I’m going to offer you a detailed response to this frequently asked question on what constitutes an Instagram view.

The majority of Instagram users have at some point uploaded a video, and eventually you’ll see a view.

You might be uncertain about what this view signifies and whether it was brought about by you or another profile.

Does Instagram Count Your Own Views

Instagram counts a view as a video if you watch a video you’ve uploaded for more than three seconds, therefore you’ll see 1 view next to the video. You won’t notice a rise in the view count if you watched your own video for less than three seconds. Once more, you can check this by creating a new Instagram account and uploading a video from this page; once you watch the video, it should have views.

You can still engage with your own films in a variety of ways, such as by like, commenting on, and answering other people’s remarks.

What Counts as a View on Instagram

Instagram will consider this as a view and give the video a view count of one if it is watched for more than three seconds. As a result, if you see views on an Instagram video, they actually refer to the number of individuals who watched it for more than three seconds.

Because they need to know that the viewer was paying attention to the video for more than three seconds, Instagram only awards views if the videos have been watched for that length of time.

They wouldn’t want to give you views if someone watched your video for, say, a half-second before scrolling down because they knew they weren’t interested in seeing more of your videos.

The video will still receive credit for views whether or not the viewer plays the audio.

The same idea applies to Instagram stories as well. Only if the story has been watched for three seconds or longer are you offered a view.

Instagram Video Views Count

Simply launch the app, click on your Profile in the bottom right, and you’ll be able to see how many people have viewed your Instagram video or reel. You can now view all of the videos you have posted, and each one has a play icon in the lower-left corner.

You can see how many people have viewed your Instagram video or reel by looking at the number next to this icon. Remember that only people who are following you will be able to view your videos if you have a private profile, which may result in a little decline in views.

If You Do Not Have a Instagram Account Does Your View Count

Your view will not be recorded if you are not logged into your account or if you do not have an account at all. Having an account and being logged in is the only need to raise someone’s views.

If you are using the app or the website, you might have noticed that no matter how many times you watch a video, the views do not grow.

Additionally, since the video must be seen on Instagram, watching Instagram videos on other video platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, or Youtube won’t raise the number of views.

Does Instagram Count TikTok Views

The number of views will be increased if you watch a reel or Instagram video through a TikTok DM that was provided to you. A video must be being watched by an Instagram account for a view to be recorded. When you click on a link supplied to you by someone, TikTok launches the Instagram app, and the video is viewed from your Instagram account, it counts as a view.

There are videos on TikTok. The TikTok play count will be raised on the TikTok app whenever you are watching because this also keeps track of views.

How Does Instagram Count Views

If someone watches your video using another Instagram account, the app, or the website, Instagram counts views as soon as the video starts playing.

Additionally, videos begin playing as soon as the app or website is opened, so Instagram does not require any sort of start for views to be recorded. However, you can perform searches for particular individuals and videos, which Instagram will need in order to count a view.

Otherwise, videos will show up on your Instagram feed, which is created based on the users you follow, the posts you like, and the hashtags you use.

With the help of all of this data, Instagram’s algorithm will automatically select videos it believes you’ll like, and as you browse and watch them, each video you reach is a view for the creator.

Does Instagram Count Multiple Views?

Multiple views from a single account are not counted by Instagram. In spite of how many times an account has seen a video, as soon as that account watches it for longer than three seconds, that view counts only for that account.

I tried this by watching my own movie from a different account more than once, and the view count increased by one rather than by the number of times I watched it. When you like a post twice on Instagram, the post’s like count will only increase by one, not twice.

Create a second Instagram account, submit a video there, and watch it for more than three seconds to verify this for yourself. Close the app, reopen the video, and watch it a second time as Instagram is tracking your views. Since Instagram doesn’t count multiple video views, when you close the app and check the new account you created, the view count should still be one.

Does Rewatching a Video Count as a View on Instagram

Every time you choose to watch a video again, it won’t count as another view. Every time you return to a terrific recipe video that you originally saw because you keep having cravings for that food, the views will remain the same.

Each rewatch won’t count as another view, regardless of how much time elapses between them—a full year or even three minutes. Rewatching has the exact same effect as repeat views in that it stops increasing views.

Remember that your total views reflect the number of unique views your video has had rather than the overall number of views the video has received since rewatches do not count as another view.

How Long Do You Have to Watch an Instagram Story for it to Count as a View?

A view is added as soon as your Instagram story begins to play for someone, regardless of whether they see it on their story feed or are browsing your profile.

This implies that your narrative does not need to be finished in order to receive views. A view will be recorded as soon as your story starts, whether you upload a brief three second video or a longer 10-second one.

Why Does Instagram Only Count 3 Seconds As A View?

Instagram only records views that last for three seconds because that is the length of time it takes for someone to decide to watch a video. It wouldn’t make sense to count that as a view if someone was scrolling and glanced at a video momentarily only because they were scrolling because that view wasn’t planned and the person wasn’t watching to watch.


Anyone who enjoys creating videos and having fun online can use Instagram to its fullest potential. You can gauge the size of any audience you are reaching by looking at the number of views you obtain.

Your post is more likely to appear on additional Explore pages and generate more engagement from other accounts the more views it receives.

Keep these things in mind to help you better grasp how the programme functions if you have any questions about how views on your Instagram page operate or what counts and what doesn’t.


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