Can Someone See That I Viewed Their Facebook Story If We Are Not Friends

If you view the story they posted, they won’t be able to identify you if you aren’t friends or aren’t following each other on Facebook. Facebook won’t let them know that you watched their story, so they won’t know.

Since your view is private, you can watch their story as often as you like without them knowing. They won’t be able to tell that you watched their Facebook story, even if you follow them and they follow you.

Can You Watch Someone s Facebook Story Without Them Knowing?

You can view other people’s Facebook stories in a variety of ways without ever having your name appear on their list of viewers. Since you won’t be directly clicking on their story, Facebook won’t record the view, so they won’t know you watched their story. There is no need to be concerned because Facebook will never recognise the techniques used to accomplish this as views.

How to View Someone s Facebook Story Without them Knowing

You may find yourself in an awkward situation if you unintentionally watch someone’s story and don’t want them to know. Or perhaps you want to see someone else’s story but don’t want them to know.

Your name appears in a list of people who have viewed someone’s story after you have read it. You will need to either take yourself off the list or avoid appearing on it in the first place if you want to view a story without them knowing.

1. Airplane Mode

Setting your phone to Airplane mode is the first step in remaining anonymous when viewing Facebook stories. Facebook won’t be able to recognise that you’ve viewed someone’s story when your phone is in aeroplane mode because it won’t be connected to the internet.

You must update your Facebook feed once your phone is in aeroplane mode. After reloading, tap the story to watch it. Now that you know they can’t tell you watched their narrative, you can take your phone off of aeroplane mode.

Now that you know they can’t tell you watched their narrative, you can take your phone off of aeroplane mode. Make sure the Facebook app is closed before you remove your phone from aeroplane mode.

2. Half Swiping

You can half swipe on the tale that comes before the person’s story if you want to view it secretly. This happens when you continue to swipe right from the previous tale onto the following narrative. This implies that you are still watching one story while you watch the next. Facebook cannot record a view on that person’s story since you haven’t fully committed to watching it because you haven’t let go of your fingers.

3. Use Another Account

You can use this to watch people’s IG stories if you have a burner account that leaves no evidence of your identity, and no one will ever be able to identify you. If their account is open to the public, using your burner account is simple, and you may access their tales whenever you want. But in order to access their IG stories anonymously if their account is private, you’ll need to be friends with them.

The key here is that unless they have reason to believe that you are the person behind the account, there can be nothing connecting your personal account and this burner account. Another thing to keep in mind is that if they don’t have many friends and they see a burner account that isn’t their buddy is following their stories, they may decide to block the account because they feel like someone is stalking them.

4. Blocking Them

You can block someone if you’ve previously read their article but don’t want your name to appear on the list. You can unblock them and add them as a friend after the 24-hour period is ended. However, it will be awkward. Once blocked, your profile will no longer be listed among those who have read their stories.

5. Deactivate your account

Deactivate your account until the story is removed as an alternative to blocking and adding them again. Your profile has been temporarily erased from Facebook, thus your name will be removed from the list of visitors. You can access your Facebook account after the story has been removed from Facebook.

It should be noted that if you attempt to log back in before their story has been deleted, your profile will still appear on the list of viewers.

6. Watch Them In The Last Minute

Another option to view someone’s Facebook story secretly is to do it just before it is set to expire. You must first determine how long the story has been uploaded for in order to determine when it was posted, and then subtract that number from 24 to get how many hours are still in the story.

You can use the half swipe technique described above to see how long it has been up for and to make sure you don’t click the story. You can watch the story once you are aware of the hour it will expire. Since people are less likely to check who saw their story at this hour, they won’t find your name on the list if they watch it this late. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that they will not find your username on the list.

7. Ask Someone To Send It To You And View The Thumbnail

If you know someone who is friends with this person and they feel comfortable sharing their story with you, you can ask them to give it to you. You can then view the thumbnail in Messenger without clicking it, ensuring that your name is not included in the list of viewers.

Videos do not work well with this; just images do. You can go one step further by requesting them to screenshot or screen record their account so that you can view the entire thing secretly.

This is one of the finest ways to follow someone’s journey covertly, but the drawback is that you need to ask a friend of theirs to do it. It’s preferable to ask someone close to you so there won’t be any judgements since else you run the danger of coming off as odd.

8. Ask Someone What Was On Their Story

To avoid having to watch it yourself, you might ask someone what was on their story. You might just say that you believe they prevented you from watching their story, so if they could confirm that they did indeed put it on, that would be really appreciated.

If you phrase it this way, there is a good possibility they’ll tell you what the person posted. This only works if you are acquainted with someone who is good friends with the subject. If they have a private account and you don’t know someone who is friends with them, you’ll need to find another way to approach them.

9. Watch Their Highlights After

Waiting until their story has ended and they have turned it into a highlight will allow you to watch their tale without them knowing because your name won’t show up on the list of viewers. You’ll need to assume that they’ll turn their narrative into a highlight if you do this. You would have missed the opportunity to watch their story if they didn’t do that.

When someone highlights a prior story, they are unable to browse the list of viewers or return to view the story in the future. Only when the story is live are they able to see how many people have watched it. If you see their narrative in the highlight reel after, they won’t know you did.

10. Watch It If Someone Posted It To Their Story

You will be able to view this person’s story on the person they mentioned tale if they have mentioned someone on that story and have enabled others to add their narrative to their own stories under settings. There must be something that makes you uncomfortable seeing the original narrative for you to be at ease watching the other person’s story.

It can be a former partner or someone you don’t want to feel good about yourself for seeing their story. Remember that you can only watch someone else’s tale if they were mentioned and had the opportunity to add it to their own. The fact that people are typically not acknowledged makes utilising this strategy an unusual case scenario.

Accidentally Viewed Someone s Facebook Story?

After avoiding someone’s narrative, unintentionally watching it one day can make you feel dizzy. If you are aware that your name appears on the list of individuals who watched someone’s tale, there are fortunately several options to keep that information to yourself. The sooner you take action in this circumstance, the better. The longer you wait to take action, the more likely it is that they will see your name on the list of readers of their tale.

Block Them

Your name will be removed from the list of persons who have watched someone’s story if you block them. If you did decide to view their tale, you can now do so without letting them know. If you block someone, you will need to resend a friend request if you ever wish to be friends. It may be more embarrassing to go through this process than to view the news you’ve been ignoring.

If You re Worried, You Can Deactivate Your Account

You can delete your account to make sure your username isn’t included among those who have watched someone else’s tale if you’re concerned about it. This means that if you choose not to request their return, you won’t have to block them or deal with the embarrassment of doing so.

The best course of action is to deactivate your account so that no one knows you have read their narrative. In contrast to blocking, you must go through the tedious process of seeking their return, etc. If you don’t want this to happen, you’ll have to deactivate your account, which may not be appealing to you because it involves spending a lot of time away from Facebook.

Delete Your Account

After hearing someone’s story, if you really don’t care about your account, you can even go as far as to delete it. If you choose to do this, you will have 30 days to retrieve your account. Although doing this is a possibility, it’s not something you should choose. Your best option is to temporarily disable your account.


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