TikTok is all about sharing brief videos for the world to view, or for your fan base to enjoy, laugh at, or participate in. But what happens if a video error is made? Maybe you made a mistake when editing the video, or something didn’t fit. Can TikTok videos be edited after they have been posted?

Can You Edit TikTok Cover After Posting?

No. After uploading, you cannot edit your TikTok cover.

Contrary to what many Tiktokers believe, a TikTok cover is crucial. Many people will click on and open your content if it has a compelling thumbnail. Therefore, investing the necessary time in making the ideal TikTok cover will pay off in a big way. However, occasionally you might make a mistake when making a TikTok cover. Editing is used in this situation.

Why would editing your TikTok cover be necessary?

1. You need to change the cover since you inadvertently put the wrong one on.

2. You have developed fresh concepts for the cover. After uploading, you might occasionally come up with even better cover ideas.

3. A friend offers a sound suggestion, and you should act on it.

4. If you discover that fewer individuals than you anticipated are clicking on the video’s cover.

5. Making edits to your older TikTok videos. You might want to work on your identification from time to time as your TikTok following expands, which may involve modifying some of your former behaviours.

How to Edit TikTok Cover After Posting?

The unfortunate truth is that once your content has been released on TikTok, there is no way to modify it. Your only choice is to remove your TikTok video and post it again with a fresh cover. Since you will even lose the likes and views you obtained on that specific post, this is a drawn-out procedure that may irritate many people.

You can take action to prevent that, though.

How can I create a quality Tiktok cover?

You avoid the hassle of having to alter it or delete and re-upload your films when you create a strong TikTok cover. You must take the time to prepare a good TikTok cover. Instead of thinking about it as you post your video, plan for it beforehand by taking into account the type of content you are releasing and the point you want to convey.

Here are some pointers to remember.

1. Fonts that are simple. Don’t let your fonts be what turns readers and followers away. For people to feel welcome, the font should be tasteful and tidy.

2. Make your fonts colourful. A wonderful method to draw attention is with colour. Avoid making monotonous covers with the same colour typeface. Be sure to use the appropriate colour for the theme.

3. Top pictures.

4. Your face has magical powers.

5. Use concise and intriguing language.

1. Delete the Post and Reupload A New One with the Cover You Want

To erase your post and upload it again with a new and improved cover, follow the steps listed below.

1. Click Me on your TikTok page. Your TikTok profile will be shown.

2. Click the video you want to edit on your TikTok profile.

3. Select this symbol on the right side.

4. You’ll have a choice of options. Click Save Video. The video will be saved using this function to the camera roll.

5. Reupload the video on the upload page.

6. Select the proper caption and cover.

7. Be sure to remove the previous post.

Can You Edit TikTok After Posting?

Unfortunately, after a video has been submitted to TikTok, there isn’t much room for modification. You can remove elements from your video that you didn’t like earlier and upload it again.

There is also a quick fix you can use that doesn’t require you to recreate the video if you genuinely enjoy the video but don’t like the caption you placed. TikTok has began showing and engaging your material with a targeted audience, therefore editing a TikTok video after you’ve posted it is not feasible.

If you proceed to do actions, such as editing the video, you risk making it so altered that it loses its initial appeal to viewers.

You’ll need to erase the video and reupload it if you want to update your TikTok caption after you’ve already posted it. Although many users request it, TikTok has not yet made it feasible for users to alter captions after posting a video.

Sometimes, after you’ve released a video, the caption might not be great, which might make you want to modify it.

How to Edit TikTok Video After Posting

Before you dive right into editing, there are a few things you should know. The majority of editing tools, particularly the majority of the visual effects employed during the initial editing of the movie, aren’t available to you after the video has been posted, to start with.

1. Creating a New Video

Remaking your video is the best approach to repair a problem. If you have access to the original video, you can use this option to edit a clear version of it.

Editing your TikTok video is identical to posting if you have been practising good habits and storing the original video, as you should be doing. But this time, you’ll want to be certain that anything you’re doing will result in what you want.

1. Find and launch theTikTok app.

2. Tap Me in the lower right corner of the screen to go to your profile page.

3. On your profile page, near the bottom, choose the video you wish to delete. The videos you’ve uploaded to TikTok, whether they are public or private, are stored in that section.

4. Select the menu right away. You’ll find a variety of icons in the subsequent menu. You need to swipe to the left to scroll to the right before you can tap Delete.

5. Tap Delete to confirm the deletion.

6. Change any aspects of the original video that you didn’t like, then reupload it. Just this time, make sure the movie has been altered to your taste.

How to Change TikTok Cover After Posting

Unfortunately, after you’ve released a TikTok video, there is no way to change the cover. The best way to update a video’s cover after it has been published is to erase the video and upload it again with a new caption. TikTok doesn’t allow users to edit their cover after publishing a video, as of yet.

How To Edit TikTok Caption After Posting

You can try a quick workaround to avoid having to make a new video when you’ve spent a lot of time editing one and realise the caption wasn’t the best choice. The last thing you want to do is try to duplicate every tiny editing adjustment you made in the vain hope of recapturing the original magic.

Instead of having to recreate your great lip-syncing film, you can simply post the same movie again, keeping all of the cuts and special effects in tact.

1. Look for and launch theTikTok app.

2. Tap Melocated at the bottom right corner of your screen to access your profile page.

3. All of your movies will be displayed near the bottom of your screen, but more crucially, your most recent video will be displayed in the history section’s upper left corner. Choose it.

4. Click on Menu. Select Save Video from the menu that appears, then click the arrow in the upper left corner of the screen to return to your profile page.

5. Select the black and white addition symbol at the bottom of your screen, “Add New Video.”

6. Tap Upload in the bottom right corner of the screen, then choose the downloaded video.

7. Edit the caption before posting your TikTok video.

How to Add Hashtag on TikTok After Posting

You can save the first video and reupload it with the appropriate hashtag when you’ve spent time posting and editing one TikTok and realise that you didn’t have any relevant hashtags or that the description wasn’t the best choice.

It is easier to just preserve the most recent video you submitted and make modifications to that rather than restarting TikTok altogether.

The ability for users to add hashtags after posting on TikTok is still unavailable. It’s better to add the hashtags before the video is released to the new audience because they affect how well your video performs.

If you can remove and re-upload your video to add the hashtags within a few hours of uploading it, you should be fine. Typically, it takes a few hours for a video to be launched to a specific audience.

Bottom Line

As you can see, editing your video and getting it ready for your devoted viewers to watch just took a short while of your time (or possibly a lot if they were huge faults).

Additionally, it wasn’t that difficult—just a few taps here, a little editing tweaked there. Your videos now appear much more professional than they did previously. Tiktok user, enjoy your fame!


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