If you use Snapchat, you’ve certainly seen a situation when the app notifies you that someone is typing but you don’t actually see their message when you open the app. This can be unpleasant since it may make you believe that someone is attempting to contact you, even though nothing is present when you open the app.

Snapchat will display a notification stating that the individual is typing to warn you when they are attempting to contact you.

Snapchat will stop displaying the notice if the individual stops typing, but if they keep typing and you eventually receive the message, you’ll be able to see it in Snapchat.

When Does Snapchat Show Typing

Snapchat offers a function that alerts you in advance if someone is attempting to text you or not. You will get notifications letting you know when someone is typing. You won’t ever miss a message from your buddies thanks to this!

On the messages page of the app, you may see who is now typing from outside of your direct messages.

When someone’s bitmoji appears above the text bubble and dots start to emerge in a chat that is open, Snapchat’s algorithm indicates that they are composing a message.

So when does Snpachat alert a user exactly? Even if the user stops typing after tapping the text bubble, it still tells them that they are typing. Even if they simply press the bubble or keep tapping, it will automatically think that they are typing.

Before the system alerts you that someone is typing, opening the chat will also activate the Bitmoji avatar. If you get a notification that someone is typing, it’s possible they aren’t ready to speak just yet.

Why Does Snapchat Say Typing But No Message

When Snapchat indicates that someone is typing but there is no message, this means that they started to enter a message but paused and opted not to send it.

It’s only that they chose not to send you the message they were typing if you get the typing notification but no message.

If you haven’t already checked the typing notification and entered the chat, the message will appear if they chose to send it later.

If Snapchat decides to send the message hours after sending the typing notice and you don’t check that notification, the message will appear right away without the typing notification because Snapchat has previously showed you this.

Some Snapchat users type in chat because they are aware that people dislike seeing the typing notification without receiving a message, which could possibly be another explanation for why you’re seeing the notification but not receiving a message.

1. Late Notification

There are times when a problem causes Snapchat to display the message as it is being typed. The problem that caused the typing notification to become delayed means that you will receive a notification for someone’s typing after they have already sent you their message if you are already conversing with them and the typing message appears but there is nothing in the chat when you check it.

2. Accidently Typed

Many times, individuals will unintentionally start a discussion with you and unintentionally press a button that will activate the typing notification.

It’s more likely if it’s someone you’ve recently spoken to because it’s simple for them to accidentally enter the conversation and press a button without meaning to.

Along with this, some people really go into old chats and browse through the prior messages, which might lead to them accidently hitting the keypad. If it’s a friend or significant other you have a lot of history with, the likelihood that you have a lot of stored chats together is much higher.

3. There s A Bug With Snapchat

It could be a bug or glitch that gives the impression that someone is trying to text you when they are not. Even while it’s unlikely, this could happen, particularly if there’s a problem with your internet connection or Snapchat itself.

To see whether there have been any recent updates that will fix this, you should visit the Snapchat app page in the app store.

You might want to try restarting if there isn’t an update or repair. You might need to get in touch with Snapchat support via their online help desk if this doesn’t resolve the problem.

4. Snapchat Server Down

Perhaps the Snapchat server is down. You may be seeing text messages when there aren’t any because of routine maintenance or a widespread bug.

Within 24 hours, the server ought to be completely operational again. To find out when Snapchat’s other social media profiles will be active again, you might wish to check them.

5. They Want to Get Your Attention So They ve Typed So You ll Message Them First

This Snapchat trick is one that is used frequently. Perhaps they typed something, deleted it, and hoped you’d see the notification and go to talk to them.

In order for a notification to show on Snapchat, no message needs to be sent. You have a choice as to what to do next. You can succumb to their psychological blackmail and text them back, or you can hold off until they really send you a message.

Snapchat Notification But No Message?

When you go to check the Snapchat notification that you received, there is nothing there. This is a frequent mistake that typically affects multiple users simultaneously.

Snapchat will notify you when someone is typing a text or when one has already been sent, but when you click to check it, nothing is there. You will typically receive the message itself hours after it has been sent because there is typically some form of delay.

There may be other causes for this as well, but most of the time a message is being sent. What might be happening is as follows:

1. There s A Bug With Snapchat

You can’t see the message because of a Snapchat problem. To check if it will still operate after being refreshed, you can dismiss the tab or restart the programme.

You can anticipate Snapchat to release an update to fix this bug within a few days if the bug continues to exist and prevents you from using the app at all. You might need to get in touch with Snapchat support if it continues. Be patient, and everything should return to normal soon.

2. Snapchat Server Down

The server for Snapchat is down. This can be the result of some problems or faults being fixed that were affecting numerous individuals.

As I previously indicated, it might be appropriate in this situation to examine Snapchat’s other accounts via other social media. If you can’t discover anything, the server ought to be back online in about a day.

3. No Internet Connection

You might not be able to review any messages sent to you even though you are receiving notifications if there is a problem with your connection to Snapchat’s server.

In this situation, you might wish to try to maintain your internet connection so you can send and receive messages once again. You might attempt to connect to Snapchat by moving and utilising a different network.

4. There s A Delay With Snapchat So They Haven t Registered That You ve Opened the Message So You re Still Shown a Notification

Due to a lag time, Snapchat may not recognise that you have already begun a conversation with this person to view their private messages. Because of this, it may be sending you a notification again or displaying the message again.

How to Fix Snapchat Notification But No Message

1. Restart App

The application can be restarted via the phone’s screen. This could assist in updating the application and resolving any problems you might be experiencing.

2. If There Are Any Unread Messages, Read Them

You should read any unread messages you may have. In addition to clearing up your Snapchat notification system, doing this will let your app know how many messages you have read and still have to read.

The number of messages you haven’t read will update when you scroll to the left and refresh the page. From there, you can use the red cube next to each of your messages to browse through them and reply to any you like.

3. Clear Conversation List

Here’s how to delete chats on Snapchat, which will resolve your issue with alerts;

Launch the Snapchat programme.

2. Tap the icon for your profile, which ought to be visible in the top left corner.

3. Then tap on Settings which looks like a gear in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Locate Clear Conversation in the drop-down menu by scrolling down.

5. Now, tap on the X next to each contact, then confirm it in the window that should pop right up after.

Clearing your conversations will help Snapchat upkeep how many notifications you are receiving due to messages missing.

4. Refresh Your Conversation List

You can also refresh your conversation list page. Scroll to the left, and you can scroll upwards to refresh it. You will see a small circle appear that will rotate, basically indicating the refreshing of your page.

Once it s done, the page should be refreshed and updated on how many messages you have received within the past few hours.

5. Fix Internet Connection

There may be issues connecting to your network. Usually Snapchat will tell you if you have any issues connecting to the network, you can easily check through your phone settings if you are connected as well.

If you are not connected, you may attempt relocating or fixing your home network. Sometimes resetting your router or contacting your internet provider could help if it continues to be amiss.

6. Turn Off Notifications Within App

You can also turn off any notifications within the application itself. To turn off notifications, follow these steps;

For Android.

1. Go to settings on your profile screen.

2. Find the notifications tab.

3. Here, you should see options to enable or disable notifications.

4. Disable them and you shouldn t receive anymore.

For iPhone;

1. Go to settings on your profile screen.

2. Find the notifications tab for Snapchat specifically.

3. Check or uncheck disabling feature.

4. To manage specifically Story Notifications, select the name of each friend you d like to see stories from.

5. Select done.

Now your notifications should be turned off and you shouldn t be receiving any notifications at all.

7. Clear the Cache

Clearing cache can solve any issues that have to do with overloading of information to the server itself. Follow these steps to clear cache on Snapchat;

1. Tap the gear icon in My Profile to open Settings

2. Scroll down and tap Clear Cache

3. Tap Clear All to clear it on iOS, or tap Continue on Android

WIth your cache cleared, you may encounter less issues going forward.

8. Log Out and in

Log out of your account through your profile settings and log back in to refresh your account. This solution won t work if you re having network issues.

9. Update App

Update the app through the app store to get the app working again. Usually, you will be warned by the app itself that you need to update it.

10. Reinstall Snapchat

You can get rid of Snapchat temporarily while you re having issues and re-install it through the app store.

11. Contact Snapchat

If there are still issues despite your attempts to fix this issue, you might want to contact Instagram on theirsupport page. They have articles relating to any issues you may be having and ways to contact their online help desk through their website.

Snapchat Says Received But No Message

Snapchat may say received despite there being no message because of internet connection errors or delays. You can find several ways to fix this, like fixing your connection to the network or finding a way to refresh your page.

Does It Say Typing When You Open a Chat

No. It shouldn t alert the person you have opened the chat if you haven t started typing or haven t touched the text bubble.

What Triggers the Typing Notification on Snapchat

The typing notification is triggered by someone tapping on the text bubble at the bottom of a Snapchat chat.


Snapchat s typing notification system is a bit tricky because of its fickleness. One accidental tap, and now the person knows you want to talk.

This can cause a lot of embarrassing moments, especially when a bug or glitch triggers a delay and you can t see the text yet. Either way, you can fix this easily by refreshing or fixing your connection to the Snapchat network.

If you re still having issues with this, comment below.


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