The world of online dating is full of matches and mismatches, one-night stands and disappointments, and, regrettably, it occasionally results in tears. Fair enough, it isn’t much different than courting in public. However, if you frequently use Tinder to meet people, you might feel compelled to purchase Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. Can you detect if someone else has Tinder Gold? is the next issue that arises.

What is Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus?

Tinder offers premium subscriptions called Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus. Although Tinder is completely free by default, it has many restrictions that would annoy any serious online dater. Most, if not all, of Tinder’s restrictions are removed when you subscribe to one of its premium plans.

Can People See If You Have Tinder Gold

Because there isn’t a specific icon that would show on your profile that you have Tinder Gold, people can’t tell if you have it or not. Similar to other subscription-based apps, Tinder Gold has no visible changes to your profile that would let others know you’re paying for the service. If your age in your bio is concealed or your location frequently changes as a result of using the Passport feature, those are the only two things you could alter that are only available to Tinder Gold users and would serve as a clear indication that you have Tinder Gold.

Do Matches Know You Have Tinder Gold?

The other person’s ability to see the tiny gold heart has been a subject of debate for some. No, you are the only person who can see you using Tinder Gold in real time, thus there is no one else who can tell you are using it. It is still possible for someone to find out that you have Tinder Gold (or at the very least Tinder Plus) through other means despite this.

Can You Tell if Someone Has Tinder Gold?

Some people are reluctant to admit that they use Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. The query may be a result of embarrassment or a desire for solitude. But let’s get this out of the way: no, there isn’t any way to tell if someone is a member of Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, but there are ways to find out.

Open Tinder and look through a few profiles. You’ll see that the menu gives you a window into someone’s life. People often enquire as to whether someone is a Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus member by looking for a star, heart, or checkmark, but there is no such indicator. You are the only person who has the ability to tell whether you are a Tinder Gold member. Only you are aware of that, and you can learn more about it by going to your profile or opening your settings. That does not preclude your ability to do so. At the absolute least, you can figure out if someone is a Gold or Plus member with a little amount of investigation.

Does it Show if You Have Tinder gold?

When using Tinder Gold’s features, other users won’t be able to tell that you have the premium version. Unless you hide your age or change your location and they know that you don’t reside there, there won’t be any sign that you utilised Tinder Gold.

How to Hide Tinder Gold Icon

Once you’ve reached gold status, you can switch between the Regular and Gold Tinder symbols. The app icon for Tinder can be changed. You can utilise the Shortcuts app on your iPhone after iOS 14 is released. The Shortcuts app, which enables you to store a shortcut to any app to your home screen, may be used to create a shortcut to Tinder. If you want to replace the Tinder app icon, you may find a number of Widget apps in the App Store that already have Tinder app icon designs. This method makes getting started much simpler.

  1. Open Tinder.
  2. Tap on the flame icon in the bottom left corner. This will take you to the page where you can swipe left and right on people.
  3. Tap on the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Tap on Settings.
  5. Select the Tinder platinum icon.

When making a one-time payment, this icon can only be changed by Tinder Gold subscribers. You won’t be able to conceal the gold icon if you don’t make a one-time purchase. As a Gold member, other Tinder users will be able to see you, and once you’ve expressed interest in a person, your profile will be prominently displayed. You can improve your profile’s visibility on Tinder by purchasing one-time boosts or super likes, but you won’t be seen as a yellow heart if someone swipes right on you.

How to Tell if Someone Has Tinder Gold

The perks of both subscriptions are what provide hints as to whether or not someone is a Gold or Plus member, therefore in order to determine if someone has Tinder Gold, you must first grasp what Tinder Gold and Plus offer.

What Tinder Plus provides

  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind your last swipe
  • 5 Super Likes a day
  • 1 Boost a month
  • Passport to swipe around the world
  • No ads

Tinder Gold gives you:

  • See who Likes You before you swipe
  • New Top Picks every day
  • Unlimited Likes
  • Rewind your last swipe
  • 5 Super Likes a day
  • 1 Boost a month
  • Passport to swipe around the world
  • No ads

1. They Use The Passport Feature

Passport is the main component that both subscriptions have in common. You can use this feature to switch your location and view matches in other cities. Passport can be a really useful tool if you travel a lot and want to meet people while you’re there. The problem is that if you match with someone from a completely different city or state, there’s a good chance they’re using Passport, and if they are, they at least have Tinder Plus. Additionally, members of Tinder Gold and Plus can conceal their location.

2. Their Age Is Hidden

The option to conceal one’s age is another advantage that the membership service offers. That indicates a user of Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. You can hide your age on Tinder Gold, so if you notice that someone’s Tinder bio doesn’t list their age, they are likely using Tinder Gold.

3. They Tell You They Have Tinder Gold

The quantity of photos someone has on their profile and whether or not their age is displayed allow you to determine whether they have Tinder gold. But asking someone if they have Tinder Gold is the most reliable method to find out. You might jokingly inquire about their knowledge of Tinder Gold and its price. Additionally, if they appear to be familiar with all the capabilities of Tinder Gold, you might inquire as to whether they have Tinder Gold. You can explain that you were thinking about purchasing Tinder Gold but aren’t sure if it would be a good idea since you haven’t seen anyone using it if they ask you why you want to see it.

4. You See Tinder Gold On Their Phone

You can look at someone’s phone to see if they have Tinder Gold and are one of your friends. Their Tinder profile will let you know if they are a Gold member if you have access to their phone. As a Tinder gold member, your friend will have greater access than a regular user. They will have access to premium features like Unlimited Likes, Passport, and Rewind. Additionally, they are eligible for one Boost each month, five Super Likes each day, and other profile restrictions.

5. Ask Them If They Could See That You Liked Them Before They Matched You

Before matching with anyone, a user of Tinder Gold will be able to see everyone who has liked them. It will be obvious that someone is using Tinder Gold if they state they liked your profile before matching with you. You can simply send them a message asking if they had seen my profile before they swiped right on me. By removing the need to go through other people’s profiles in search of matches, the Likes You function was designed to make using Tinder more comfortable and quick. If they have Tinder Gold themselves, their Likes will show up on the same screen as their matches. Prior to the individual profiles of the matches, these will be seen in the first circle.

When users tap on this circle, a new screen with a grid of all of their Likes’ profiles that they can scroll through vertically will appear. By pressing on individuals’ profiles within the grid, you can view their profiles in further detail. After that, they can swipe left or right on you.

Should You Care?

Sincerity be damned, it really doesn’t matter if the person you’re speaking to is a Gold member. Granted, there is definitely room for individuals to decide for themselves. Actually, if a user possesses Gold or Plus, they can change their location. If you’re not on vacation or on a work trip, you can only utilise this function to hook up for one or two dates with no commitment if you’re the average single person looking for someone special. If that’s the case, it will matter if the person you meet is a Gold member because they might leave the following morning and you might have had a genuine connection with them; dating is already difficult enough.

It is up to you to be honest with your matches from the beginning if you believe that Tinder Gold will interfere with your matches. Make it clear that you have the right to end the chat if they have Tinder Gold and you believe it would jeopardise your relationship. Although it may not be what someone is searching for, Tinder Gold and Plus both provide opportunities for those who only want to date for one or two nights.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is no obvious way to tell if someone has Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, but there are a few hints you can look for that will lead you to believe that a match at the very least has Tinder Plus. Or you could just ask. As straightforward as you can get is that.


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