Whether or not you can see when someone clicks on a link you have in your bio is one of the most frequent queries individuals have while using Instagram. It’s extremely typical to use your Instagram bio to direct users to another social media account or website you’re affiliated with.

Using your present Instagram followers, you can do this to grow your following on another social media platform. This is also one of the finest ways to reach your Instagram followers with advertisements for your website, goods, or business.

You may be curious about how many people have clicked on your link if you use your Instagram bio to promote other social media profiles, websites, products, or brands.

If you want to know whether someone can see if you click on a link in their Instagram bio, this guide will provide you all the details you need.

Can Someone See If You Click on a Link in Their Instagram Bio

They won’t receive a direct notification if you click on a link in someone’s Instagram bio. If you engage with the website or application that the link directs you to, that is the only way they will know that you have clicked on their link.

Users of Instagram with business accounts can access their account’s insights to view the number of times their link has been clicked, but not the precise identity of the user who clicked it.

Remember that if you follow someone’s link to another social media account and then message them or comment on their postings, they will be able to tell that you have been hitting their link.

In general, you can be sure that any links you click in someone’s Instagram bio won’t send them any kind of notification or let them know it was you who did it.

Is There A Clicking Link in Bio Notification?

When you click on a link in someone’s Instagram bio, no kind of notification is sent to the user. As a result, it will be exceedingly challenging to identify the precise user who clicked the link unless you engage in some kind of interaction with the website or social media account it goes to.

You must think about those programmes’ notifications if the link you clicked takes you to one of their other social media accounts, like Snapchat, Facebook, or TikTok.

If you click the link in someone’s Instagram bio and then message, follow, or remark on their other social media accounts, they will be notified that you did so through those platforms.

Can You See When Someone Views Your Linktree

Users can view the number of times their Linktree has been viewed as well as the number of times their links have been clicked using Linktree’s Analytics function. Simply log into your account and select the Analytics option at the top of your screen to see your Linktree Analytics.

This will take you to the Analytics page, where you can find all of the information on how well your links are performing. Views and clicks are included in this data.

You can be sure that every view and click on your Linktree Analytics page came from one of the places where you shared the Linktree link. A premium subscription is available from Linktree that provides much more performance information.

Remember that you won’t receive the precise identity of everyone who viewed or clicked your Linktree. Only the number of times it has been viewed and clicked will be given to you.

How to Know If Someone Clicked on Your Link Instagram

The methods covered in the following section of this post will help you ascertain with certainty whether anyone has clicked on the link in your Instagram bio.

It can be challenging to identify exactly who has followed your link unless they engage with it in some way because Instagram makes no attempt to tell the user when someone has clicked it.

One of the techniques listed below should be taken into consideration if you want to know with more certainty whether someone has clicked the link in your Instagram bio.

1. Use Instagram Insights

You can use the Insights function if you have an Instagram business account. The amount of clicks on a link in your Instagram bio will be automatically counted and stored if you use the Insights function.

Even though this won’t identify who is clicking your links, it will give you important information about how many clicks your link has received. As was already noted, in order to use the Insights feature, you must have an Instagram business account.

To get information about views, you must visit your profile page and choose the Insights tab after creating an Instagram business account and adding a link to your bio. You’ll find the See More option in the Insights menu.

After selecting See More, go to the Accounts Reached menu. You may access the Website Taps tabs from the Accounts Reached menu. You can see all of the views and click data for the links you’ve included in your bio under the Website Taps page.

2. Check Your Instagram Followers

You should check to see if any of the new followers, remarks, or messages you get are from people who already follow you on the Instagram app if the link in your bio points to another social media account where you are currently active.

It is quite likely that people have been hitting the links in your bio if you see many of the same followers from Instagram engaging with the social media account that is linked to your Instagram account.

Will You Know If Someone Clicks On A Link In Your Bio?

If someone has clicked on the link in your Instagram bio, you won’t notice it immediately. If you have a business profile or want to compare followers to your Instagram followers, you will need to manually verify your insights.

The two major techniques for figuring out whether a link in your Instagram bio has been clicked are covered in more detail previously in this tutorial. You will find that you may obtain view information through their Analytics if you are using a programme like Linktree to store your links.

You will not be able to see who has been clicking on your Instagram links, which is a bummer. Only information about the number of times your link has been clicked will be available to you.

Can You Use Third-Party Apps To Find Out?

It is not recommended that you try to use unofficial software to track who has clicked on the links in your Instagram bio.

Many third-party software programmes make this promise, and they are widely available. Unfortunately, a lot of these apps have the ability to corrupt your account or instal harmful software on your phone.

Consider using services like Linktree to host your links rather than third-party programmes. You must include the Linktree link in your bio rather than simply your Instagram link when you utilise a website link to host your links.

A page containing all of the links to your social media profiles that you have uploaded will be displayed when someone reading your Instagram profile hits your Linktree link. This will make linking all of your social media accounts and the websites you want to attract visitors to easier and more aesthetically pleasant.

Linktree provides comprehensive information about how many people have been clicking on your links. With regard to the links in your bio, this can give you useful information.

What Happens When You Click on A Link In A Bio Instagram

You will be automatically redirected to the website or application that the link points to when you click on a link in someone’s Instagram bio. You will be prompted to access the link in the social media platform if it points to another one where the user has an active account, or to download the app if you don’t already have it.

If the link points to a website, you will be sent there immediately. The majority of the time, you will get a warning telling you that you are leaving Instagram and to proceed with caution because some links can lead to potentially dangerous websites.

Links are frequently added to an Instagram bio in an effort to increase traffic to a website, social media account, or company. One of the finest ways to gain free advertising and make use of the followers you’ve already accumulated on Instagram is through bio links.

Final Thoughts

You now have all the knowledge you require to precisely ascertain who has been clicking on the links in your Instagram bio. As stated in this article, no native notification will be sent when a user hits the link in your bio.

Because of this, it could be challenging to figure out exactly who has been hitting the links in your bio. You should apply the techniques in this article to better understand who has clicked and followed the links in your bio.

Additionally, you want to think about hosting your links on a website like Linktree. This will provide you a lot more information about the history of clicks on the links you include in your Instagram profile. You are not advised to try to use third-party applications to obtain this information, as was already explained.

If you want to use your Instagram bio to grow your following on another social media platform, the advice in this tutorial can be a useful tool. One of the simplest methods to use social media to expand your business is in this way.


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