You must constantly adjust the charger’s angle to ensure that it hits the proper areas of the port in order for your iPhone or Android to charge with the lightning connector. In most cases, you’ll eventually need to replace your lightning cable once you start to notice that your phone only charges in specific positions. There are numerous factors that could play a role in your phone only charging at an angle.

Why Does My Charger Only Work at A Certain Angle?

The main cause of this is either a defective cable or connector on the charger, or a damaged connector or socket on the phone. Only when at an angle will it be able to charge your iPhone if the connector is damaged. This indicates that you should get your cable replaced.

1. Charging Port Dirty

The charging port inside your iPhone or Android device is dirty, and you need to clean it out, which is another reason why it won’t charge unless the charger is plugged in at a specific angle.

The walls of the charger won’t be able to connect with the outside of the charging port if the charging port inside your iPhone is damaged. You must clean the inside of the port in order for your charger to connect to it.

2. Port is Damaged

The final cause of your phone’s limited charging options is a damaged charging port. Your lightning cable will only function when it is put at an angle, regardless of how it was damaged—it could have been harmed by water or by you dropping your phone. This implies that you’ll need to fix the iPhone’s port.

3. Cable Not MFI Certified

Your charger is probably not MFI approved, which means that it is a fake, if it was initially able to charge but shortly after could only do so in specific settings. You should often see the message This Accessory May Not Be Supported if it is a fake.

Invest in a charger that is MFI certified if you want your phone to charge properly (view on Amazon). You must purchase a certified Android charger if you use an Android device (view on Amazon).

4. Wall Socket Damaged

Your charger might only function in some locations if the wall socket it’s plugged into is damaged.

If this is the case, try plugging it into a different power outlet and see if the charger needs to be bent in any particular way in order for it to charge. Old or broken wall plugs can occasionally impact everything plugged into them.

5. Charging Plug Damaged

When charging your phone, issues can arise if the plug you’re using to put the cable into is broken or defective. Sometimes, over time, the wear on your plug can translate into a signal that indicates when it’s time to charge your phone.

You probably aren’t bending your charger at an angle to allow your phone to charge because of the plug. Trying it out with a different plug will help.

How to Fix a Charger That Only Works at a Certain Angle

Find the source of the issue, whether it is at the charger level or the port level, if your iPhone won’t charge until you hold it at an angle. The simplest solution to an issue once it has been identified is to replace it, but if there is debris nearby, you’ll need to get it cleaned.

1. Replace Your Cable

If you want to stop this, you’ll need to replace your iPhone cable because the problem with the lightning connector is the most frequent cause of your phone only charging at a particular angle. The easiest solution to this issue would be to get your iPhone cord changed as soon as it begins to occur.

2. Check If Your Charger is Plugged in Correctly

The charging brick and the portion that you insert into the port are located on separate halves of the charger. To enable charging, ensure that these two components are firmly and precisely linked. You might have to tilt the charger at an angle to get it to charge if these aren’t put together tightly.

Making sure your charger is properly plugged in includes checking to see that the plug is securely inserted into the wall socket. You will need to bend the charger at specific angles to make it charge if it isn’t fully plugged in.

Once you have confirmed that the port and charger are not the problem, you must determine if your wall outlet is the problem. Check to see whether your charger functions in another wall outlet. Your smartphone will automatically start charging if the outlet was the problem; but, if it doesn’t, your port or charger may be to blame.

3. See If Your Charger Has Any Kinks

It’s crucial to examine your charger’s integrity. Your charger may not be able to charge without you needing to bend it if it has any bends or kinks.

Look for any areas where there might be a lump or break inside the covering by running your fingers along the charger’s cord.

These chord disruptions are a sign that you need a new cord if you observe any of them. Check the port on your phone and the outlet it is plugged into if you don’t see anything wrong with the charging.

4. Make Sure the Port is Clear

Check to see if there is any debris inside the port by shining a light into it. When it’s in your pocket or sitting around on your desk, debris might gather in the port.

To try to clean the port, blow into it. If not, you can clear your port by using compressed air and a tiny vacuum (see on Amazon). Before inserting the cable into the port, be sure it has been cleared. Verify that it is stable and that nothing is blocking the inside.

5. Clean Out the Charging Port

In this situation, clearing the charging port should be your initial move. When it comes to solving this issue, this solution is by far the finest. As was previously said, the data port being clogged with dirt is the main cause of your iPhone or Android only charging at an angle.

You’ll likely find some grey fluff within your jeans pockets if you’ve ever peered inside them. Lint is what this is, and it’s not iPhone friendly. Your cable’s connection to the charging port could be obstructed by lint.

Additionally, a variety of tiny objects can get lodged in your port and prevent your smartphone from charging. You need to be aware that using anything metallic to wipe up the port is not advised before you try it. Any metallic object you use could conduct an electrical charge into your charging port.

Use an anti-static brush to clean your data port for the greatest results. It will be safe for you to clean the charging port with an anti-static brush. Make sure to enter soon away and remove any material that might become lodged inside.

The ideal thing to use if you don’t have an antistatic brush is a brand-new toothbrush. I can assure you that you will harm the data port if you use a brush that has any moisture.

Avoid attempting to clean the port with anything that might become stuck inside of it because it will be difficult to remove. You should now plug in your charger to see whether this fixes the issue after cleaning out the data port.

You can use your iPhone normally now if it is charging regardless of the angle it was placed in because this was the problem.

6. Get an MFI Certified Cable

Utilizing an MFI-certified cable is the next cure for this issue. Your iPhone won’t charge properly if you’re using a counterfeit iPhone cable.

Certain producers of iPhone cables are granted the MFI certification, which certifies that the cable complies with Apple criteria.

How do you tell whether the cable is a fake then? You can look for the Made for iPhone, iPod, and iPad branding on the charger if you still have the box it came in. This is the basis of the name MFI. In addition, you can determine whether your charger is phoney by examining the cord itself.

It’s probably fake if it seems thin, doesn’t feel rubbery, or if you can’t feel it grab the wire. Real iPhone cables are available from authorised retailers. Additionally, you can get them from any nearby store or on Avoid going to a convenience store because there’s a possibility that this is a fake.

7. Replace the Charging Port

If you’ve discovered that your chargers only function at a particular angle and you’ve narrowed the issue down to the port after cleaning it, you’ll need to get it changed. This is the solution you probably didn’t want to hear.

You can change your charging port if you have previous expertise fixing iPhones and the necessary tools. Should this be the case, you must visit an Apple Store to get your charger serviced.

When you bring your smartphone to an Apple Store for repair, the process is straightforward and simply requires switching out the gadget’s sole charging connector for another one.

Depending on the phone you have, this will cost you a decent sum of money, but it’s the only place you can get it done right. Your warranty will be voided if you visit a third-party retailer, and they might also engage in nefarious practises like stealing components from your iPhone.

8. Update Your OS:

It’s possible that the fact that your phone charger only functions at a specific angle is due to the fact that you are still running an outdated OS while the new update is available. When an OS is updated, software bug problems are automatically fixed and the device resumes normal operation.

Additionally, you should shut down any currently running applications and restart your device if you recently updated your OS and your phone won’t charge until the cable is at a specific angle.

9. Force Restart the Device

Your phone might not be charging properly after a software update, which is highly plausible given how frequently software crashes occur in Android and iPhone devices. Resetting your device is your best option if you believe it has stopped charging for no apparent reason.

Hard reset and restart are very similar. You don’t need to make a backup before resetting your device because you won’t lose any of your data. Your smartphone will only be refreshed by relaunching the background-running apps.

Apple’s iPhone 8 and later:

Pressing and quickly releasing the volume down button comes after pressing and quickly releasing the volume up button. Once finished, hold down the sleep/wake button for a few seconds until the Apple logo shows.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

Together with the volume down button, press and hold the sleep/wake button for at least 7 to 10 seconds. Release them after the screen displays the Apple logo.

Earlier Models & iPhone 6 Plus:

For 10 seconds, press and hold the home, side, and top buttons (according to the model). Release them after the screen displays the Apple logo.

10. Uninstall Malware

It’s time to enter perilous area now. Unbelievably, virus may be at blame. It is less likely than the options and remedies mentioned above, but you should nonetheless investigate it.

Device functions are frequently impacted by malware, particularly in terms of power. Malware that continuously sends data about your phone to a remote server uses up your battery. Additionally, it may make it impossible for some processes to happen, like a proper charge for your phone.

Invest in an antivirus programme if you don’t already have one. Here are some recommended Android apps for you to download:


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