is simple, and you may access their content whenever you want.

But in order to access their post anonymously if their account is private, you must first follow them and be approved.

The key here is that unless they have reason to believe that you are the person behind the account, there can be nothing connecting your personal account and this burner account.

Another thing to realize here is that if they don t have that many followers and they notice an unknown burner account is watching their stories without following them, this can lead them to block since they know that someone is stalking them.

Use On Your Laptop

The likelihood of you mistakenly liking something will be much lower if you use on your laptop. You won’t unintentionally hit the “like” button since you’re not using your fingers.

Of course, using Facebook on your laptop won t provide you with the best user experience but it ll alleviate your fears.


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