Are you using HBO Max and finding that the sound lags and doesn’t synchronise, ruining the entire experience? Fortunately, the steps listed below make fixing the issue very easy.

All current HBO Max users are experiencing the same problem. Users of HBO Max are reportedly having audio problems that make the audio out of sync.

It’s strange because experiencing audio problems while watching your favourite content can be very annoying. But don’t worry—we’ve got this.

There are a number of factors that may be to blame if you’re experiencing issues with the audio quality of your HBO Max streaming.

Numerous users have previously stated that they are unable to watch their favourite shows on HBO Max because the audio does not match the stream picture. Because no one enjoys watching a show without the audio, this can be very annoying.

Old software on your device is primarily to blame for sound problems. It’s possible that bad drivers or broken servers are to blame for the HBO Max issue. Here are some solutions to your HBO Max sound issues as a service to you.

Why is HBO Max Audio Out of Sync

Basic TV settings and HBO servers having errors and problems are some of the causes. If the problem is caused by a bug, you might also notice other issues like HBO Max’s audio being quiet or HBO Max freezing.

1. Problem with the Show You re watching

HBO Max’s audio sync issue could be caused by the particular programme you’re watching. There is nothing you can do to fix this if the problem is with the show that is being aired. The best course of action in this case is to switch to a different show and carry on with your pleasure.

2. Bad Internet Connection

HBO Max Audio may not be in sync if your internet connection is slow. You can resolve this by putting them into practise:

1. Check the speeds and data plan you have.

Your internet speed may be poor because you have a bad internet subscription. By accessing the website of your supplier, you can find out what plan you have (or calling them).

Then take a speed test on (or one of the many other websites). Your network is in good shape if what you’ve assessed and what you’re paying for match. The best course of action is to upgrade if your internet subscription isn’t fast enough.

2. Give your hardware the all-encompassing overhaul it needs.

Try turning off and on your modem and router to reset them and see if it helps before blaming your internet service provider.

Check the other gadgets in your house to determine if the internet is sluggish. If the problem is exclusive to a single laptop, your router or modem are not the cause.

Your internet connection should be fixed.

In terms of wifi, you can find that while your router and internet are functioning well, your wireless signal is weak.

This might also cause a sluggish internet experience, or at the absolute least, latency. You might need to employ a few ways to move, modify, and expand your router in that case.

3. Glitch That Can Conflict with the Audio Codes of the Device

4. Modify the DNS server.

4. Bug in HBO Max

Every time you enter an address into your website, your computer looks it up and uses DNS to translate it into an IP address that computers can understand. The servers that your computer uses to look those things up, though, occasionally experience issues or go offline.

You can use Cloudflare or Google DNS, which are both quicker and cost-free options. You may also test which is the fastest for your region using a tool like Namebench, then stick with that.

5. Problem with Router

5. Get in touch with your internet provider.

6. Problem with the device you re watching

Whether you’ve tried all the diagnostic techniques and your internet speed is still poor, get in touch with your internet service provider to see if the problem is on their end. Make careful to thank the customer service representative and avoid assuming that they did something wrong. You’ll have a lot better odds of successful outcomes.

It’s most likely a problem with your entire device, not just HBO Max, if it freezes or glitches. Apps like HBO Max occasionally experience bugs, which might result in unforeseen issues like audio that is out of sync with the show you’re watching.

How to Fix HBO Max Audio Out of Sync

  1. Use TV Speaker Instead of A Sound Bar

Because it is such a widely used programme that is available on almost every platform imaginable, unforeseen bugs and issues do occasionally appear.

HBO Max will eventually release a fix that will enable you to address the bug that’s causing the audio to be distorted.

  1. To begin, visit HBO Max in your preferred browser.
  2. To open the side drawer, hit on your Profile symbol.
  3. Finally, log out of your HBO Max account by pressing the Sign Out button.
  4. After that, log back into your HBO Max account for two or three minutes to see if the situation has been fixed.

2. Use Headset

If your router isn’t working properly, it could weaken the WiFi that’s connected to the device that’s experiencing HBO Max audio problems. You must identify any issues with your router if you want it to quit interfering with the programmes you’re streaming.

3. Restart your HBO Max Application

The device you are using to watch the show could be to blame for the audio problem. It’s possible that the Samsung smart TV, phone, or tablet you’re using has a problem that’s interfering with HBO Max audio.

To determine whether the device is the cause of your HBO Max Audio being out of sync, all you need to do is inspect it.

4. Change What You Are Watching

Some TVs and speakers with dedicated boxes employ Dolby Digital Output. However, some HBO Max titles might not support this form of audio output that would discuss the problem.

5. Check Your Network

Consider using stereo sound instead of Dolby Digital Output. On your streaming device, go to Settings, Display & Sound, Audio, and make sure Dolby Digital Output is disabled. The actions listed below should be followed to log out of your account in a browser:

This is an additional method for resolving the audio issue. It will be much simpler for you to hear the audio of the programme you wish to watch if you wear a headset. If your speaker is the cause of the audio and visual being out of sync, using headphones will fix the issue.

6. Restart Router/ Modem

It is crucial to restart HBO Max before attempting any of the remedies given below, as is typically recommended for all users. You should thus right now check the HBO Max app on your device to see if it corrects the audio sync issue.

If not, you will need to restart the device on which the HBO Max application is running. Apply the other approaches after that, as it is explained elsewhere in this text.

If the problem with your audio is particularly being caused by what you’re seeing, you can modify what you’re watching to resolve the problem. Choose a another show to see if it resolves the issue. Rush hour and Harry Potter are two possible shows where you may be experiencing this issue.

7. Update HBO Max App

Network issues are common in today’s world, and these issues are typically brought on by broken or subpar connections. As a result, you must ensure that your internet connection is sufficiently fast, especially if you’re using a streaming service like HBO Max.

Additionally, keep in mind to see if your prepaid plan’s WiFi network subscription is going to expire. To validate that your WiFi router has the required internet speed, you must to visit the Ookla speed testing website.

Audio synchronisation problems may result from problems with the show you’re streaming if your WiFi is not supplying you with enough speed. Therefore, it is your job to look into every avenue for fixing the connection issue. Therefore, you want to think about rebooting your modem or router.

After a power cycle, any flaw in your router that is causing issues or malfunctions will be fixed right away. But before you can do that, you must turn off the electricity and unplug every cord.

  1. Open the Google Play Store from your applications drawer.
  2. Then access My Apps & Games by tapping on your Profile.
  3. Finally, find HBO Max in the menu and press the Update button.

8. Check the Audio Output

After that, wait a short while before plugging them in. Once all the indicators, including the internet light, start to blink properly, turn on the main button. To check the speed, scroll back over the speed tester page. If the network issue continues, we advise getting in touch with your ISP and complaining.

Have you made sure your HBO Max application is completely updated? It’s possible that you’re still using an earlier version of the application and aren’t aware that a new patch upgrade is available on the store.

9. Clear the App Cache and Data

  1. To begin, enter your favourite browser and go to the Settings page.
  2. Then navigate to Privacy & Security and select Clear Browsing Data.
  3. Also go to the Time Range tab and pick All Time from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Cached Images and Files and Cookies and Other Site Data from the drop-down menus.
  5. To begin the procedure, select the Clear Data option.

Follow the instructions for your specific device to check if the HBO Max app has any upgrade options that are usable. Upgrade it as soon as you can if it’s available, and then check to see if the audio out of sync problem has been fixed.

10. Use a Direct Network Connection

The HBO Max version on your device can be outdated or have a current audio output issue, as was previously mentioned. If so, you should update HBO Max on your device to resolve the audio problem.

11. Try Playing the Same Content on Different Device

By performing the following, you can update HBO Max for Android:

12. Reinstall the HBO Max App

The audio output plug may become damaged as a result of viewing HBO Max on your smart TV while also watching movies in your home theatre.

The audio output wire that joins your TV to your audio source should therefore be carefully inspected. Change the cable immediately if it is damaged, then check to see if the Audio out sync issue has been fixed.

  1. To begin, go to your application launcher and find HBO Max. Then, tap and hold the app icon till the selection menu appears.
  2. Then select Uninstall to remove HBO Max.
  3. Finally, go overnight to your device s Google Play Store and reinstall HBO Max here.

Log back into your HBO Max account after wiping the app’s cache and data to see if the sound is working again.

  1. Long hold the HBO Max app icon on your device until the options menu seems to.
  2. After that, click Remove App to get rid of HBO Max.
  3. Lastly, go to your iOS device s App Store and reinstall the app here.

13. Restart the Device

Use of a more direct link is always an option. This increases internet speed, which improves how well your HBO Max Audio syncs.

You should try utilising HBO Max on a different device to see if that solves your audio issues since there might be an issue with the one you’re currently using. The audio may be out of sync because of a bug on the device that is interfering with the stream’s smooth operation.

  1. Click HBO Max to start it on your smartphone.
  2. Afterwards, visit your Profile and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Lastly, to end your user session, click the Sign Out option.

If changing the device didn’t work, there might be a serious problem with HBO Max’s installation files that is intractable. Reinstalling the app from the app store is your best option at this point.

  1. To begin, visit HBO Max in your preferred browser.
  2. To enter the side drawer, tap on your Profile symbol.
  3. Finally, check out of your HBO Max account by pressing the Sign Out button.
  4. Pause 60 to 180 seconds before signing back into your HBO Max account to see if the issue has been resolved.

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