Pluto generates income via commercials in order to keep providing its services for free to consumers. Advertiser-supported Video-on-demand is the name of this model. This explains why those intrusive advertisements that appear in the middle of a show you’re viewing.

Does Pluto TV Have Ads

Ads do appear on Pluto TV. Pluto TV’s programming consists of 30 minutes of content on average, with approximately 4 commercial breaks and 6 advertisements per break. The fact that you occasionally get an additional 10 seconds of nothing but We Will Be Right Back at the end of the break makes it much more unpleasant.

Even though the majority of users are aware of this catch to viewing Pluto TV for free, you might still want to figure out how to escape the advertising. Additionally, we’ve produced this guide to show you how to quickly skip or eliminate ads on Pluto TV without losing any of the important content in the show you’re viewing.

How Many Ads Does Pluto TV Have

Pluto TV’s programming consists of 30 minutes of content on average, with approximately 4 commercial breaks and 6 advertisements per break.

Can You Get Pluto TV Without Commercials

Unlike the majority of other popular streaming services, Pluto TV does not have a paid subscription option. Pluto TV does not require you to provide any payment card information. If you want to benefit from the following, you could choose to register for free.

  • Setting your favorite channels
  • Resuming on-demand movies across your devices
  • Using your smartphone as a remote control on Pluto TV
  • Hiding channels
  • Update notifications on new services, channels, and line-up changes

Pluto TV’s advertisements and commercial breaks are not eliminated or even cut down upon joining. Only the above-mentioned supplementary features are available to you. However, there is little reason why you shouldn’t sign up with Pluto TV to take advantage of the advantages since you do not need to submit any actual personal information.

To subscribe to Pluto TV:

Visit Pluto TV’s website.

2. Select “Sign Up”

3. Type in your initial name, email address, the password you want, and your birthdate.

4. Click Join Free.

When you wish to watch on the devices you own after signing up, you must use the Sign In option.

There have been rumours that Pluto TV plans to launch a paid subscription option that would let consumers watch content without advertising. Pluto TV is wary of adopting the same business strategy as other well-liked streaming providers since they run the danger of falling behind their rivals.

Can You Skip Pluto TV Ads

If Pluto TV’s commercials particularly upset you—and they can—you might want to figure out how to avoid them without skipping any important parts of the show you are streaming or watching.

Although Pluto TV does allow you to skip commercials, doing so would also require you to skip the corresponding portion of the programme you are currently watching. For some users, this is a little price to pay. Read on to learn how to accomplish it if you don’t mind that.

Additionally, there are ways to use certain apps and streaming device settings to stop some of the adverts from ever appearing. Instead of attempting just one solution, you should combine these for the best outcomes.

How to Watch Pluto TV Without Ads

1. Just Skip The 15 Seconds

You may simply skip the typical 15 seconds that commercial breaks last if you don’t want to get technical and don’t mind losing 15 seconds of the show you’re viewing.

If the commercial is longer than 10 seconds, skipping for an additional 5 seconds won’t hurt you. Some commercials are around 10 seconds. The goal is to miss the least amount of the show you were downloading or viewing.

Skip the commercials

1. Pay attention to the beginning of the ad countdown.

2. At that point, pause the programme.

3. Play after 15 seconds of fast forwarding.

2. Use Brave Browser

By default, the Brave browser bans advertisements on ALL websites. To accomplish this, you don’t even need to modify or adapt your browser. Additionally, it disables cookies, trackers, and advertisements that follow you between devices. Because of this, Brave is a great tool for avoiding advertisements on Pluto TV.

You should be aware that not all Pluto TV advertisements are blocked by Brave because some of them stream concurrently with the show you are watching. For this reason, we suggested combining the fixes in this post.

To get and set up the Brave browser:

1. Download the installer from the Brave website

2. Launch the installer and permit the Brave browser to download.

3. The browser will open a new page after the download and installation are complete.

4. Click the Menu button in the browser (3 horizontal lines at the top right of the browser)

Choose Brave Ad Block.

6. Choose the filters that are relevant to your location under Additional Filters. This will add more ad-blocking features to your browser.

Once Brave browser is configured, visit the Pluto TV website, log in, and begin viewing programmes on Brave browser.

3. Enable SponsorBlock Extension

You may prevent advertisements on YouTube and apps that use YouTube by using the plugin SponsorBlock. Further decreasing the amount of adverts you see on Pluto TV, the addon also disables ads on Pluto that are linked to YouTube.

Get SponsorBlock here:

1. Using the browser Brave (you can do this on Chrome or Firefox, too)

2. Select the Menu button (3 horizontal lines at the top right of the browser)

Choose Extensions 3.

4. Enter SponsorBlock in the Search box at the top right of the screen.

5. You’ll be informed that nothing was discovered. Tap the Web Store link.

6. Enter SponsorBlock in the search field at the top of the page that appears, then choose it from the list of results.

7. Click Add to Brave when the SponsorBlock page appears (or whatever browser you are using)

8. To confirm, click Add Extension.

9. A redirect to the SponsorBlock customization page will take place.

10. Don’t change the default settings and dismiss the tab.

4. Set Up Pi-hole (Linux)

Pi-hole is a service that prevents network advertisements. In other words, it prevents adverts on the network by filtering traffic from ad servers, as opposed to blocking ads at the device level.

Once more, only external adverts on Pluto TV will function in this way; embedded ads will not. However, it has considerably decreased the amount of advertisements that Pluto TV subscribers see.

You only need to configure your router to use Pi-DNS hole’s servers in order to use Pi-hole. The procedure to use for this depends on the router manufacturer you are using. However, the technique is essentially the same.

In this illustration, we’ll use a TP-Link router:

1. Join your computer to your wireless router.

2. On your computer, launch a browser and type or into the address bar. Press Enter.

3. Type admin in both the login and password fields. All words must be lowercase.

4. Select the Advanced button.

5. Select Network

5. Select DHCP Server.

7. Type the Pi-hole DNS into the Primary DNS.

8. Avoid using any DNS as a backup DNS.

Please take note that Pi-hole is Linux-based and may only be used with the following OSes:

Raspberry Pi OS Stretch / Buster / Bullseye ARM
Ubuntu 16.x / 18.x / 20.x /21.x ARM / x86_64
Debian 9 / 10 /11 ARM / x86_64 / i386
Fedora 33 / 34 ARM / x86_64
CentOS 7 x86_64
CentOS Stream 8 x86_64

Edit DNS on a smart TV:

The adverts may seem to be considerably more frequent if you are watching Pluto TV on your smart TV. On Pluto TV and in fact on any other streaming app on your TV, there is a way to block advertisements. There is a drawback to this, though:

  • You will not be able to pause the video you are streaming
  • You will not be able to rewind the video you are watching

To prevent advertisements on your smart TV, follow the procedures listed below if you are prepared to accept these compromises.

On an LG TV:

1. On your remote control, press the Home button.

2. Choose Settings.

3. Click on Every Setting.

4. Pick a network

5. Choose WIFI

Select Advanced WIFI Settings in step six.

7. Type into the DNS server.

the Sony TV

1. Use the remote control’s Home button.

2. Choose Settings.

3. Choose a network

Pick Network Settings in step four.

5. Choose Establish a Network Connection.

6. Choose Custom or Expert

7. Select your Wired/Wireless Setup and select your Wi-Fi

Option 8: Manual IP Address

9. Enter Primary DNS

10. Enter Secondary DNS as or leave it blank

11. Select No if asked if you want to use a proxy server

12. Save and Ok

On Samsung TV:

1. On your remote control, press the Home button.

2. Choose Settings.

3. Choose a network

4. Select Network Status

5. Select IP Settings

6. Select DNS Setting and select Enter Manually

7. Enter the DNS as

8. Select OK

On Panasonic Smart TV:

1. Go to Setup

2. Select Player Settings

3. Select Network

4. Select Network Settings

5. Select IP Address/DNS Settings

6. Select DNS Auto Configuration and turn it OFF

7. Enter the DNS server as

This IP address is one of several dedicated IP addresses that block ads on networks. You can also make these changes on your PC and phone.

To change DNS on your PC or phone, please make sure you are not on a corporate network. This method should only be used in your home or private network.

To change DNS on PC windows 10:

1. Press the Start/Windows button on your PC

2. Type Control Panel and select it from the results

3. On the Control Panel window, click on View Network Status and Tasks

4. Select the network you are connected to on the right side of the screen

5. Select Properties (not Wireless Properties)

6. Click on the body ofInternet Protocol Version 4(not in the checkbox beside it)

7. Once it is highlighted in blue, click on Properties

8. Select Use the Following DNS Server Addresses

9. Enter as the preferred DNS, and leave the alternate DNS blank

10. Click Apply and OK

To change DNS on MacBook:

1. Click the Apple icon

2. Select System Preferences

3. Select Network

4. Click on your WIFI and select Advanced

5. Click on the DNS tab and click on the Add icon under DNS servers

6. Enter

7. Select OK

To change DNS on an Android phone:

1. Select Settings

2. Select WIFI

3. Select the arrow next to the WIFI you are connected to and open the settings

4. At IP Settings, change DHCP to Static

5. At DNS, enter for both DNS servers

To change DNS on iPhone:

1. Select Settings

2. Select WIFI

3. Select the info icon next to the WIFI you are connected to and open the settings

4. Select Configure DNS

5. Select Manual

6. Tap on the minus (-) sign next to the current DNS servers to delete them

7. Select Add Server

8. Enter and save

Also, you can use the AdGuard IP address which is as the primary DNS and as a secondary DNS address where applicable to achieve the same results.

Once you have made these changes, you will have reduced ads on Pluto TV on your devices to the bare minimum, if not eliminated completely.

Why Does Pluto TV Have So Many Commercials?

Pluto TV generates revenue from the commercials it runs. The sponsors of the ads pay Pluto TV to air the ads on their platforms across devices. This is the only way (or at least a major way) that Pluto TV generates funds.

Most other streaming and internet TV platforms generate revenue from the paid subscriptions by members. Some offer a free service with ads, and a paid one without ads.

Pluto TV may continue to run this ad-driven model in the foreseeable future. So, if you want to avoid the commercials, you can use any or all of the solutions provided in this article.


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