There are times when you’re trying to call someone and the call doesn’t go through each time, making it seem like your calls are no longer being answered.

If you’ve tried it out, you might have also observed that while calling other people seems to work, calling this one person doesn’t work.

It is obvious that there may be a problem when even your outgoing calls are not functioning. There are a variety of reasons why your outgoing calls may not be ringing.

Why Are My Outgoing Calls Not Ringing?

When you try to make calls, do they all go unanswered? We are aware that there are many causes for this. Although a lot of people will always believe there isn’t enough airtime to make the call, there are a lot of other possibilities.

It is very frustrating when you are unable to identify or pinpoint the true issue.

Some of the explanations for why your outgoing calls are not ringing are listed below.

1. No Service

It’s likely that the person you’re attempting to reach doesn’t have service if your outgoing calls don’t ring. Your calls to them won’t ring if your phone has no service because it can’t connect to your carrier, which means you can’t contact them.

If this happens when you call them on your mobile device, the ringback tone probably doesn’t begin until the network locates the phone you’re calling.

You won’t hear the ringback tone if the person doesn’t have service until they do. You could try calling a phone in the same room to observe when it starts ringing compared to when you hear the ringback tone to test this.

Usually, this happens when using a landline or phone, and it means that your service has been suspended or disconnected. The major cause is typically a location with inadequate phone service or an unpaid landline phone bill.

2. Busy Line

Since the voice links between the exchanges are only used during a call, there won’t be as many links as people trying to use them if the line is busy.

Due to the excessive use of the links, your call will often instruct your exchange (on the signalling path) to wait because it has no valid voice path. The request will time out after a predetermined period of time, which is why you won’t hear a ring while placing an outbound call.

3. Blocked Service

Due to the perceived danger of delinquent payments, you might not be able to call some foreign nations or satellite remotes if you have a new operator with no prior history with you. Your calls to other individuals may stop ringing as a result.

4. Airplane Mode

Any outbound calls you place won’t be answered if you’re in aeroplane mode. In order to place calls, your phone needs service. If it can’t locate this service, the request your phone sends to the exchange will clock out and your outgoing call will cease immediately.

5. Their Phone is Dead

This is a simple explanation. The outcome of a call depends not only on the one placing it but also on the party receiving it.

Your call won’t be answered if the phone on the other end is dead. You might receive a notification to let you know something in some circumstances, but not in others.

It will frequently inform you that the person you are attempting to reach is now unavailable.

6. They Haven t Paid Their Phone Bill, or You Haven t Paid Yours

When you contact someone and the phone does not ring, the issue may be that you or the recipient are not keeping up with the phone bill. Your account accumulates arrears when you don’t pay your phone bill, and eventually the mobile carrier will disconnect your phone. You won’t be able to make or receive calls after the connection is lost.

It’s possible that you’ve settled your phone bill and can now place and receive calls. The person you are calling might not have paid their phone bills, though. This indicates that they can’t receive calls because their phone is disconnected.

In this instance, the phone does not ring at all when you attempt to make a call.

7. They ve Taken Out Their Sim/It s Installed Incorrectly, or There s An Issue With Your SIM

A SIM is in charge of facilitating text and call-based communication. Your SIM card won’t operate properly if it is not placed properly. This implies that it won’t place or take calls.

This also applies to the other side. It’s possible that the recipient uninstalled or improperly placed their SIM. There is no way to pinpoint the particular issue in a situation like this. The number will be identified as switched off if the SIM is incorrectly fitted or withdrawn.

A different scenario is when the SIM has a malfunction. Last but not least, there are instances where a SIM may be correctly placed in a phone and still experience issues. It could be a network issue or some technical issue preventing the SIM owner from receiving calls. In such situations, the issue can only be resolved by the SIM supplier.

8. They re on DND

DND translates as (Do Not Disturb). A smartphone can use this mode. When one doesn’t want to be bothered or receive calls on particular occasions, they might turn on DND.

To prevent being interrupted by calls or messages, a person can turn on the DND mode while, among other things, sleeping, watching a movie, or participating in a meeting.

Two things could happen when you phone someone who is on DND. One of them is a complete lack of phone ringing. You will be directed there if the user has enabled the mailbox option, which is another scenario.

9. Your Phone is on AirPlane Mode

Another reason your phone might not ring when you try to call someone is if it is in aeroplane mode. Your phone’s wireless network features are all disabled when it is in aeroplane mode. You are then unable to use the phone, send messages, or even the internet. Your phone won’t ring if it is in aeroplane mode.

Is it possible for your phone to accidentally be in aeroplane mode?

You might accidentally switch on aeroplane mode if you’re not happy with how your phone behaves and functions. You will, regrettably, be unable to make calls as a result.

When you slide down the notification bar at the top of the screen, many smartphones will feature an aeroplane mode activation button on the quick access menu. This is a shortcut button for turning on or off aeroplane mode. This button can be pressed by someone unknowingly.

10. You Have No Service

This is a typical excuse for a call that doesn’t ring. It is not always and everywhere guaranteed that you will receive network service. In some circumstances, you might not have service because of low network coverage. Your call won’t ring in that case.

Outgoing Call Doesn t Ring For One Person?

Sometimes when you try to call someone, the call doesn’t go through, but when you try another contact, the call goes through. This indicates that the issue is with that particular receiver and not your phone. Any of the aforementioned causes can have an impact on the receiver.

Outgoing Calls Not Ringing? Here s What to Do

If you can figure out why your outgoing calls don’t ring, you have the option of fixing it. These actions can be taken to remedy the situation.

1. Ask Them to Take Their Phone off Airplane Mode

One possible explanation for a person’s phone not ringing when you try to call them is that it may be in aeroplane mode. Asking them to turn off aeroplane mode on their phone is the answer.

You need to establish a different line of communication with them in order to accomplish this. Contacting them on social media, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or your favourite platform, is one way to achieve this.

However, since aeroplane mode prevents access to the internet, users who want to utilise social media must be close to their computer.

In the event that they cannot be reached via social media, you can potentially use a person nearby to deliver the word.

2. Turn Off Airplane Mode on Android

Verify that the phone is on the home screen in step 1.

2. Scroll down the screen using two fingers to reveal a brief drop-down menu.

3. An symbol for aeroplane mode will appear.

4. To turn off aeroplane mode, tap the symbol.

Disable Airplane mode on your iPhone.

1. Navigate to the home page.

2. Scroll either from the bottom of the screen up or from the top down.

3. A brief menu with an aeroplane mode symbol will appear.

4. The icon will be yellow if the aircraft mode is activated.

5. To disable the mode, tap the icon.

6. The icon’s colour will change.

3. Ask Them to Pay Their Phone Bill

The call won’t ring if the call recipient hasn’t paid their phone bill. Rule out all other possibilities to arrive to this.

In order to rule out any other possibilities, you must find a way to get in touch with them. Since many mobile providers give reminders when a person has not paid their phone bill in certain circumstances, it is simple for the phone user to determine whether they have.

You won’t be allowed to call that particular phone until they’ve paid their bill, so be aware of that.

4. Ask Them to Check Their SIM

It can be difficult to determine the SIM’s issue in certain situations. But first, have them check their SIM to see if they’ve paid their fees, have service, aren’t using the aeroplane mode, or are set to DND.

They might start by making sure the SIM is properly placed. The SIM won’t be visible on the phone if it’s been taken out or wasn’t placed correctly. Additionally, it won’t be able to do basic dialling functions.

The SIM can be taken out and correctly reinstalled. In the event that this does not resolve the issue, one must speak with their SIM provider.

5. Ask Them If They re on DND

A person on DND does not want to be bothered. Contacting them on a different platform and asking if they are on DND is one approach to resolve this issue. You may, for instance, get in touch with someone close to them or use social media.

As a result, they don’t want to be bothered and may decide to stay that way until they finish what they are doing.

However, they may be on DND and not know. This is where a person forgets that they are on DND.

To turn off DND on android phones:

1. Go to your phoneSettings.

2. Scroll and click onSound & Vibration.

3. On the Sound & Vibration screen, you will seeDo Not Disturb.

4. lick the Turn off option to turn it off.

NB: In some phones, you will find a toggle to move on or off.

If you are using a Samsung phone:

1. Go to your phoneSettings.

2. Scroll and click onNotifications.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Notification screen to find theDo not disturboption.

4. Tap on Do not Disturb to open its menu.

5. You will then find a toggle to turn off DND.

Turn off DND on iPhones:

1. Visit the home screen and open Settings.

2. Tap Do Not Disturb

3. You will get a switch to turn off DND

6. Go Into a Better Area with Service, So Should You

It is a situation where you are in an area with poor network service. Try moving from one point to another to get the place with the strong network coverage. It is advisable to move to high grounds or away from buildings for strong service.

This is because the mobile phone network is wireless and is usually affected by obstacles in the way of passage.

7. Wait A Few Days/Hours Before Call Them Again

Once you cannot reach the person you were calling in any other way, such as social media or a person near them, and cannot make them make the changes advised above, this is the last option.

You will have to wait for a few hours or days and call them again once they have addressed the problem.


The above-discussed factors revolve around why you are making calls and not ringing. Consider all the factors whenever you are faced with this problem. Remember, there could be any of them. Always check your phone before exploring other factors that may arise from the person you re calling.


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