When someone blocks you on Instagram, it essentially indicates they don’t want to interact with you ever again. When someone blocks you, you are unable to view their profile or communicate with them. When someone is blocked, you cannot contact them using this tool.

In terms of Instagram messaging, you can send and receive Direct Messages (DMs) from other users. When they block you, though, it’s a another matter. You might be curious to know if someone can still see your old Instagram messages if you’ve blocked them in the past but they’ve still received them.

If You Block Someone on Instagram Can They Still See DMs You ve Sent Them?

On Instagram, if someone blocks you, they can still view the messages you’ve already sent them, but they won’t be able to see any messages you try to send them after they’ve blocked you.

Even if you try to send them a direct message after they’ve blocked you, it might appear that it went through but they won’t be able to see it. This is because as soon as they block you, they can no longer receive new messages from you.

When you block someone, they will still view any prior discussions you’ve had with them, but they won’t be able to see any new messages you try to send to them.

1. You Can Message Them on Other Platforms

You might desire an explanation for why someone blocked you or why things happened the way it did, depending on the situation. The simple way to achieve both would be to be able to get in touch with that person. You are, regrettably, out of luck. You are unable to communicate with someone on Instagram after they have blocked you.

On Instagram, there is no method to get in touch with someone who has blocked you and request that they unblock you. On another platform, though, you can message them. Send them a message if necessary to determine whether they wish to speak with you or not.

It’s always a good idea to let someone know that you still care, regardless of how you choose to approach someone who has banned you on Instagram.

2. Ask Them to Unblock You on Another Platform

Try looking for the person in the app’s search bar if you think they blocked you on Instagram. It’s conceivable that they have blocked you if you can’t discover their username because their profile is private.

It’s also conceivable that this account was just just closed, though (permanently or permanently). You can find this account in your search results if its profile is public and you believe it has blocked you, but when you go to visit the account to view the photos that have been posted, you will see the message “not yet photos or videos.”

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket if you haven’t been able to message someone who blocked you on Instagram for whatever reason. You can try contacting them via another platform or method, or you can ask a common friend to do so, but you can no longer do it on Instagram.

Reach out to them on other platforms when they aren’t using Instagram to let them know you still love and care about them. You may also send them a private message to beg them to unblock you and find out why they blocked you.

If Someone Blocked You On Instagram Can You Still Message Them?

When someone blocks you on Instagram, you can still message them, but since they are blocked, they won’t see your messages.

Although you can still message someone after blocking them, they won’t be able to message you back because they’ve blocked you, and they won’t be able to see the message you sent to them. Blocking stops any interaction between you and the person. They will need to unblock you for you to see that message.

1. If They Unblock You to See Messages You Sent While You Were Blocked

They could unblock you to trick you if they have any notion that you could be messaging them. Once they unblock you, you proceed to send a message, and then suddenly you’ve been discovered.

2. If You Send the Message Before They Blocked You

The person you were able to message before being blocked is still accessible. They may have stated that they have blocked you; however, you can still send them a message and it will reach them. Before you believe them, check to see whether you were barred.

3. If They Pretend to Block You and You Send Them a Message, They ll See It

There are various methods for figuring this out. Check to determine if the profile shows a post count but no postings by first browsing through their tags or comments on their profile.

Second, you might have been blocked if your previous discussions have disappeared from your inbox but their profile still shows up in group messages. The easiest approach is to check from a different profile, to sum up (either your own or your friends).

Since the person who blocked you will never view the message, it won’t let you know that it was sent or seen once you’ve been blocked. Unfortunately, you will essentially be talking to yourself.

The messages you sent will not be delivered if this person blocks you, however if they unblock you, you will need to send them new messages that they can see.

Can You Message Someone Who Blocked You on Instagram?

Yes, you can send a message to the person who blocked you, but it won’t get through. Your inbox will still contain the communication you had with the user who blocked you.

As Snapchat displays aFailed to deliver message When you try to text someone who has banned you, Instagram does not allow you to tap to retry. It employs a rather deceptive strategy.

The blocked person may still send messages, but the recipient will not receive any of them. Although I’m sure it caused a lot of commotion among the populace, it’s important to be aware of what Instagram has to offer.

How to See Message from Someone That Blocked You On Instagram

When someone blocks you, all of their messages—aside from those from earlier chats—are hidden from view. Until they unblock you, you won’t be able to send or receive messages from them.

Keep in mind that the recipient will be able to access all of the messages you sent to them because they will all be saved to their account. Once you’ve erased the communications on your end, you won’t be able to get them back.

You must delete your communications one at a time while keeping hold of each one if you want them to be removed on their end.

You must erase the entire chat in order to remove all of the messages you’ve sent to someone as well as the ones they’ve sent you.

You may do this by entering your DMs and swiping left on the chat. The word “delete” will show up in a red box here. Select the red box from this point and then confirm by pressing delete.

1. Go to Your Conversation Thread on IG in DMs, It ll Still Be There

From the Instagram main screen, where you can also view your current feed and posts from users you follow, it is simple to check your chat with someone who blocked you.

  1. Open your Instagram app on your device.
  2. Tap on the Messenger icon. Your conversation thread is listed from most to least recent.
  3. Tap on the message of the user that blocked you, though you can directly see the previous messages from the user that blocked you, that doesn t mean you can send them a new message.

2. Ask Them to Unblock You If You Can t See Your Conversation Thread in Dms

a choice offered on all platforms for user security. And if you were to be blocked, access to the content of the person who stopped you would abruptly disappear, but is that all?

Instagram does not provide a direct notification to the user that they have been blocked, unlike certain social networks like Twitter. There are, however, a few indicators that can be used to determine whether or not someone has blocked you.

1. You should try searching for it in the app’s search bar if you believe a user has blocked you on Instagram.

If their username cannot be located, it may mean they have blocked you if their profile is secret. However, it may also signify that this account has been just closed (permanently or permanently).

2. Review your previous Instagram conversations: If you’ve spoken to this individual in the past but are still having second thoughts, review your discussion history. A second indication that your account has been blocked is the profile appearing without messages if you have been blocked.

3. Use a computer in private browsing: You can also use your browser (web or mobile) in private browsing to check if someone has blocked you by going to instagram.com/username of the person you’re looking for.

4. Check for earlier mentions.

Open your browser (web or mobile) in private mode and type instagram.com/username of the person you’re looking for to see if you’ve been blocked by them.

Your messages won’t be seen by the user if they decide to unblock this individual. They won’t be able to receive fresh messages until you send them.

By creating a new account and contacting them from there, or by contacting them on other platforms, you can get in touch with someone who blocked you.

How to Know If You ve Been Blocked

You’ll note that they never truly see your direct messages (DMs) if you want to know if you’ve been blocked on Instagram. Your DMs will get a Seen indication when someone views them, letting you know that they have done so.

If you used to communicate with this individual frequently, you’d notice that a Seen message would have appeared beneath your most recent message whenever they opened or last saw it. You won’t see this any longer if you have been blocked.

1. Search for Their Username on Instagram

You may also see whether their name appears in the search results to see if you’ve been blocked on Instagram.

The first few letters of someone’s Instagram username usually bring up their account when you search for it. This only functions if the account has any history with you.

You’ve been blocked if you search for their username in full on Instagram and they don’t appear. This only happens if their account is set to private.

You’ve been blocked if you search for their name and locate their account yet their profile states, No Posts Yet.

2. Look for Them in a Comment Section

You might try to find their profile in a comment section if they used to leave comments on your or your friends’ postings. You can return to that post and search for their username if you know they follow someone or if you know a post that they’ve commented on.

If their username is listed beneath a photograph, you can click on it to see if they have blocked you.

If they did block you, clicking on their profile will result in the notice No Posts Yet.

3. Find Them in a Tagged Photo

In addition, you can search for their tagged username in an image to see if you’ve been blocked. You can do this by visiting the Instagram account of their closest buddy and seeking for a picture of the two of them.

You need to click on the tag of the person they may have tagged in order to see if you may see their photographs if you believe they may have blocked you.

They have unluckily blocked you and won’t be able to read any fresh messages you try to send them via Direct Message if you see the phrase “No Post Yet.”


We now know that if someone blocks you on Instagram, you cannot message or contact them. You can still message someone who has blocked you on Instagram even if they have done so.

However, this does not guarantee that they will receive your messages. No matter how many messages you send, none of them will ever be seen.


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